Bosley FUE Hair Transplant Reviews, Bosley FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

Bosley FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

Bosley FUE Hair Transplant Reviews There are millions of people who suffer from hair loss in the world today. Men and women regardless of gender may suffer from this unfortunate problem. As medicine and technology advance new ways of coping with hair loss emerge. There are many different solutions you can find, such as simple hair nourishing products and hair transplant operations. You can visit clinics like the Bosley FUE hair transplant clinic for further information and professional help.

Other than the professional hair transplant operations, looking for solutions like hair nourishing oils may not be a good option. Many experts consider these products as unreliable solutions because they, most of the time, do not work. They do not promise a high level of success rate, or permanent hair growth results. The hair transplant operations such as FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) on the other hand, offer people satisfactory and lasting results. Instead of wasting your time, money, and hope on these fruitless products on the market, you should think of a hair transplant operation.

There are a few different hair transplant operations available today. Two of the most important ones are FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant). Knowing the difference between these two operations is crucial.

Difference Between FUE And FUT

FUE is the most popular and most reliable hair transplant operation in the world today. People generally prefer FUE to FUT. Both of these operations offer a satisfactory solution for hair loss. However, one of them is in more demand. Let’s see why. People generally prefer FUE to FUT

FUE is demanded more by clients as it does not leave visible scars on your scalp. However, FUT, which is slightly an older method, leaves a visible scar. People do not want to spend their recovery process with a big, red scar on their heads. This factor makes them tend to go for the FUE. The donor follicles are extracted by the donor area one by one with the help of a small tool. This method prevents big scars. Instead, it only leaves small red dots, which completely heals in time. Finding a reliable and experienced clinic for an FUE hair transplant operation is also crucial. Do not trust any clinic without doing elaborate research.

Bosley Hair Transplant

When one thinks of a hair transplant operation, different clinics come to mind. Bosley, for sure, is one of the foremost ones. With its professional team of experienced surgeons, Bosley has been offering people reliable help for many years now. Bosley has many clinics in different locations. You can find which one is the most suitable one for you on our website. Reading customer reviews about the clinics might shed a light on the issue of whether a clinic is reliable.

You can contact us via our e-mail, telephone number or you can visit any of our clinics. We prefer meeting in person as it results in better communication, so you can come and consult us in our clinics if you can. We wish you a healthy life, best regards.

Bosley FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

Professional team and Good service Bosley-Boston

I had my hair transplant operation in the summer of 2018 at the Bosley-Boston clinic. As a 54 years old guy who wanted to get rid of the partial baldness I tried many different things, but none of them would work. I used to have beautiful brown hair my wife adored when we were both younger. However, as I got older my hair began to fall out eventually, making me half bald. After using some products against hair loss like special shampoos, I quit fighting back. I thought that I would lose my hair completely in time as nothing seemed to work. Then, a friend of mine told me about these hair transplant operations, and I wanted to give it a chance.

I visited the Bosley-Boston clinic in July of 2018 to learn more about it. There they welcomed me with smiling faces and told me everything I needed to know about hair transplant operation. They convinced me to have an FUE hair transplant operation, and we set a date for two weeks later. By the way, I need to tell you, the first thing that captured my attention was how clean and professional the clinic looked to me!

After having the operation without any pain and problem I went back home the same day, and my recovery period started. It was easier than I had thought. I refrained from having a shower for three days and only used the recommended shampoo after that. In the first two months, I did not observe much growth but, after the third month, I saw that my hair was growing again. Now, after more than two years, I can say that I made a great decision. I feel young again, young and handsome.

-Anthony Daniel

Great Care and Reliable Team Bosley-Jacksonville

Great care, great team, and most importantly great surgeon. I did not expect to be treated this professional before I went to Bosley-Jacksonville for a hair transplant.

For a long time, I considered hair transplant operations as a way to waste one’s money. But, not anymore. After being carried away by my daughter to Bosley, I did not know this was such a professional process. They told us everything, both cons, and pros. Even the risks of it without trying to fool us. After like 10-15 minutes of consultation, which is free, and the insistence of my daughter, I decided to give it a go.

And the results actually surprised me. For the first weeks, I saw pretty much no growth but, as time passed the red dots started to heal. Then in the second month, I saw that my hair was growing again. Now it has been a little more than a year and I can say that everything is looking fine. My head completely healed, I got rid of baldness on the top of my head.

I want to thank the team that helped me get my hair back and all the other staff at Bosley. You were so helpful and friendly. I can recommend you to anyone who suffers from hair loss, like I used to do, without hesitation. Bosley FUE hair transplant operation saved my hair and made me young again.

-Bob Winston

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