A Bald Man Gets A Hair Transplant?

A Bald Man Gets A Hair Transplant?

A Bald Man Gets A Hair Transplant? Today, we live in a period where the understanding of aesthetics is wholly changed. People prefer various aesthetic operations due to aesthetic concerns. Women are more prone to aesthetic operations than men. The situation in which men have more aesthetic concerns is hair loss. Hair loss is a problem not only for men but also for women.

However, while baldness or hair loss is less noticeable due to the density of hair in women, baldness in men seems to be more problematic. Although baldness is caused by age, environmental factors may also be one of the reasons. This causes a person to be insecure in himself, even though individuality is superior to everything in his life.

Hair loss affects individuals physically and psychologically badly. While affecting the daily life of the person, it also affects their self-confidence. The person cannot enjoy their daily activities and becomes unhappy.


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How is a hair transplant done?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that tries to restore healthy and growing hair in bald areas permanently.

Hair follicles are harvested from a healthy, bald resistant hair donor area and transported to the recipient area, and replanted in a way that grows as naturally as possible.

The donor area is usually located on the back of the head, where a series of skin and hair can be removed, and the operation scar can be hidden in the natural wrinkles of the scalp and regrowth of the surrounding hair.

Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss; environmental factors; It can occur due to genetic, hormonal changes and aging, as well as some dermatological diseases, burns, and accidents. Hair loss, that is, androgenetic alopecia, which develops with the effect of androgens, which is the male hormone, is the most common cause of hair loss in men with a genetic predisposition.

So how a bald man gets a hair transplant? It develops with the loss of hair in the forehead and crown area that are genetically sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, one of the male hormones. The stronger this sensitivity, the more spillage will be. Factors such as stress, age, and hormone levels play a role in the activation of these genes that come through familial inheritance.

In the early stages, thinning of the hair in the forehead and top regions, slowing of hair growth, easy handling of the hair during combing or washing, recession on the forehead line, and thinning in the crown area are seen. It results in a hairless and shiny skin structure, which is also described as baldness in the future.

A bald man gets a hair transplant

Hair transplantation is seen as the definitive solution for baldness with today’s advancing technology. However, in hair transplantation, it would be a dream to expect hair to grow all over for a bald scalp. For this reason, it is crucial to prepare a plan together by going through the control and analysis of the doctor.

The use of chest hair is one of the most popular methods for hair transplantation to someone who is entirely bald. In this area, the focus point is chosen according to the intensity of the body hair.

The hair follicles in the selected area are supported with vitamins until they are suitable for transplantation. In addition, a sensitive process is completed in the root extraction steps in order to avoid pain.

During the completion of the hair transplantation steps, the protection step is completed by paying attention to the cold chain so that the vitality of the follicles taken is not damaged. How Many Hair Transplants Can You Get?

It should be added that people who are completely bald after the hair transplantation phase take one stage longer to get exact results compared to people with regional baldness. All procedures applied to bald people are completed by names who are experts in the subject.

What should a bald man pay attention to after having a hair transplant?

After the hair transplant is performed on a completely bald person, the success of the transplant is controlled by controls. If a malfunction is detected immediately after the controls are carried out, it is examined and corrected. At the same time, additional maintenance is applied after the completion of the controls in a short time.

However, the healing process may differ due to some variables depending on the patient. In addition, expert advice should be taken into account.

A bald man gets a hair transplant, in order to prevent the planted roots from being weak, direct sunlight should be avoided. Sun rays are among the issues that most negatively affect the transplantation phase and the scalp in general. For this reason, it would be best to get permission from the workplace, if possible. If this is not possible, it is essential to wear a cloth hat when going out so as not to squeeze the hair transplantation area.

To contribute to the healing process, it is necessary to be sensitive to moisture and air. It should not leave hair follicles stuffy. It seems that the roots that are airless are more likely to fall out.

If these details are paid attention to, the healing process becomes even faster. Besides, providing the necessary controls related to the planting process at certain intervals also increases productivity.

Things to know about bald man hair transplantation

Although there is no exact age to transplant hair, people between the ages of 20 and 60 can transplant hair. The important thing in hair transplantation is not the age but the shedding density of the hair.

It is sufficient for the person to be operated on for three days before and after the operation. The operation time is approximately 6 – 8 hours, depending on the amount of root needed.

The use of chest hair is one of the most popular methods for hair transplantation to someone who is entirely bald. In this area, the focus point is chosen according to the intensity of the body hair.

Performing the operation in a fully equipped hospital environment is necessary for immediate intervention in case of a possible complication. How To Reduce Hair Loss?

The operation is performed with a doctor and at least three medical personnel who are experts in their field.

It takes between 6 months and 18 months to get full results. In other words, the hair can continue to grow up to the 18th month from the day of the operation.