Can I Smoke Weed Marijuana After Fue Hair Transplant?, Can I Smoke Weed Marijuana After Fue Hair Transplant?

Can I Smoke Weed Marijuana After Fue Hair Transplant?

Can I Smoke Weed Marijuana After Fue Hair Transplant? Hair transplantation is one of the most common things that men get nowadays. As they are more likely to go bald, this problem occurs more in men than it does in women. Thousands of people get fue hair transplantation each year. There are several things that you should not be doing after getting your hair transplantation. In this article you will find answers to questions such as can I smoke weed marijuana after fue hair transplant?.  To learn more about this, we have to know things such as what is hair transplantation, which techniques doctors use, pros and cons, aftercare, what you should do after the transplantation, and such. Let’s start with what is hair transplantation.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the safest and permanent way to make fresh hair for people with hair loss. doctors put The patient’s healthy hair itself in areas of hair loss in fue hair transplantation. There is no loss of hair in the area where the doctors take the hair. By hair transplantation, patients recover their own hair indefinitely like never having lost it. The purpose of hair transplantation is to offer a comfortable and modern medical procedure to the patient’s natural hair. The first Hair transplantation took place in Japan in the 1930s and first occurred in the West in the 1950s. Can I Smoke After Fue Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplantation is a procedure to extract small hair follicles of the back of the head, back and neck, arms, chest, and graft the bald region into the head. Hair Transplantation is the process. The procedure is normally performed for middle-aged men, because hair loss is more prevalent for men, particularly for middle-aged men than for women. You like hair implants because they are very basic and have little to no effect on the body. Also, when the doctors take from the patient himself the hair looks very healthy and perfect.

Hair Transplantation Techniques

Hair transplantation is the process of hair removal from your body’s specific portion such as your arms, your shoulders, your back, and your head, and put it on your hair to grow. Two different methods of doing this are available: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The right decision for you depends on your personal needs and the recommendation of your doctor.

The FUE hair transplant procedure is a way to produce the same FUT effects without any disadvantages. Like FUT, FUE gathers hair follicles from the back of the head and locates them to create a more natural hairline. Unlike FUT, the removal of a stripe of tissue from the back of the head is not necessary. Instead, the skull itself gathers individual hair follicles and places them in narrow troughs created in the front of the brain.

The FUT technique includes taking from the selected location on the body a little patch of skin with hair follicles. This is typically the back of the head in which the hair is normally more fully and less vulnerable to balding. However, other parts of the body, including the chest, arm, and back, may also remove fur. This piece of skin is used for removing and preparing small groups of tissue that contain hair follicles for hair transplantation. When it occurs, in the place where you see balding, very small lumps are made. The follicles are then placed in the pits and placed separately in the balding area.

Can I smoke weed marijuana after fue hair transplant?

Marijuana is a drug that comes from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. It has many other names, such as bhang, ganja, skunk, rope, weed, grass, or pot. A pathologic substance known as THC (Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active ingredient in cannabis. This compound enters the blood and adds a sense of pleasure to the brain with calming chemicals. Worldwide forensic departments have checked hair samples to detect symptoms of opioid addiction. There has been increasing in hair oiliness and accelerated hair loss in some marijuana users. These effects can be related to a larger volume of hair THC.

THC tends to lie at higher concentrations in hair shafts. Depending on the volume entering and building up in the body, the elongation of the hair shafts is also decreasing. THC also inhibits keratocytes in hair follicles from growing and multiplying. Studies have shown that any form of ingestion of marijuana – whether chewing or smoking – may result in slower hair growth or even hair loss.

Why you should get fue hair transplant?

As all life has benefits and drawbacks, fue hair transplant still has its own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, this treatment is like a miracle for people who suffer from baldness and hair dilution. Typically, the implant requires hair separated from the body pieces and hair put on the desired spot. The top and back of the head, arms, and chest are the most popular parts of your body. The hair at the end looks really normal because doctors remove it from you, and it contains the DNA. Can I Drink Alcohol After FUE Hair Transplant?

Some disadvantages

One of them is that fue hair implantation is an activity that still intimidates certain people when it comes to drawbacks. For hair transplantation it is possible. To help, patients will take a few sedative medications to calm them down. Another is that hair transplantation is and should be treated as a risky procedure. If you do not take the healing time seriously, you increase the chance of inflammation, bleeding, and scarring.

However, by following your recommended tips during your time of restoration, you should be able to preclude these potential problems and return to normal life from 10 days to 3 weeks. The position that was usually inserted should not be touched. You should avoid direct sunlight because it can lead to serious bleeding and you can feel burning at that spot. After the implantation, you shouldn’t wash your hair, as it can cause problems, too.

Does it hurt?

The hair implant does not hurt at all when it comes to pain because Doctors do this procedure with local anesthesia so that you feel nothing. Nor does this procedure leave a scar on the head at all. No noticeable scars on your head which can look ugly to your eye.

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