Average Cost Hair Transplant Turkey

Average Cost Hair Transplant Turkey

Promising Treatments and Affordable Costs

Average Cost Hair Transplant Turkey Today, hair transplant, which millions of men choose, is very affordable in Turkey, compared to the average cost worldwide. It is a fact that anyone can experience hair loss, without discrimination in age, gender, social status, reputation. However, men suffer from shedding, especially male pattern alopecia more than women. So, currently, around 5 out of 4 people who have hair transplants are men in the world. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, hair transplant surgeries increased by 60 percent.

It appears hair loss harm men in many contexts, such as social, work-life, and self-evaluation. To research carried out by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery showed that men tend to hide their loss. Or in other cases, they feel shame and guilt to talk about it. Also, in their questionnaire, “social/dating” (37%) and “career/professional” (35%) opted the most. These answers were referring to two of the most important factors behind their decisions toward having hair transplants.

Despite the negative appearance in the general situation, the technology used in hair transplant is not so pessimistic. Presently, male pattern alopecia treatments are very promising to fix shedding areas permanently. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), remain two of the most popular and effective treatments. As well as their effectiveness and popularity, they are quite different from other methods in this area. In general, both FUE and FUT utilize stereo-microscopic graft dissection to gather follicular units from donor strips. But FUE, for some reason is chosen more than FUT. Perhaps it is about the major difference between the two techniques. FUE focuses mostly on utilizing the sources of individual follicles and implants them into the balding areas. Not surprisingly, men are likely to choose FUE more than women.


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Revolutionary and in Golden Standard

We consider these methods as revolutionary. Because we compare them with 200 years old path of modern hair transplant technology, and 450 years old conventional methods. Unluckily, when they first appeared, they experienced great pressure and concern from the public. But in time it became a gold standard among other methods. In addition, it looks like many celebrities also choose the aforementioned methods. Actors, Tv characters, singers, stars… There are so many names. We don’t even surprise to hear Sylvester Stallone had a full head of hair in his 70s anymore. Let’s remember what famous U.K. surgeon Dr. Craig Ziering said. “There are so many celebrities who want to refresh their hair that they come to my office on a weekly basis.”

So, after all these, there might only one question that comes to mind. What is the average cost of a hair transplant? Even though the answer to the question is complicated and “varies” in Europe, it is simple in Turkey: very affordable. Today Turkey is one of the few countries that have well-developed hair transplant technology. Celebrities are likely to hide their surgeries but we heard or saw hundreds of people who had successful hair transplants. But we didn’t hear a single person whose surgery went bad in Turkey. To understand better, let’s examine two famous examples of this.

Why They Chose Turkey?

In football history, it is said that one of the most popular hair transplants is Wayne Rooney’s. However, it was not the first. It appears that Antonio Conte, a worldwide famous coach of Inter-Milan is not only a man with a successful career. He is also known for his successful hair transplant surgery in Turkey. When he was on Italy National Football Team (at his young age), his severe hair loss erupted.

In a short time, his condition started to be mentioned more than his performance and became a focal point in media. So he decided to have this hair transplant. In 2000, he went to Canada for the operation. He had a successful operation but shortly, his hair started to shed again. Thus, he did some more solid research than before, and this time, he went to Turkey in 2007. His hair growth was so natural that a lot of people asked where he had his transplant from.

Antonio Conte didn’t just have a successful operation in Turkey; he also had this operation much cheaper than Canada. So it wasn’t surprising to hear that people asked him where he went. Another example is Calum Best, a British-American television personality, also a son of the legendary football player George Best. It looks like Calum’s hair had been shedding since his 20s. When he realized that he started to lose his confidence, he decided to have a hair transplant. After doing some research, he saw that Turkey contained the greatest surgeons in the world, in addition to fair prices. So starting within 2012, he had three successful operations, and the results were very great. He indicated his happiness as “My self-esteem now is immeasurable!” He also indicated that he could take roles that he didn’t have until that time. How Much It Cost Hair Transplant In Turkey

Fair and Sincere Prices

As seen in examples, hair loss could turn out social pressure. Or in the best case, it could turn into self-esteem issues in a very short time. There many men like Colum Best and Antonio Conte. There are a lot of men who suffer from hair loss and can’t even discuss it with their friends, family. Even it is a very natural phenomenon. There are also men who made their mind towards having a hair transplant and had social support. But also due to they believe hair transplant is very expensive, who stay out of treatment.

Thankfully, it is a myth. Hair transplant surgeries, especially in Turkey are very affordable as well as their high-quality services and success rates. Turkey’s reputation in hair transplant looks increasing day by day. Today a growing amount of people worldwide started to go to Turkey for these operations. Here, we don’t offer you only high-quality services and fair prices. We also offer you sincere and careful professionals and team members. 

Whenever something comes to your mind about your hair loss problems, contact us. Perhaps they could be hair transplant operations, and average hair transplant costs in Turkey; it doesn’t matter. You can reach us at our phone number, +90 539 369 3484; or feel free to click the lower-right button on our main page, if you want to contact us with Whatsapp. We can arrange a meeting which is the most suitable for you, at any time. 

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