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After Hair Wash What to Apply

After Hair Wash What to Apply

For the question of After Hair Wash What to Apply, the scabs can be cleaned from the head and the washing process is performed. Washing is one of the curious topics. Hair transplantation is a small surgical procedure. Bleeding occurs in the area where the roots are removed in the intake area. Later, areas of a clot that begin to heal are formed. Likewise, small incisions are made in the sowing area. Then, minimal clot areas are formed in the opened channels. This is a normal process. These clots dry out in a short time. And thousands of crustal areas are formed in punctiform style. In addition, the fluids injected into the head during transplantation may come out in the form of serum leakage.

The first wash after hair transplantation can be done between the 1st and 4th days. In the DHI method, washing can be done on the 1st day after sowing. In the channel method, the first wash is usually 3-4. days are held. Both applications are also true. In the pencil method, clots and crusted tissues are formed less. There is a cleaner image. Therefore, there is no harm in doing the first washing on the 1st day. We will look for an answer to the question After Hair Wash What to Apply.

First 48 hours

The first 48 hours after hair transplantation is important. However, the crusts should be washed periodically. Therefore, it is necessary to wash after hair transplantation without damaging the transplanted roots. With washing, the roots are cleaned from the scabs. Thus, ventilation is provided. If the process is done incorrectly, there will be negative consequences. It has some differences from normal washing.


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How to Wash After Hair Transplantation?

In normal hair washing, shampoo or soap is lathered. And the hair roots are washed with nails. It should not be done in this way after transplantation. Because if you do this, all the hair follicles that have not been fully attached will come out. Therefore, a delicate and gentle washing is done. There are some answers to the question After Hair Wash What to Apply.

Before washing, a hair-softening cream is applied to the transplanted area with light finger movements. Bepanthol lotion or Terramycin cream may be preferred. The lotion to be used should have a soft consistency. The person who will do the washing must wear gloves. Lotion can be applied to the head in two ways. First, some lotion is spread between the fingers and gently applied. Second, the lotion is impregnated in a sterile gauze pad. Then, lotioned gauze is applied to the transplantation area with a light compress. The subject of After Hair Wash What to Apply is very curious.

The purpose of the cream or lotion applied is to soften the crusts formed. This process should be applied gently. The cream applied stays on the head for 1 hour. The crusts will become a little softer with each wash. And the scabs will be separated from the roots in this way. There is no need to apply excessive amounts of cream or lotion. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove the cream or lotion from the hair. It is sufficient for the lotion to cover the crusts superficially. The subject of After Hair Wash What to Apply is very curious.

Another factors

The question After Hair Wash What to Apply is important. Then the hair is rinsed by pouring warm water from the top. The showerhead should not be pressurized while washing. If the water is pressurized, you can reduce the pressure by blocking it with your hand. After rinsing, the baby shampoo is gently applied to the transplanted area. It is better to foam the shampoo by hand and apply it to the planting area. Other paraben-free shampoos can also be used. Shampoos with a PH value close to the hair PH should be preferred. Baby shampoos are ideal for this.  After waiting for a few minutes, the hair is washed again with warm water and the process is terminated. While applying the lotion and shampoo to the hair, it should be treated like caressing the baby’s head. After Hair Wash What to Apply is important. How To Wash Hair After FUE Hair Transplant?

Things to Consider in First Wash

It would be better to have the first wash preferably at the place where you have hair transplantation. You can then continue at home as you were told. The water should be neither hot nor cold. Washing with warm water is ideal. Room temperature water is sufficient. The lotion applied does not contribute to the development of hair transplantation. The sole purpose is to facilitate the softening process of the shells. In the winter, you can dry it with a soft towel. On summer days, it is better to dry on its own. You can dry the hair in the non-hot position of the hairdryer. It is recommended to hold the dryer remotely. The subject of After Hair Wash What to Apply is very curious.

Preferably wash twice, in the morning and evening. This number can be increased on summer days. The crusts that have softened from the first wash are slowly poured. The planted area relaxes. Also, the hair follicles begin to breathe. Along with the scabs, hair scraps may also come. These are not hair follicles, but broken hair strands. Gloves should definitely be used while washing. There is no special application for washing the donor area. We examined the After Hair Wash What to Apply question from this dimension.

Washing process on day 10

This name is given because the scabs should be completely shed in the first 10 days. In fact, there is no special way of washing after the 10th-day hair transplant. After the first wash, the rub dose is increased with circular finger movements. Only cream and shampoo are applied to the hair. And if you wash and exit the shower without rubbing, the scabs will not fall off. Or it spills very little. As a result, blood circulation is reduced due to crusts. As a result, problems may occur in the nutrition of the roots. However, at the end of the 10th day, the planted area should be completely cleaned. And so the shells are completely cleaned. On the 8th day and the 9th day, you can rub hard and completely remove the remaining shells. Fue Hair Transplant Scabs