Bad Hair Implants

Bad Hair Implants

Bad Hair Implants In this article, Here we are going to dicuss about the differece of a good and a bad hair implants result.

A hair transplant candidate expects Things . Which are dense and natural-looking hair after the surgery. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t realize these expectations . A candidate feels more confident . But when the transplanted hair isn’t distinct from natural. Here we are trying to compare good and bad hair implants together.

First of all lets take a good look at what a good hair transplant is.


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What makes a good hair transplant ?

A good hair transplant should provide results. The ones that are indistinguishable from surrounding hair . The untrained eye can’t notice you have a hair transplant . With the techniques of (DHI) and (FUE). Healthy hair follicles can be successfully transplanted. They can transplanted into any balding area of the scalp . Without any noticeable signs. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will also know . How to place the transplanted follicular units . Also, in a manner that will grow in naturally alongside the surrounding hair.

What makes a bad hair implants?

A bad hair implants could result in a number of undesirable results . For example, including obvious . Also  excessive scarring . Also noticeable implant clusters. Or even unnatural hairlines . An inexperienced hair surgeon might over-harvest . The same area of the scalp . For example, during an FUE procedure .  leaving suboptimal amounts of hair in the donor sites . During DHI , an excision may be made in a visible location . In that case, creates a noticeable scar, even with surrounding hair growth.

Also the bad hair transplants can be divided into some other causes as well such as:

Inexperience of the Surgeon :

Practice makes perfect or the phrase ” We learn better by practice”.  totally applies for hair transplantation.

FUE or the DHI hair transplantation methods are meticulous procedures . That require considerable perseverance. It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill . It is not a desirable condition for any patient to be assigned . As a ‘experimental subject’ . The hair transplant is performed by an inexperienced surgeon . As a result grafting it doesn’t take place properly. It will causing the procedure to fail.

Less-experienced doctors are prone to make mistakes .  While predicting the permanent safe donor area for hair transplantation . If doctors harvest follicular grouping obtained via improper extraction from the donor area . Also non donor areas . The unfavorable end results of a bad procedure . It will ultimately reflect on both the recipient as well as the donor area.


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Experience stands out as a significant factor. when it comes to operations that require an intricate . An intricate knowledge of the technique.

For FUE or DHI hair transplant surgeon, experience of the surgeon should be one. one of the factors that you should take into consideration. Rejected Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in unsuitable candidates :

Remember that not everyone is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Prior the surgery, obtaining a detailed medical history. Also information on the patient’s genetics. It clarifying topics such as the surgical procedure. it’s as well as the post-operative stage is crucial.

your doctor will conduct various tests . Also special procedures to evaluate indicators. such as; future implications of hair loss patterns. your hair loss classification as well as hair loss diagnosis. these guiding factors will determine whether you’re a good candidate to undergo the procedure.

Insufficient Post-Operative Care :

Taking care of yourself after the hair transplant procedure is as important as the operation itself.

In some cases, serious infections may occur due to poor hygiene conditions. The good news is that you need to be substantially ‘reckless’ for permanent damag this way. During the post-operative period, following the hair washing instructions- that should be conducted gently. avoiding sun exposure within the prescrtibed time. or refraining from exercising that may cause sweating. it is crucial to achieve satisfactory results in every aspect.

In order to take care of yourself after the surgery follow your doctor’s instructions and advices precisely.

Bad grafts implant :

Wrong hairline design and wrong implanting angle. These are the main complaints in the bad hair transplants. The frontal hairline must be carefully planned and hair follicles in the area are to be the thinnest.

Root Implantation Depth :

Hair roots implantation deeper than needed always causes problems. The majority of these roots just will not grow. Moreover, the hair that could grow deforms or causes folliculitis, inflammation.

Tissue Necrosis and Infections :

One of the worst complications after hair transplant is tissue necrosis . When the adrenalin is used improperly. within the channel method . Some cells are left unnourished and this causes their death.

As a result, there are round or oval hairless gaps 2-3 cm in diameter . hair loss Additionally, nonsterile tools used during the procedure leads to infections . Inflammation occurs, and sequences in hair growth decrease.

As you can see these examples above. they are the most related reasons. which can can cost a failure. in the hair transplant surgery and if they are not taken seriously. surely it will cost a bad result.

It is worth to mention that to fix a bad hair transplant is hard. Harder than the transplantation from scratch. It requires a lot of effort. It takes skills, and experience of the operation doctor. This is why we advise you to take time. to search for the best doctor or center and then move on with the procedure. What Is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

Conclusion :

The issue which we shall mention here is not  a ‘failure’. The hair transpant surgery is just the first stage of the procedure.subsequently the post-operative recovery phase begins.  which is a process extended over a longer time.

Some people tend to rush to conclusions. declaring the operation unsuccessful . before the process is completed. Also without giving any chance for hair growth.

You can expect to see the visible results. but the result of it is within 12 months.

Hair transplants are typically more successful. than over-the-counter hair restoration products and all that is needed is to be patient enough to see the results you want.