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6 Days After Hair Transplant

6 Days After Hair Transplant

In this article, we will give you information about 6 days after hair transplant and the process after that. People who decide to have hair transplant surgery often wonder about the results after hair transplantation and the post-hair transplant process day by day. Because the post-hair transplant process is as important as the hair transplant process. The healing process after hair transplantation is an average of 1-year marathon. When it comes to the success rate after some hair, of course, this process will vary from person to person. Let’s see the post-hair transplant surgery process day by day, week by week, month by month. 

Hair transplant results: 1st day

On the first day of hair transplant surgery, the hair transplant donor area healing process is as important as the healing of the hair transplant area. After hair transplantation, you will be discharged with this part covered with a bandage to facilitate this process, which we can generalize as the healing of the neck area. The most important issue to be considered after hair transplantation: sleeping position.

Hair transplant results: 2nd day

On the 2nd day after hair transplantation, you may feel pain in the hair transplantation area and donor area. While bleeding is observed in the donor area, your bleeding in the transplanted area will have stopped. These should be noted within the 6 days after hair transplant topic.


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Hair transplant results 3rd day

The 3rd day after hair transplantation is the day when your head will be washed. The first wash after hair transplantation will be applied by a specialist under the supervision of your doctor. You can continue the washing model to be made until the scabs in the transplantation area fall off, as it was performed by the expert on the first day. When you go to the clinic on the 3rd day of hair transplantation results, you can first remove the bandage in your donor area.

Afterward, the cream will be applied to the transplanted area and donor area to soften the dried blood, then you can proceed to the washing process. On the 3rd day, while going to the clinic and returning, you must protect your head area from sunlight. The sleeping position should be the same as the first 2 days today. You should pay attention to this sleeping position 6 days after hair transplant during the day. Hair Transplant First 10 Days

Hair transplant results 1st week

You should wash your head area properly every day until you get rid of the scabs in the hair transplantation area. In addition, the person should carefully protect the head area from possible impacts and harmful rays of the sun.

6 days after hair transplant is the holding process of the transplanted hair. For this reason, the transplantation area should avoid strokes, harsh movements, and movements with the risk of damage such as rubbing and scratching.

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotic therapy for the 6 days after hair transplant. This is planned for 3 days for some people and 5 days for some people for antibiotic treatment.

The 6 days after hair transplant, the rapid healing in the donor area may surprise you. At the end of the first week, at the end of the second week, shedding of the scabs in the hair transplantation area is observed in some people.

Hair transplant results: 1st month

After skipping the 6 days after hair transplant issue, we are now in the 1st month. Hair transplantation results result in the attachment of all transplanted hair after the first month. However, one of the most important steps that await people who have hair transplant surgery will be experienced in this first month. This step is called “shock spill”. If the process continues, you should definitely talk to your doctor.

Shock spill, which is expected to occur between the 2nd week and the 8th week, is a normal development of the healing process. The transplanted hair and hair follicles are shed in an average of 1 month, starting from the 2nd week after hair transplantation surgery. Since the spillage occurs suddenly after the surgery, this event is called a shock spill and you do not need to worry. You have seen this process after 6 days after hair transplant process. As in the 6 days after hair transplant process, you should adjust your sleeping position well in this process. 

Hair transplant results: 3rd month

You will have overcome the most important steps of the healing process in the first 2 months after hair transplantation. Then you will continue to get the results of the hair transplant in the 3rd month. 

Your first hair that grows after shock shedding may be as thin as baby hair. However, as these hair grows, the hair strand becomes thicker and the hair becomes suitable for the person’s hair structure.

The waiting period for the final result in hair transplantation results is between 9 months and 1 year. The hair that starts to grow in the 3rd month will be completed within a period of 1 year, the hair strands will thicken and grow enough to completely cover the area with openness. In this way, you will come to the end by exceeding the times such as 6 days after hair transplant, 1st month and 3rd month after hair transplantation.

What should be done if hair loss occurs after hair transplantation?

Within a month after hair transplantation, there may be dilution in the transplanted area. This does not mean unsuccessful hair transplantation, but shock shedding. In fact, all of the patient’s hair may fall out during this shock shedding process. But when the process comes to an end, it will be seen that it comes out stronger and healthier again. What you do in the 6 days after hair transplant process is also important. Does Transplanted Hair Last Forever

What should be done if itching occurs after hair transplantation?

Itching after hair transplantation is one of the most disturbing conditions after hair transplantation. Two weeks after the hair transplant, you can scratch your itchy area. You may also experience itching during the 6 days after hair transplant process, but you should not touch too much. 

Can sports be done after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, light-scale sports can only be done 15 days later.