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Alcohol Drink FUE After Hair Transplantation

Alcohol Drink FUE After Hair Transplantation During the hair transplant process, there are some things you should pay attention to and avoid. It may be necessary to rearrange the eating and drinking habits and some of their daily life routines in accordance with the process. Some of these routines are elements that we frequently consume in our lives. For example, you may need to limit alcohol and cigarette consumption during this period. Otherwise, you will slow down the desired result in hair transplantation. It happens that such habits can sometimes be completely prevented. In this article, we will take a look at the effects of smoking and drink alcohol on the period after FUE hair transplantation.

The Effect of Drinking Alcohol on Hair Transplantation

In the process of hair nutrition and growth, all the foods we take into our body are important. The more positive the vitamin ratios we consume, healthy nutrition, and the choice of beneficial foods and beverages, the more unfortunately alcohol and cigarette consumption have a negative impact. While restrictions on alcohol and smoking are generally similar, there are some differences. Alcohol consumption should be stopped completely within one week before the operation. Because alcohol consumption can lead to unwanted adverse effects during and after the operation due to its blood-thinning effect. For example, people who drink alcohol after FUE hair transplantation are more likely to have post-operative bleeding than others. The hair can grow completely in 2.5-4 months. In order to continue this process in the most successful way, you should not consume alcohol after the operation day until the healing process is completed.

Hair transplant operation is an important investment in terms of time and material for many people. Therefore, the way to achieve the most desired result in hair formation and growth will be to act in the most appropriate way with recommendations and instructions. After FUE hair transplantation, you can start drink alcohol after the process recommended by your doctor.


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The effect of smoking on hair transplantation

Our research is about 17 million people in Turkey have learned as a result of tobacco use. Today, the negative effects of smoking, which poses a major threat to health, are accepted by all of us. However, the effects of the person not being conscious enough about the things that need attention can be observed both during and after the operation. In hair transplant operations, we do not apply anesthesia to the person as in other surgical operations. Instead, we do the procedures with local anesthesia or sedation. Therefore, in this process, the harms of smoking are different from the dangers that exist for the person we will anesthetize. However, existing dangers are also very important and the person who will transplant should be careful. If you smoke and plan to have a hair transplant, we recommend that you do not ignore the negative effects of smoking during this period.

Effects of quitting smoking after hair transplantation

Smoking has serious negative effects on your immune system. However, your immune system will start to rearrange itself while you are not smoking. A well-functioning immune system reduces the risk of complications. In addition to this, the immune system, which improves with the cessation of smoking, will accelerate the healing process. Smoking may cause hair follicles to become weak and prolonged as a result of the healing process. Because the sensitive hair follicles placed need healthy blood circulation in order to be nourished and grow fast. However, as we mentioned before, smoking, which causes narrowing of the vascular access, will slow down this blood circulation and negatively affect the formation of new hair. It is recommended not to smoke within 10 days after hair transplantation.

The person who will undergo hair transplantation should be aware of all the negative effects of smoking and should do whatever is necessary to achieve the most desired result of the hair transplantation process.

Effects of quitting smoking before hair transplantation

It is a scientific fact that smoking regularly increases the risk of complications that may occur during the operation. It contains a lot of chemicals in cigarettes. These harmful chemicals that enter the body with smoking cause changes in cell structure and functioning. Chemicals entering the body as particles accumulate in regions such as the respiratory tract and lungs, creating a great threat to health. The effects on the body can be seen from the moment cigarette consumption is stopped. Smoking is directly related to the amount of oxygen in the blood.

If you smoke, we would like to state that this amount is less than normal. From the moment you release it, the level of carbon dioxide in the blood decreases again and the rate of oxygen increases. The sooner you quit smoking on the day of surgery, the more you will benefit. Not smoking the day before the operation day ensures that the heart rhythm returns to normal. People who smoke are seen narrowing in the vascular access. The blood flow rate slows down due to the narrowing of the vascular passages. However, this will begin to return to normal when smoking is stopped. In time, blood pressure and circulation in the body will return to the ideal level. How To Stop Hair Loss In Teenage Males?

Your general health should be good

If you have any medication that you need to use regularly, tell your doctor. In addition, if you have health problems that may affect a surgery such as allergies, bleeding disorder, sleep disorder, asthma, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, diabetes, psoriasis, definitely consult your doctor before surgery. Any chronic illness can also affect your surgery. One day before hair transplantation surgery, you should consult your doctor before taking any prescription or non prescription medication.

After Hair Transplantation

  • Stay away from jobs that will cause you to take a shower. Hair follicles can be damaged by perspiration. Therefore, the hair will not be able to grow healthily.
  • You should stay away from stressful and tense environments. Because, one of the most important factors in the occurrence of hair loss is stress. You may have lost your hair especially due to stress. At this time, do not be in stressful environments after hair transplantation surgery.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for a few nights after a hair transplant surgery.
  • You will need antibiotics after the hair transplant. You should definitely not drink alcohol after FUE transplantation. Alcohol gets into your circulatory system directly through the bloodstream. This will be detrimental to your newly transplanted hair.
  • It is normal to feel pain and fatigue after having a hair transplant surgery. Tension may also be experienced due to the local anesthesia given. Use the medication recommended by your doctor. In a few days, these complaints will disappear completely.

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