Can I Smoke After Fue Hair Transplant?, Can I Smoke After Fue Hair Transplant?

Can I Smoke After Fue Hair Transplant?

Do you Need Hair Transplant?

Can I Smoke After Fue Hair Transplant? Do you need a hair transplant? If you see someone with hair after he got bald, he definitely had a hair transplant. It is not an uncommon thing. These days everyone can have a hair transplant and there is nothing wrong with that. Especially famous persons getting these operations undercover because, in their world, this may lower their reputation a bit. Also, they usually don’t want everyone to find out they are losing hair. But between non-famous persons, it is a very common operation like rhinoplasty, breast augments, etc. So feel free about having a hair transplant and do not try to keep this a secret. Everyone having this. But you need a hair transplant? There are a lot of reasons for making your hair fall. You need to know why your hair falling before having a hair transplant. Let’s have a look at these reasons.

There are a lot of reasons causing your hair to fall. One of them is genetic inheritance. Since this is hereditary, there is nothing to prevent this. Maybe in the future, there would be a way to modify your genes. Also balding by aging is some kind of hereditary. When you get old, your hair can’t renew itself and you start to lose hair. Most people lose their hair at 40-45 ages, but depending on your genes, these ages can be increase and decrease. Some of the old people have strong dense hairs still. And stress is one of the reasons for hair loss. But you won’t need a hair transplant if you are losing hair under stress. Wait for a while, when you feel yourself less stressed, keep an eye on your hair. They will regrow if there are no other reasons to make them fall.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a procedure to make your hair equally denser and regrowing hair on bald spots. But before you get a hair transplant, you should aware of your surgeon about your medical issues. If you think any medical issue of you may be dangerous for operations, seek consultation from your doctor. The surgeon also seeks any medical issues but it is better if you get advice from your doctor. Also, do not use any blood-thinning medications like Aspirin, etc. Do not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or coffee the day before your operation. Alcohol and caffeine may affect badly the local anesthetics that doctors are going to give you. Smoking decreases blood flow to the scalp. It builds obstacles in the blood vessels and decreases blood flow. There are two main methods used in hair transplant operations. There are more of course but these two are the most used ones.

Fut Hair Transplant

Fut hair transplant is one of the main two methods. If you are getting fue hair transplant, there are some phases of the operation. First, your surgeon shaves your head where the hair is going to be taken. This is usually the back of your head. Then he/she takes a strip of skin from your head. He/she closes the wound by connecting the two sides of the wound. Hair around the wound covers the scar after the operation. The surgeon gathers a team and starts cutting the strip into pieces. Each piece is named as graft and contains one or a few hair follicles on it. The surgeon and his/her team start making tiny holes in your head. The bald area will be drilled carefully. After that, they start planting these grafts in the holes on your head. And the surgery is done! You can expect new hairs now.

Fue Hair Transplant

When you are getting fue hair transplant, the start of the operation is not so different. Surgeon shaves your head as well. But when it comes to getting grafts from your head, things are beginning to become different. This time, the surgeon gathers a team and starts harvesting follicles from your head one by one. Yes, it is a more complex way than the fue but it comes with an advantage. When the skin strip is gathered, it leaves a scar on your head. But with this method, there are no scars at all. They gather follicles from your head. After they drill your head, plant them in the holes, and the operation is done. Because this method needs more attention, this can take more time than the fue method. But I think it worths it. A scar on the back of your head wouldn’t look nice.

After The Hair Transplant

While you are coming to get an operation, we recommend wearing button-down shirts. Because you can get them off without touching your head. Also, wear comfortable clothing, because this procedure takes hours. After the hair transplant, there will be some rules you must follow. These are standard procedures every patient who had a hair transplant must follow. These are for your own sake. These rules help you recover and grow hair faster. These are needed to monitor your recovery healthy. There will be a headband around your forehead. This prevents swelling. If you experience swelling, after all, put some ice on your face, but not the head. There will be itching for a few days. Do not scratch the planted area. You will be able to softly touch your hair in a week. Also, you will be able to wash your head kindly in 7 to 10 days.

Can I Smoke After Fue Hair Transplant

Smoking kills. There is no need to tell smoking is unhealthy and hazardous. Smoking also affects hair health. Smoking can make your hair thinner. Also, smoking can make your hair fall. Because smoking affects blood circulation and flow badly. Surgeons advise you should stop smoking a day before the operation and following 2 weeks. But if you don’t smoke for a month of a few months after the operation, you will get better results.

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