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6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant

6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant

6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant We will see the subject of 6 weeks post hair transplant. In general, hair transplantation includes 3 separate processes. These are pre-operative, operative and post-operative. We know that the operation process is very important in hair transplantation. However, your post-operative behavior is just as important. The maintenance process is also very important for a successful hair transplant. In general, we will examine these rules under the heading of what should be considered after hair transplantation.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

In hair transplantation, There are many factors that affect the success of the treatment. And the optimum result can be achieved by evaluating each separately. At this stage, it is determined what should be considered after hair transplantation. Things to do during the 6 weeks post hair transplant period are determined. Would be a correct approach in terms of subject integrity and functioning. It is possible to list and detail the things to be considered after hair transplantation as follows;

Bandage Removal and First Wash: One of the important stages in the post-operative process is bandage removal. The bandage is removed two or three days after the operation. Bandage should be removed by the physician performing the operation. The physician must take an active role in the process. This applies to the entire process of hair transplant operations. Once the bandage has been properly removed, it will not be reattached. The reason for this is; The bandage causes sweating in the hair follicles. This delays the healing process. This process is within the 6 weeks post hair transplant period.


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Removing the bandage After completion, the hair should be washed. There are critical points in washing after hair transplantation. The choice of shampoo and the method to be used during washing is important. So it is necessary to wash the hair with delicate touches. It is also sensitive for a certain period in the washing performed after the first washing. Particular attention should be paid to the 6 weeks post hair transplant. In time, it returns to the normal washing method.

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Sexual intercourse after hair transplantation

After a hair transplant, the focus on sexual intercourse and sports; sweating. Sweating negatively affects the development of hair follicles. It makes the recovery process after the operation difficult. And because of this effect, it is an area that needs to be focused on. Sexual intercourse and sports are the main problems related to the sweating of hair follicles. This is why experts focus on these areas in particular. Of course, it is necessary to open a separate bracket at the point of protein loss in sexual intercourse. Lack of protein building blocks in the body slows down recovery. Heavy sports should not be done after hair transplantation. Light walks can be taken. It returns to normal after the 6 weeks post hair transplant process is over.

Alcohol and smoking after hair transplantation

Alcohol and smoking are among the things to be considered before hair transplantation. It has a critical effect on the healing process. Alcohol and smoking should not be consumed for two weeks after the operation. The reason for this is; alcohol has a thinning effect on the blood. Smoking interrupts the flow of oxygen. Therefore, these negatively affect a rapid healing process. Alcohol and smoking should not be ignored. It can be used non-intensely after the 6 weeks post hair transplant process.

As you can see, every issue is related to each other in the post-hair care process. And successful results are obtained as long as they are applied in harmony with each other. Therefore, it should not go unnoticed that each factor has a two-way relationship with the other. Other two points to be wondered after the operation; how long the pain and redness will last. It will be necessary to address the answers to these two questions.

How Long Does Pain Last After Hair Transplantation?

It is extremely normal for you to experience pain after hair transplantation. So, how long does the pain last after hair transplantation? After hair transplantation, headache and pain in the transplanted area are seen. 6 weeks post hair transplant pain will not remain at all. You can reduce the pain by using the medications your doctor has given you. With the change from patient to patient, the pain decreases after the first 3 days. It disappears completely after two weeks. If you have constant pain, definitely inform your doctor.

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When Does Redness Pass After Hair Transplantation?

The answer to the question: When does the redness disappear after hair transplantation? Varies from person to person. Redness persists for about 2 months in white-skinned people. At the end of the 2nd month, it completely disappears. However, it is difficult to measure exactly when it will end. It begins to decrease within the 6 weeks post hair transplant.

First 10 days after hair transplantation

There will be crusting on your hair within 10 days. Also, you should clear these crusts by the end of 10 days. Also, do the cleansing process using the lotions given by your doctor. Then clean it gently using your fingertips. Same time, perform your washing in light circles. You will see the scars disappear gradually.

The first month after hair transplant

After 1 month, your hair will have a different appearance. You will gradually get the hair you want. The 6 weeks post hair transplant process will have come to an end. In this process, your hair will experience shedding. Do not worry about this phenomenon called shock shedding. This is normal. Hair begins a new era by changing its own structure. The spills will continue until the 3rd month. Again, no need to worry. This is also normal. You should continue to protect your hair from infection. Between the hair should not be scratched with nails. In this process, the rash may decrease, but it does not disappear completely. This will also improve if you do the washing routines.

2nd month after hair transplantation

Your hair may shed irregularly again this month. You may also have non-shedding hair. Also, redness and pimples may continue. Irregular hair growth may also occur on the scalp. So again, you don’t need to worry. These are also natural situations. Continue to be patient. Because after 6 weeks post hair transplant everything will get better.