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Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Are Hair Transplants Permanent? Hair loss is a problem experienced by many people today. There are many reasons for hair loss. These reasons may be stress, hormonal disorders, genetic factors, irregular diet and the use of chemicals. The only and permanent treatment of hair loss is hair transplant treatment. There are many different methods of hair transplant treatments. You can visit our clinic to learn the most suitable treatment method for your hair.

To have a hair transplant, first of all, your hair loss must be finished. Hair transplant operation is divided into three parts. These parts are as follows; First, hair follicles are collected, then channels are opened for hair follicles, and at the last stage, hair follicles are planted.

Detailed hair analysis is performed before the hair transplant operation. And according to hair analysis, which treatment method and how many grafts will be used are determined. And most importantly, it is necessary to find out why hair loss occurs. Our doctors will inform you about this.


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Things to know in hair transplantation

The first thing that matters in hair transplant operation is that the hair follicles are compatible with all hair. The hair transplanted in hair transplant operations is taken from the hair on the neck and on the ears. Because the hair in these areas is the healthiest and strongest hair in humans. If there are incompatibilities in hair transplantation, the transplanted hair looks artificial, and your hair starts to fall out.

The thing you should pay attention to in this regard is to have hair transplantation done in reliable places and in the most accurate way. Mistakes to be made in the hair transplant operation, you may lose all your hair and have to transplant hair again.

Does hair loss after hair transplant?

Your hair starts to fall out 3-4 months after hair transplantation. But this hair loss is normal, and you don’t have to worry. Because after these hairs are shed, your permanent hair will begin to grow and your new hair will grow in approximately 12-18 months.

It is always more resistant to hair loss after hair transplantation. Since the donors used in hair transplantation have your hair, your hair will look more natural and make you look younger. You can dye the transplanted hair or have the procedure you want. This will not harm your hair. Your newly transplanted hair is permanent because these hairs become permanent as they are transferred together with genetic codes.

The hair loss that starts after hair transplantation stops after 3-4 months, and your new hair starts to grow healthier. Also, your hair follicles begin to heal during this process. Hair transplantation begins to fill the hairless parts of your scalp thanks to the transplanted roots. However, when a certain period is reached, these transplanted roots do not produce hair as before. Because it has a specific life span in the newly planted roots. Your hair continues to grow, but they do not grow as fast as they were first transplanted.

Hair transplanted in hair transplantation is permanent and does not fall out for life. Because the transplanted hair is a person’s hair, for this reason, these hairs are genetically intact, and they have tried not to shed for a lifetime. Since these hairs are transferred from the nape area with codes, they will continue to show the same hair feature where they are transplanted.

What should be done after hair transplantation?

The essential part of hair transplantation is hair care. Haircare is as crucial as hair transplantation because you should nourish your hair follicles well and do not damage them.

After the hair transplant, your hair is washed professionally in the clinic. You can benefit more from the professional washing service according to your wishes because you should not damage your hair follicles after hair transplantation. We recommend that you should wash your hair one week after the hair transplant. And you should wash your hair not every day, but at most once every two days. Otherwise, you can damage your hair follicles and kill your hair follicles.

Also, you should not wash your hair with detergent-containing shampoos. If you wash your hair with detergent-containing shampoos, your hair may be affected by chemicals and die. That’s why you should prefer shampoos containing natural oils instead of detergent-containing shampoos. Shampoos containing natural oils nourish your hair follicles and provide healthier hair.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Pay attention to your diet, and you should not miss the vitamins recommended by your doctor. Vitamin deficiencies are the most significant cause of hair loss.

How can you protect your hair follicles after hair transplantation?

We recommend that you take a break from heavy sports after hair transplantation. And mostly, you should not do movements that may cause sweating and stay away from hot environments. Newly transplanted hair can be affected by very hot and very cold. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight; you can wear a hat for this. And after washing your hair, you should prefer soft towels. Hard towels can damage your hair follicles and kill your hair follicles. You should not dry your hair harshly.

As a result, you must follow the instructions given by your doctor for the hair transplantation to be permanent. It is essential after hair transplantation as well as before hair transplantation.

You should not use alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and caffeine products for seven days before hair transplantation. Using alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and caffeine products can damage hair follicles during hair transplantation surgery. If you are using medication for any disease, you should not use any medication until 15-20 days before the operation. If you are using medications, you should tell your doctor about these medications.

As a result, you must follow the instructions given by your doctor after hair transplant surgery. Otherwise, your hair transplant will be temporary. Follow the instructions for permanent hair transplantation. Are Hair Transplants Permanent?