Bad Hair Transplants

Bad Hair Transplants

Why do some hair transplant procedures fail?

Bad Hair Transplants We analyzed the bad hair transplant surgeries from all over the world and although the patients who had hair restoration surgery were different, they were not satisfied with the results. These patients were identified among the main reasons responsible for the discontent.

What are the Possible Causes of Hair Transplant Failure?

The inexperience of the surgeon

Practice makes perfect, or “we learn by doing practical” statement is valid for total plantation.

FUE or DHI hair transplantation methods are rigorous procedures that require substantial determination. This skill requires much time and effort to master, and any patient’s “experimental subjects” is not a condition of appointment as desired. In some cases, a hair transplant is done by an inexperienced surgeon, with the result that vaccination does not happen properly and causes the process to fail.


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Nevertheless, graft placement is one of the most important stages of the plantation. The last appearance of the hair of patients after hair restoration surgery plays a very important role. Experienced doctors are knowledgeable about the effective use of the donor-acceptor ratio.

Less experienced doctors tend to bad hair transplants  in estimating the permanent safe donor area for hair transplantation. If the doctors harvest follicular grouping obtained by improper extraction from the donor and non-donor areas, the negative consequences of a poor procedure will ultimately reflect on both the recipient and the donor area.

In hair transplant surgery, the first donor area from which healthy follicles are taken is the back of the patient’s head.

Also, beard and chest hair can be used as additional donor resources. Donor hair taken from the back of the head of the patient, alone or with other body hair for a part of the treatment, will give natural-looking results with appropriate planning and transplantation. Hair follicles taken from different donor areas with improper techniques can lead to serious consequences. However, excessive removal of grafts made by inexperienced surgeons can cause significant damage to the donor area. This can lead to a harsh result equivalent to baldness.

Inadequate Post-Surgical Care

After the hair transplantation procedure, you take good care of yourself is as important as the operation itself.

Bad hair transplants surgery your pursuit, your doctor gives you the following days as well as after-care instructions and will give you comprehensive information about post-operative treatment applied in the week. Some patients were observe to experience heavy crusting around the hair shaft. This is scratching or improper washing hair, graft survival, and may hurt the final result.


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In some cases, severe infections may occur due to poor hygiene conditions. The good news is that this form of permanent damage to the really great extent ‘reckless’ is causing it. Postoperatively to comply with hair washing instructions should gently apply , avoid exposure to the sun within the prescribe period or to avoid exercise that might cause sweating, satisfactory results are satisfactory in every respect is very important to achieve. Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly and recommendations to avoid post-operative complications. If you have any concerns, call your doctor without delay. Can FUE Hair Transplant Fail?

Not Being an Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplantation

Bad hair transplants can be a great procedure that alters people’s lives, but remember that everyone is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Before surgery, a detailed medical history and genetic information about the patient. Such as post-surgical and surgical procedures is a very important step to clarify the issues.

During the medical examination, your doctor will administer a variety of tests. Special procedures for assessing indicators such as the following; future effects of hair loss model, classification of hair loss, and hair loss is diagnose . Understanding these guiding factors will determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure to enter. Having spent a plantation process, the people that you probably will fail. Such a negative result can occur if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.

Fraud in Hair Transplant Clinics

As in every profession, unfortunately, all those working in the field of medicine is not always good and honest. Just like you do research on the doctor’s experience level . You must do research to assess the reliability of hair transplantation clinics. In the end, not after your money, you’ll want to proceed with a hair transplant doctor is honest. Only a hair transplant clinic you are interest  in the money, your health, your health and will not give importance to provide a satisfactory result plantation. On the other hand, a talented FUE hair transplant surgeon and staff will note your concerns and needs clearly. To get in touch with you during your medical examination instead of being around people who show even the slightest effort. You want to have a doctor you can trust and can talk to the staff.

During your examination, if you sense that something is lacking, do not hesitate to consider other options. Such unreliable clinics that give priority to their own commercial interests, stand out with ‘figures’ rather than quality. They promote themselves by stating that they will be transplanting a large number of grafts. In such a case where the hair transplant surgeons do not harvest the number of grafts that they initially had specifie. Should not be a problem you have to deal with. Naturally, as it not possible for you to count each graft that is extract , you may be unable to find out the exact number. For this reason the reputation of the doctor and clinic as well as patient reviews are highly important. You wouldn’t want to pour money down the drain or be deprive  of having a successful hair transplant outcome.


Here we will mention a matter of fact ‘failure’ is not. Bad hair transplants is only the first stage of the procedure, followed by the postoperative recovery phase begins. This is a process spread over a longer period. Some people, for hair regrowth process, is complete and that it faile to declare the operation without any luck tends to draw a conclusion hastily. Visibly see the results of hair transplantation can expect a period of 12 months or longer. Can sometimes be impatient or questioning the results. absolutely normal would like to see exceptional results in the shortest possible time. Before the procedure, consult your doctor or medical advisor waits on the plantation. Which results in the next month, which will help you avoid any misunderstandings.

Before moving to a hair transplantation procedure unless you pay very close attention to all these issues there is no need to worry. What matters is where you can find answers to your questions and find a hair transplant clinic and hair transplant specialist in producing successful results. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad