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2nd Fue transplant

2nd Fue Transplant

Can a hair transplant be done for the second time?

What is 2nd Fue transplant ? Male type (android type) hair loss is a continuous process. Most of the hair that will be shed until the age of 30 is shed. Therefore, hair transplantation not recommend before the age of 26-27. After the age of 40, the hair does not fall out easily, but it is white. People who had their first transplantation before the age of 30 may need a second transplant later. Again, after the first transplantation, secondary or even tertiary transplantation can perform for patients who want more density.

When will we see the results after hair transplantation?

Most of the transplanted hair falls out 1-3 months after hair transplantation. This period is the most depressing period for the patient. However, since the hair follicles remain under the skin, new hair starts to grow from these hair follicles approximately 3 months after the transplant. Rarely, hair transplanted in lucky people continues to grow without any loss.

Positive results after planting start from the 6th month. After 8-12 months is the best time to evaluate the hair transplant result. At the end of the 12th month, all hair will grow.


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How many grafts do you have at most?

2nd Fue transplant is important to determine how many hair follicles each person has in the donor area (the area on the nape and above the ear) or how many thousand grafts can be removed during the operation. Surgeons from this region have a chance to get approximately 3000-4000 grafts. Therefore, if my hair is shed, the thought that I can have as many sessions as I want in the future is wrong. In addition, most patients have the possibility of their own hair loss, which is also present after hair transplantation. If wrong decisions are made about the number of grafts to be implanted and the area to be transplanted, negative results may be obtained.

The second hair transplant occurs when a person who has had a hair transplant needs a second transplant for various reasons. Transplants made after a certain period of time after the first hair transplant operation are sometimes expressed as second session or 2 sessions of hair transplantation.

Nowadays, hair transplant operations can be performed in one session and at a time, and in some cases, the doctor may decide on a second hair transplant operation.

Attention !

While hair transplant operations can usually be completed in one session, a second operation may be needed in some cases. Anyone who is not satisfied with the result of the first hair transplant and needs a second transplant due to various reasons is suitable for the second transplant, whose general health condition is in place and whose donor area is sufficient.

In order for the second transplant to be performed, the person must be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant operation.
Hair transplantation is an operation that can only be performed with one’s own hair follicles. Hair transplantation cannot be applied to people who do not have enough hair follicles to be transplanted.
In order to have a second hair transplant, as in all hair transplant operations, the person must suffer from a permanent hair loss problem.

In which situations is the second hair transplant performed?

The second hair transplant may plan in advance, or it can be performed for different reasons such as when the patient is not satisfied with the first hair transplant operation for various reasons. Now let’s examine in which cases a second hair transplant can finish  one by one … Female Hair Transplant


Upon a previous wrong hair transplant operation, a second hair transplant operation in the nature of retouching.

Today, while very successful results can obtain from hair transplantation, some incompetent people may have unsuccessful or erroneous results due to the wrong application of preferences. The worst situation here is the unnecessary and bad consumption of the donor area in the first wrong hair transplantation. In hair transplantation for correction, the problems that arise in the first operation can be corrected with the second session of hair transplantation in connection with the adequacy of the donor area.

Second Hair Transplantation for Correction

It can perform in cases where the front hairline, not damage or natural.
In the first transplantation, it can finish for naturalization in the grass man appearance that occurs due to the transplantation of the hair at a right angle.
It can finish to correct the problem areas that cause an application error.


In cases where the results of the previous hair transplantation do not meet the expectations of the patient. Second hair transplant can perform and the hair can concentrate.

The second implants for tightening are generally the cases where the number of grafts transplant in the first hair transplant. This may a decision make by the doctor. The patient with a specific reason or it may be due to wrong choices.

Another reason for 2nd Fue transplant is that the patient hair loss has continue . Our doctors wait for hair loss to reach a certain level for a more successful hair transplant. If the patient’s hair loss continues, a new transplant may require even if there is no problem with the transplanted hair. Generally, in the early period, hair transplantation perform before the shedding complete, even if the transplant hair does not after the transplantation. The patient’s old hair continues to fall out. In such cases, densification can achieve with the second operation.

Second Hair Transplantation for Tightening

If the donor area was sufficient, it can apply to patients not satisfy with the first hair transplant results.
After a problematic hair transplant where the number of grafts transplant is incorrectly calculating. It can finish to tighten the thinning hair.
After the first hair transplantation, it can perform to recover. Tighten the thinning areas in patients whose old hair continues. Hair Implants Gone Wrong

2 Sessions of Hair Transplantation:

In some cases, hair transplant operations perform in two sessions with the recommendation of your doctor. The second session of hair transplantation agrees with the doctor before the first transplant. 2nd Fue transplant plan prepare for the patient. Accordingly, after the consultation with the patient, the doctor determines how many grafts will be transplanted in the first transplant. The time of the second session of hair transplantation. How many grafts will be transplanted in the second hair transplant?

In hair transplantation, the density of the donor area is one of the most important keys to success. The healthiest and most accurate donor area in hair transplant operations is the nape area between the two ears.