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After Hair Transplant Recovery Process and Considerations


After Hair Transplant Recovery Process and Considerations Hair grafts transplanted after hair transplant recovery process and considerations treatment will go through several stages before reaching the desired results. Hair growth could take about 1 year or a little more than a year before desired results are achieved. The recovery process after hair transplantation is very important.

The Importance of the First 7 Days After Hair Transplantation

After the person undergoing hair transplant treatment is discharge home, the first 7-day process, one of the most important processes. After hair transplant recovery process and considerations requires attention and care. In the first three days, visible differences begin to shows in the areas where hair transplantation is performed, and after three days, water can be contact and bath. After the operation in the clinic or hospital, the person discharge begins to have a rest and recovery process in a safe environment of his at home.

I will give you the details in this article called after hair transplant recovery process and considerations.1 – 15 Days After Hair Transplantation


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After the operation, mild swelling, itching and pain may be felt in the transplant area. This kind of symptoms usually resolve completely within 1 week. At the same time, this process of the first week allowing the hair transplant operation is considered the experts. The reason is that the new tissues defined as grafts applied to the area, have the opportunity to get used to and hold on to their new location within this period. For this reason, It is important for the patient to inform the doctor and make the necessary controls in case of a problem that may occur within the first 7 days.
Grafts that remain healthy for the first 7 days, they get used to their new place and then there are no problems such as rupture. Redness and crusting observed after the operation usually disappear at the end of the 15th day.15-30

Days After Hair Transplantation

About three weeks after your procedure, some hair loss can occur in the transplanted hair area. This can be considered completely normal. This occurs due to the temporary sleep phase in all hair grafts go through after any hair restoration procedure.1-2 Months After Hair Transplantation

For several months after the operation, the patient can expect to see a few new hair follicles come from the surface of the scalp. This new growth process varies from patient to patient, but it can  see after an average of three months. New hair does not have to grow evenly, but eventually, it will all grow. New hair will be thin but will thicken over time.

3-6 Months After Hair Transplantation

The patient can expect new hair growth until the fifth or sixth months after the process. At the same time, it will be seen that the newly growing hair starts to thicken.

6-10 Months After Hair Transplantation

Between six months, the patient will see the most impressive difference since the first step. The hair will be longer and thicker and a greater density will be observe than a few months ago in terms of general appearance.

1 Year After Hair Transplantation

When a full year has finish since the procedure, the patient can see the desired result, but improvement may continue for more than a year.

There are two very important points to be consider within the first seven days after hair transplantation:
Avoid contact with water for the first three days after the procedure.
Do not pick out any scabs that may begin to occur the next day after hair transplantation.
When these two issues are consider, the person has the opportunity to spend a comfortable week.

When is the Hair Transplant Treatment Process Complete?

If you dream of having thick hair suddenly after hair transplantation, there will be a disappointment. Because of the permanent and clear result in hair transplantation operations usually spreads over a period of 12-18 months.
In hair transplant operations to be perform by a fully equip professional and competent centre, the person is give detail information about the result and the healing process before, after the operation.

Real photos show the result results to the person. Thus, the person attends the operation without any question marks on his head.
It should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is a surgical operation, although it is a very comfortable operation with the development of technology in many years according to aesthetic concerns. As after every surgical procedure, results in it will cause discomfort for a short time it can develop as a result of hair transplantation operation, but each of these are normal and expect situations. How Long Does It Take For Hair Implants To Grow?

Suggestions to Speed Up the Recovery Process After Hair Transplantation

  • Recovery time and results after hair transplantation can vary from person to person. Whatever , certain recommendations to be consider may contribute to the healing process after hair transplantation.
  • The instructions by the doctor must be follow exactly.
  • You should lie down in a slightly upright position for 3 days.
  • You should not stand too much to prevent edema.
  • Conditions for example for about it , swelling, bruising, bleeding after transplantation should not ignor and the transplant doctor should be informe immediately.
  • Intensive exercise and sports activities avoid for 3-4 weeks, as it can cause an increase in blood flow rate and cause bleeding in the hair follicles and root loss.
  • Hair should also be protect from sunlight,specially after morning delay the healing process after hair transplantation, in 3 weeks.

Recovery Process After Hair Transplantation

  • The transplantation area should not be scratch hard and the scabs should not be remove.
  • The sea, pool and sauna shouldn’t use in 3 weeks.
  • The person who had the transplant should not use alcohol in 1 week and smoke for at least 2 weeks.
  • If possible, the patient should test by the authorities for 1 week.
  • In order don’t interrupt the process after hair transplantation.
  • They may encounter before and after the treatment and what they should comply with. The person who has hair transplantation should follow the doctor.
  • Pay attention to their care and nutrition.

In order to get maximum efficiency from the hair transplant operation. It is necessary to adhere to some rules for a certain period of time after the operation.

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