Canal Opening With Sapphire, Canal Opening With Sapphire

Canal Opening With Sapphire

Before harvested grafts can be planted in the treatment area, channels must first be opened in the scalp. These mini channels are still opened by many specialists in the conventional way called the slit channel method. Both Slit and Sapphire refer to the material with which channels are opened.

The slit can best be described as the blade of a razor blade that has been cut into small points/needles. Sapphire is a sharp point made of diamonds. At TecniFUE International, channels are only opened with Sapphire during treatment. Sapphire offers enormous advantages over classic Slit.

Thanks to the shape and material structure of Sapphire, less skin tissue damage is caused compared to Slit. This minimizes crusting, accelerates the healing process, and makes it possible to open more channels per cm2 compfared to slit, resulting in a higher hair density.

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