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Artificial Hair Transplant Side Effects

Artificial Hair Transplant Side Effects Both women and men want to have healthy and full hair. Hair stands out in full aesthetics in people. However, today, the problem of weakening and shedding of the hair strand is one of the most common problems. An average of 100 to 150 hairs are shed every day for an adult. This amount of shedding is normally met. However, when these numbers are more, it should be known that you have a hair problem.

Hair loss can be controlled for a period of 2 months and its level can be determined. Although we have done our best to prevent hair loss, what do we do if our hair has been shed or if we want thicker hair? In the answer to this question, Artificial Hair Transplantation (biofiber, synthetic hair transplantation) has been started to be applied against these hair loss since the 1970s.In synthetic hair transplantation, artificial hair is transplanted side effects into the empty areas of the scalp. Artificial hair should look like natural hair. Synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers, biocompatible. They are not harmful or toxic to the body.

How Is Artificial Hair Transplantation Applied?

Artificial hair transplantation is not a wig-style application, but it is perform by transplanting artificial hair into the scalp one by one, just like hair transplantation operations. During this application, artificial fibers in the form of hair of 20 to 45 cm, which resemble hair, are transplant into the scalp.


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Each artificial hair is integrate into the skin one by one through special needles. However, in order to avoid any allergic conditions in this application, general tests are perform as in hair transplantation. As a result of these tests approve, the application stage can be start .

Who is Eligible for Artificial Hair Transplantation?

Artificial Hair Transplant Side Effects This application, like normal hair transplantation, is a surgical procedure in which necessary preliminary tests are perform . Performed by a specialist physician using local anesthesia. Since it is perform using local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain or feeling in this procedure. The process is carry out by transplanting artificial hair one by one until the desire condition is achieved.

In this operation, the type of hair that needs to be transplante varies according to the hair condition of the person. Women, men, young and old, anyone can apply this procedure if the necessary tests are appropriate. Anyone with regional or general baldness problems can benefit from artificial hair application. In an other saying; It is an application that anyone who is not satisfy with the density and shape of their existing hair can easily do it. With this method, you can get your hair.

What is the Difference between Artificial Hair Transplantation and Hair Transplantation?

When it comes to artificial hair transplantation, the first thing that comes to mind is the differences between normal hair transplantation. Although these two methods are perceive as similar methods, there are differences between the two. First of all, artificial hair transplantation is not an alternative method like natural hair transplantation. This method is more prominent when there are no hair follicles need for hair transplantation in the donor area. If you are in a suitable condition for hair transplantation, it is not a right choice to choose artificial hair transplantation.

It is very difficult to distinguish artificial hair from natural hair. There are many color choices for artificial hair, including different color options. In this way, it is an application that is successfully perform by specialist clinics. Specialist physicians by selecting the hair suitable for the person. In addition, artificial hair which has been successfully transplanted. It has a life span of 7 to 8 years with proper care.

What Are The Side Effects Of Artificial Hair Transplantation?

In artificial hair transplantation operations, the most important side effect that has been encountered since the first application and has not changed is the possibility of the body perceiving this artificial hair as a foreign organ. Because our body can react in the same way in organ transplants, and can perform the excretion of the transplanted organ. Doctors can suppress the immune system with a drug called cortisone to prevent this. In natural hair transplantation, our body perceives the transplanted hair as its own and does not show a reaction such as rejection. For this reason, natural hair transplantation should always be the first choice if the patient is suitable.

Another issue that requires attention in these hair transplantation applications . Where artificial hair is use is that the suture channel form in the area where the artificial hair. This channel always remains open and creates an ideal environment for bacteria and microbes.

This situation can cause the body to create continuous immune reactions, inflammation and inevitably infection to occur. In addition, there is an obvious risk of inflammation in the skin as a result of this application. Artificial hair is more difficult to maintain than normal hair because of the chemical-based products we will use for hair care. Another side effect of artificial hair is that the hair follicles that the body does not accept can cause permanent damage to the skin.

Artificial Hair Transplantation

Although improvements have been made since its first introduction, there is still a major problem with artificial hair transplants that has not been eliminated:
The body’s perception of artificial hair fibers as a foreign substance. In an organic hair transplant procedure, the body realizes that the tissue belongs to the person.

Thus no rejection or immune reaction occurs. Another important issue regarding hair transplantation with the biological or semi-biological artificial hair. Use is that the wound canal in which the artificial hair . That is, it is an open entrance from the outside and the ideal environment for bacteria and other microbes. This causes the body to create a persistent immune reaction that inevitably leads to infections and inflammation of the scalp. Biofibre Hair Transplant Side Effects

In conclusion, although artificial hair transplantation may seem promising for people who have no other choice. It is important to admit that if they are planning to undergo such an operation. They will also take all the risks associated with it. she is.

 We can say that this method does not provide a permanent solution. In addition to the bio fiber hair transplant option. Another method that people with hair loss have been eagerly waiting for is hair cloning. Artificial Hair Transplant Side Effects

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