About Us

Every day a new smile

Every day a new smile is what we aim for at Tecnifue International. Our medical team has executed thousands of successful transplants and changed the lives of many more. Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey.

We currently serve patients from many E.U. countries from all age groups starting as young as 19 years up to 65 years. Our goals is to further extend our presence in other E.U. countries and continents.

Welcome to TecniFUE International

Leading in innovations for excellent results for everyone is what distinguishes us in the market for Hair Transplants. Our unique OxyVitalis graft survival and vitality enhancement treatment, TecniFUE 8 Gen Punch are some of our latest innovations which provides our patients with superior treatment tools and conditions over classical FUE treatments performed elsewhere.

As TecniFUE International we have outgrown the stage of  distinguishing ourselves by hiring the best medical staff possible and providing a safe environment for Hair Transplants performed. These are obviously very important although still not respected by certain clinics the basic and undiscussable conditions for a successful Hair Transplant.

However from years of experience we know definitely that a Hair Transplant really is a customized procedure for each individual. Being able to achieve a excellent Hair Transplant for every individual lies in taking a 360 degree approach to the treatment.

This includes factors such as  innovation on treatment conditions, but also analysing the patients general and specific vitamin levels related to healthy hair.

Certain vitamin deficiencies play an important role in having healthy hair. Furthermore an analysis on the patients current health and lifestyle choices can provide key insights that can be integrated to improve the general health of the patient thus maximise the conditions for excellent results and healthy hair. This 360 degree approach is completely unique and only offered by TecniFUE International.

Mission Statement TecniFUE International

We make our patients happier. Our involvement goes further than improving the physical appearance of our patients. We are committed to provide our patients with life changing advice and insight on their physical and mental health.

We aim to create a lasting live changing experience for our patients so they can become the very best version of their selves. Our deepest desire as TecniFUE International is to have our patients passing the knowledge and experience they gained from us onto others so we can attribute to a world of people that live their lives in a more fulfilling way and can ultimately thrive in their lives.

Vision TecniFUE International

we image a future where individuals suffering from hair loss have a clear and trustable option to get their hair back. The experience should be one of the most impressive and life changing experience in the lives of patients who undergo a hair Transplant with TecniFUE International.

We envision our integral approach to esthetical medicine to motivate the medical industry integrating different disciplines under one roof so beneficial synergies can be created which will improve treatment quality and lead to higher patient satisfaction.

ISO Certified

Our commitment to quality and patient focus is demonstrated by our hospital that is ISO certified. We are committed to consistency in quality and continuous improvement of work processes.

Our ISO certificate ensures us to:

  • Ensure quality and safety in the treatment of patients.
  • Comply with necessary International and National legal requirements.
  • Implement best practice routines and procedures.
  • Prevent incidents from occurring.