Artificial Hair Transplantation UK

Artificial Hair Transplantation UK

Artificial Hair Transplantation UK Every person wants to have full hair. Hair stands out in terms of aesthetics in people. Hair weakening problem is one of the most common problems. An average of 150 hairs are shed every day for an adult. This amount of shedding is normally met. However, when these numbers are more, it should be known that you have a hair problem. Hair loss can be checked at regular intervals and its level can be determined. We do our best to prevent hair loss. However, if our hair is lost or if we want thicker hair, there are some things we need to do. There is an answer to this question. Artificial Hair Transplantation UK application has been used for many years. We will explain the difference from normal hair transplantation to you.

How to apply artificial hair transplantation?

Artificial Hair Transplantation UK application is not a wig style application. This process is done by transplanting artificial hair to the scalp one by one. During this application, artificial fibers in the form of hair of 20 to 45 cm are transplanted into the scalp. Each artificial hair is transferred to the skin through special needles. However, in this practice, tests are done to avoid problems. If these tests are suitable, they are applied.

Who is Eligible for Artificial Hair Transplantation?

Artificial Hair Transplantation UK application is performed by a specialist physician using local anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain. The process is carried out by slowly transplanting artificial hair. In this operation, the number of hair strands to be transplanted varies according to the hair condition of the person. Anyone can apply this procedure if the necessary tests are appropriate. Anyone with regional or general baldness problems can benefit from artificial hair application. In another saying; If you are not satisfied with your hair, you should try this. With this method, you can get your hair.


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Artificial hair transplant side effects

In the procedure of Artificial Hair Transplant UK, hair can be rejected by the body.

Because our body can react in the same way in organ transplants. It can perform the excretion of the transplanted organ back. Doctors can suppress the immune system with drugs to prevent this situation. In natural hair transplantation, our body perceives the transplanted hair as its own. And it doesn’t react like rejection. For this reason, natural hair transplantation should always be the first choice if the patient is suitable.

Another issue that needs attention in these applications is that the suture channel cannot heal. In addition, when this channel remains open, it produces bacteria. This situation causes inflammation in the body. Artificial hair is more difficult to maintain than normal hair. Because there are chemicals in hair care products. So, you should use the products recommended by the doctors.

Artificial hair transplant and natural hair transplant differences

The most curious thing about Artificial Hair Transplantation UK is how it differs from natural hair transplantation. There are important differences between these two methods. First of all, Artificial Hair Transplant UK is not an alternative method. This method is used more when required. It is not right to choose a hair transplant for no reason. 

It is very difficult to distinguish artificial hair from natural hair. There are different color variants of artificial hair. In this way, the hair suitable for the person is selected. Specialist clinics provide this with success. In addition, artificial hair that has been successfully transplanted can have a life of 8 years.

How does artificial hair look?

Artificial Hair Transplant UK will look like natural hair. It is difficult to give a precise answer to this question. However, hair transplantation creates a natural appearance after the procedure. Over time, it wears out due to external factors. So its appearance to deteriorate. It experiences deformities. In order to eliminate this situation, it is necessary to renew the hair.

Artificial hair transplant advantages

You can have natural-looking, full hair in a few hours. There are hair alternatives offered in different forms. In addition, you can return to your social life immediately after Artificial Hair Transplant UK. You can start doing sports and exercise by protecting the area for a few weeks. There is no different procedure to be done for hair care after Artificial Hair Transplant UK. It is the most effective alternative for people who do not have enough hair follicles for hair transplantation. Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices


Artificial Hair Transplant UK is not applied to people with very thin dermal skin. These regions can also be expressed as temples. There is a risk of obvious inflammation occurring in the skin. This will spoil the aesthetics of the skin. Some of these transplanted hair fall out every year. Thus, hair is not permanent like natural hair. Planting should be done regularly every year. Also, the lifetime of this process is around 9 years. Of course, the factors that determine the life span are also related to the reaction your body will give. Some negligence can spoil your hair in less time than usual. 

Inflammation-like things can be seen on the skin. The body may seem to have accepted the transplanted fiber hair at first. However, it may also be rejected later. In this case, they must be removed. Hair follicles that the body does not accept can cause permanent damage to the skin. A person who has had fiber hair transplantation may not be able to have natural hair transplantation afterwards.

Who can do an artificial hair transplant?

Artificial Hair Transplant UK method has emerged for those who cannot have natural hair transplantation due to some problems. This method is also known as bio fiber today. Also, this method, which works for most people, has many side effects. Due to these side effects, it has been decided to be banned in various countries. It was first banned in North America by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1983. Later, other countries also introduced this prohibition. Today, there are also clinics that advocate this method. 

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