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4 Days After Hair Transplant

4 Days After Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

4 Days After Hair Transplant, hair loss, and thinning seen in people is a natural and permanent solution to the problem of baldness. Healthy hair follicles of the hair follicle with the microsurgical methods that no longer active and the cultivation of a decrease of the hair are called the plantation process. Hair transplantation is added to the cast of the patient’s own healthy hair. Hair transplantation is completely personalized and applied.

Surgery is collected in the spill-resistant hair follicles and thinning the patient’s neck portion or portions planted in the pouring channel is opened completely. Objective; Known to be cultivated naturally is to give the permanent head of hair look. A hair transplant is actually a small surgical operation. Therefore, experts and the safest way to perform in a hospital setting by experienced doctors and teams. Hair transplantation is gained with the application of the person permanently as their hair is no unwritten. Our aim in hair transplantation; A modern medical practice is to provide people with a comfortable natural hair look.

Who can have hair transplantation?

Today, about 50 percent are faced with the problem of hair loss in men over the age of 50. Therefore, it is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in plantation men. Hair loss is not something that occurs only in males. Many women may also experience hair loss or thinning problems.


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The First Four Days After Hair Transplantation

The first four days after hair transplantation is a very important process. After the procedure, the patient can rest at home. It is quite normal to experience pain or throbbing in the donor area. After hair transplantation, most of the patients return for the same reason, but this pain will be reduced by half at the end of the third day. According to the method of hair transplantation, pain is temporary and lasts between a week and ten days at most. There may be a small amount of bleeding in the hair follicles during hair transplantation. After transplantation, crusting occurs in the bleeding area and the healing process begins slowly. The procedure, the patient’s feeling of pain varies from person to person. After the hair transplant procedure, painkillers and antibiotics given by the doctor should be used regularly.

A hat should be worn that will not tighten the head and protect the hair transplantation area from dust, dirty environments, and the burning effect of the sun. Again, water mustn’t touch the transplanted area in the first three days after the hair transplant procedure. At the end of the fourth day, micro holes in the neck area begin to heal. On the third day after transplantation, a shower can be taken in consultation with the doctor. Also, not using alcohol and smoking in the first three days affects the treatment process positively. It is important to lie on the back and with a high pillow to prevent edema on the head and face after hair transplantation. Strictly following the doctor’s recommendations in the days after the procedure is extremely important in terms of pain relief and rapid response to the treatment. Hair Transplant Day 2

After Hair Transplantation

He will sweat, tired that will cause you to receive continuous shower should stay away from heavy work. Also due to damaged hair follicles and sweat will extend in a healthy way.

You should stay away from a stressful and tense atmosphere. Stress is the most important cause of hair loss. If you have lost your hair due to stress, especially after a stressful environment, do the transplant.

Hair transplantation should stay away from sexual intercourse after a few nights.

After that, you will need antibiotics for plantation definitely you should not use alcohol. Alcohol will enter your system through direct blood circulation, which will be detrimental to your newly transplanted hair. It is possible to feel partial pain and fatigue after hair transplantation. Tension may also be experienced due to the local anaesthesia given. If you use the medications recommended by your doctor, these complaints will disappear completely within a few days.

For the 4 days hair transplantation, you should lie on your back as much as possible and avoid touching anything with the treated area. If the application is also done on the back of your head, you should lie face down.

After Hair Transplant Operation

After your hair transplant, you will have a bandage on your donor area and a hairband on your forehead to prevent swelling on your face. We will remove the bandage the day after the operation, and you can remove the swelling tape three days later.

small shells in the recipient area and donor area will be fully recovered within 15 days, you will see small red holes. Hair transplantation surgery a few days after a little swelling, itching, and mild pain can feel. These symptoms ice applications, lotions, or emollients prescribed by the doctor can be reduced by some symptomatic drugs.

Swelling After Hair Transplantation

4 Days After Hair Transplant A few days after the operation, the swelling in the face and eyes (if present in the first place) should decrease. If you experience any swelling at this point, put some ice on the swollen area. There is no need for a particular drug. The swelling almost always disappears after 4 days hair transplantation. FUE Procedure Pain

1st Day After Hair Transplantation

In our clinic, we will provide postoperative cleaning and PRP or Laser treatment. After cleaning, your bandage will be removed.

3rd DAY After Hair Transplantation

You should start the hair washing procedure after the surgery; You will probably have your first hair wash at our clinic the day after your procedure. So, in this follow-up meeting, we will give you a special shampoo and lotion and explain how to wash your hair for the next 15 days. Finally, washing will help remove scabs and speed up the healing process.

After Hair Transplant 4-7.

Transplanted grafts become stronger and do not fall off by touching. However, you should avoid itching. The hair in the transplanted area will begin to shed within 4-5 days after the operation and will continue for another 2-3 months. After that, “new” permanent hair will begin to grow. 4 Days After Hair Transplant