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6 Months After Hair Transplantation

6 Months After Hair Transplantation

First Day in Hair Transplantation:

6 Months After Hair Transplantation On the 6 months after hair transplantation you should have a good sleep, a full stomach and comfortable clothes. If smoking is used, it should not be drunk that day, if alcohol is use, alcohol should not use that night.

Hair analysis is done on the first day of hair transplantation, hair transplant planning is done, hair drawings are made. Blood tests are done and the results are expect to come out and after they are clean. Photographs are taken before hair transplantation to be archived. They are shave  and the hair is shaving.  After, Those who want sedatives (called courage pills) are given sedatives.  Local anaesthesia is apply  and it is expect to show the full effect of local anaesthesia. So, the plan  number of hair follicle grafts are take with the FUE method 45 minutes – 60 minutes.

Each root taken is count and made ready for planting. If you wish, you can take a break in the meantime, food and toilet needs can meet .  After the roots are taken, the canal is open as much as the hair follicle. So, roots take after channel opening are plant in necessary places.


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Second Day in Hair Transplantation

You need to be patient on the second day of hair transplantation and you will never need to rest as much as possible without taking too active work.

You should act according to the instructions given to you on the second day of hair transplantation. The medicines given to you should be used regularly according to the time. You must drink plenty of fluids. If possible, you should stay indoors to avoid infection without going out. Protect the hair from contact with liquid. Should not enter places such as baths, showers, saunas. Take care not to hurt your head . So, in case of bleeding or bruising, you should contact immediately. After, Rest well and not get tired.

Third-Day in Hair Transplantation:

In hair transplantation, you need to come to the hair transplantation centre for three days, you should be careful and protect the head from impacts, rain and dust. The third day is important for hair transplantation. Hairdressing is done 10 min. Finally, the lotion is apply  to the hair and wait for 30 minutes.

The First Ten Days in Hair Transplantation:

In the first 10 days of hair transplantation, the hair should wash regularly with lotions and shampoos every day. The first 10 days in hair transplantation is very important, the wounds start to crust and heal. Special protection is need  for the hair in terms of infection. So,  you should contact the hair transplant centre. In conclusion, you can work in this ten-day period and do all your work unless it is heavy.

First Month After Hair Transplantation

Approximately one month after hair transplantation, it is time for the transplanted hair to fall out. You may be curious or anxious about this hair that will fall out, but in fact, there is nothing to worry about. This process is a completely natural process. The first month after hair transplantation is very important for hair transplantation.  In the first month of hair transplantation, we definitely recommend the application of PRP to the transplanted hair. Hair shed in the first month in hair transplantation can continue until the 3rd month. After the hair transplant, no heavy work should be done this month.

Care should be taken to avoid infection. in the donor area after hair transplantation.  On the other hand, some people describe it as tingling. Loss of feeling is not common to everyone. In some people, drowsiness may continue for up to 25-30 days. So, the numbness may take longer in proportion to the number of grafts taken.

After Hair Transplantation 2nd – 3rd month

The months refer to as the month of hopelessness in hair transplantation are the 2nd and 3rd months. In this process, the transplant hair is completely shed and as if hi. hair becomes like it has not been transplant. This may cause a perception in people who have hair transplantation. They may have an anxious thought with questions such as whether my hair will grow or whether the transplant  hair does not hold. Sometimes they may receive comments saying that they will not grow hair around them.

In the 2nd and 3rd-month hair transplantation, it is only the hair loss process,

The incubation period of the hair follicles under the skin is the 2nd and 3rd month after hair transplantation.

In hair transplantation, the incubation period usually starts in the 2nd month, the 3rd month, the 4th month or even the 5th month,

Finally, vitamin supplements that are good for hair can be taken and it is our recommendation, 6 Days After Hair Transplant

4th – 5th and 6th months after hair transplantation

The incubation period of the transplant hair, which is the beginning of the expect period in hair transplantation, has been complet  and the hair has start  to grow. After, the exciting wait will continue to grow more and more every day, with the hair growing at the end.

In some people, I do not lose hair in the first 3 months, there may be hair loss in the 4th-5th and 6th months (it is a small possibility).

The hairs, which become apparent in the 4th month, come out to the palm of the hand and continue to grow in the 5th and 6th months.

After the 4th – 5th and 6th months, some people may have pimples on the head, these pimples are usually cause by their hair trying to grow under the skin and if it is too much, it is necessary to contact the hair transplantation centre.

In the 4th – 5th and 6th months, the hair should not be comb and the skin should   protect  from impacts,

4.- 5. and 6 months after hair transplantation should not shave with a machine and should only be shave  on the hand,

Until  the 6 months after hair transplantation  the bath, sauna, extreme heat and extreme cold should be avoid,

Finally, hair vitamins can continue and PRP can finish in the 6th month.

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