Does Hair Always Fall Out After FUE Hair Transplant?, Does Hair Always Fall Out After FUE Hair Transplant?

Does Hair Always Fall Out After FUE Hair Transplant?

Does Hair Always Fall Out After FUE Hair Transplant? Everywhere now, the hair loss faced by many people, regardless of whether they are male or female, affects people enough to destroy their self-confidence and have issues with their interaction. Since hair directly affects people’s general appearance. However, there is a solution for this case. Since FUE hair transplant is now possible, there is no need to feel anxious about hair loss. There are a lot of questions about the process. People wonder what is this operation and how it is applied, or the complications. Patients ask common questions like “Does hair always fall out after FUE hair transplant?” All answers down below.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

The hair of the person who has this surgery is moved to the hairless spot to fill the bald region. The surgeon transposes the hair from the back of the head. The surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. The operation will take place in the operating room.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant?

Both males and females can have this operation. The person who decided to have the surgery have to have hair samples to take. If the samples are not thick enough, this can be a problem. Cancer patients can not have surgery during their treatment process.

The FUE Method

Follicular Unit Extraction. The most current and most commonly used method in hair transplant treatment. Compared to the scalp transfer used before, the method that is much less tiring for the patient and the healthcare personnel. With the FUE method, grafts taken from the back of the neck and behind the ear are placed by the surgeon through the channels opened to the places where they want to be transplanted. The reason for the removal from the neck is that the roots in this region are not as sensitive to the testosterone as the hair in the spilled parts. Therefore, they do not pour easily.

Can A Entirely Bald Person Have Hair Transplant?

If one person has a certain amount of follicle to remove, he or she can experience this procedure. But the hair sample must be dense. That’s why some elderly people can’t have this surgery. Since the hair is growing thinner as we get old, and that’s why old people lose their hair as they get old.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Hair Transplantation?

The most critical time after hair transplantation is 10-12 days. During this time, the grafts will cling to their new canals and begin to perform the normal hair cycle. At the same time, this 10-12 day period is the period determined by the physicians as the first recovery period, during which the bans are lifted. It would be extremely wrong to end the sensitivity of the transplantation area after the first healing period.

Because the adaptation process of each hair follicle is different, there may be grafts that do not hold, as well as hair follicles with continuing sensitivity. Therefore, it is necessary to show maximum sensitivity to the hair transplantation area for at least 1 month. After that, it is beneficial to protect the planting area against external factors for up to 6 months. As a result, patients should not ignore that sensitivity continues in a hair transplant until at least 6 months pass.

Does Always Hair Fall Out After FUE Hair Transplant?

After the surgery patients may experience a hair fallout. You should take into account that a short-term trauma will occur in the transplanted grafts and scalp during this procedure since it is a surgical procedure. The body sheds the old hair in the graft in response to the trauma and makes room for new and intact hair that will grow under it. This temporary condition’s name is shock spill and patients observe it for the first 1 to 5 weeks after surgery.

The Price

The sum of the graft required determines the price. The grafting is the tissue taken from the patients. The operation needs approximately 2,000 to 3,000 graftings. It can be less or more depending on the patient and the area where the surgery took place. For example, if the patient is fully bald and asks the doctor to cover the entire head, more graft samples would be needed. In short, depending on the situation, the sum of the graph can change.

The surgeon who is going to perform the procedure is also efficient in setting the price. If the patient prefers to consult a highly rated physician, it will cost more money. The position may also have an impact on the price. Besides, the FUE method takes more time and effort so that if a patient wishes to have the FUE method and consults a highly regarded doctor in a fancy venue, it would be costly. Also, because hair transplantation is a cosmetic operation, insurance would not cover expenses.

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