Average Cost Hair Transplant Turkey

Average Cost Hair Transplant Turkey

Average Cost Hair Transplant Turkey From past to present, everybody’s hair is shed one by one in specific cycles of 4-5 months, without men and women noticing, and then new hair grows.

Due to some negative factors, the normal cycle of the hair is disrupted, and the hair follicle deforms. As a result, permanent spills occur. Certain factors cause such situations to arise.

Hair loss is one of the problems that many people have complained of in recent years. Especially against some hair loss problems, no matter what is done, successful results cannot be obtained. As a result, hair problems up to sparse hair and even baldness occur.

Today, people prefer hair transplantation methods in places such as hair transplantation centers to provide a radical solution to this problem. These methods are very diverse. The probability of successful hair transplantation performed by specialist physicians in fully equipped places is very high.

Hair transplant cost

Hair transplant problems are personal. Not every hair transplant operation can be applied to the same person. For this reason, pricing will also be different. Plantation in Turkey will make people question the beginning of the wonder that comes average cost hair transplant Turkey.

First of all, it will not be efficient to give a price list for the hair transplant operation, since the prices of hair transplantation will vary according to the number of transplants to be applied to the area and the area of the hair. In order to determine the price, a visual inspection is made first.

In cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, there are many more effective clinics as there are many more opportunities.

Since it is popular, clinics that serve with ridiculous high or cheap hair transplant prices should be avoided. Only a qualified technical and expert team is required for hair transplantation.

Average cost hair transplant Turkey

When evaluating the average cost hair transplant Turkey, factors such as brand value, sometimes reference patients, sometimes technological differences, and sometimes location can come to the fore.

It cannot be said that high-priced hair transplant centers create more successful results, and it cannot be said that they fail in affordable centers.

Unfortunately, there is no specific standard for hair transplant prices. Because many factors are affecting the price balance in the hair transplant center. The most important of these is; It is the number of grafts to be transplanted.

In the next stage, which hair transplant method will be applied and additional services to be taken with hair transplantation service change the prices of hair transplantation from clinic to clinic and from patient to patient. For this reason, it is recommended to contact the clinics for the most accurate information about hair transplant prices.

Hair transplant centers cannot charge for hair transplantation without making the necessary analysis, and the price of hair transplantation offered will not be accurate data.

You can follow the seasonal campaigns of hair transplant centers and use the competitive situation in hair transplant prices to your advantage, especially in big cities.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

The average cost hair transplant Turkey, another issue which is the other hair transplant outside wondering how Turkey is that the hair transplant operation performed in Turkey.

In the technique called FUE, grafts taken from the spill-resistant area with the help of micromotors are planted in the required area. The FUE technique is one of the most commonly used hair transplant methods today, due to the fact that it is a painless procedure and the successful results obtained.

Hair follicles are taken one by one from the area chosen as the donor area, that is, separated from the skin and implanted in the desired area. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted one by one to the desired area.

For this reason, the implantation of the hair follicles causes this method to be performed with longer sessions compared to other methods. Today, this method is done with micromotor rather than punches.

Other methods used in hair transplantation

There is another method called DHI, pen method, or Choi Implant.

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes the DHI (Direct Hair Implant) technique from the FUE technique is that it is transplanted into the skin with the help of a special tipped pen (Choi implanter) without channeling the hair follicles. It is also called the DHI pen technique.

Application of DHI and Sapphire Percutan methods

The operation procedures are the same as the FUE technique, except that the channel is not opened. Hair follicles are added to the area to be transplanted with a particular device. “Implanter” has a thin and pointed tip, but due to its structure, hair follicles can be inserted easily.

The transplantation process is more prolonged, laborious, and costly than the FUE technique. There is no significant difference between the two methods in the results obtained.

In the method known as the Sapphire Percutan method, hair resistant to a loss in the nape area is also taken by the FUE method. However, in this method, a particular device with a sapphire needle produced from real sapphire called sapphire percutaneous is used, not a slit, to open the channels to be transplanted.

Thanks to this device, the channels to be transplanted are opened not in two dimensions, but as three-dimensional channels in full hair follicle size by the angle of hair growth. Sapphire is the least damaging substance to tissue.

Therefore, although the risk of edema is shallow, the healing time of the channels opened with the sapphire percutaneous method is twice as fast. This method also provides maximum graft implantation as it increases the number of channels that can be opened.

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