Bald Hair Transplant

Bald Hair Transplant

Bald Hair Transplant We can say that is an important bald hair transplant. The emotional aspects of living with hair loss are extremely difficult for both men and women. It is more common in men. Hair loss and baldness can be observed in women due to the fact that they are more stressful for obvious reasons. Hair is very important for people. It associates their sexuality with their beauty. When a woman starts to lose her hair, she feels bad. When men lose their hair, they no longer feel masculine. In some cases, the hair grows; However, there is always the possibility of having a permanent bald spot.

Although baldness is caused by age, environmental factors may also be one of the reasons. This causes a person to remain insecure in his own life, even though individuality is superior to everything else. So what’s the solution to this problem? The answer is bald hair transplant.

Are Hair Transplants Performed on Completely Bald People?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the nape of people with hair loss problem and baldness to the problem area. Hair transplantation is the only solution for people with intense hair loss to permanently regain their hair. The process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the hairy area of the person to the bald area for bald hair transplantation.


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Hair transplant operation is a preferred permanent method, especially because it gives natural and healthy hair results. In this application, grafts (hair follicles) taken from the donor area genetically coded not to shed are also used in transplantation to the hair, eyebrow, beard and moustache area.

In bald  hair transplantation, the first preferred area of the donor area where hair follicles will be taken is the side and back of the head. However, the choice of the rotating region varies in the hair transplantation process of someone who has completely lost his hair and there are certain conditions he must bear.

Negative aspects of Biofibre (Biofibre) hair transplantation method

  • In case of infection, if the original hair is present, it can also be damaged. The transplanted hair is synthetic, it is affected by high heat factors and undergoes deformation.
    • There is no elongation and shortening, the image change is very limited.
    • The success rate of the (Biofiber) hair transplant method has been investigated.

A success rate of 86% was achieved in 196 people who applied this method and no problem was observed.

In principle,  bald hair transplantation is beneficial if the cause of hair loss is genetic. Since this type of hair loss cannot be stopped with medication in the long term, for example; Hair loss caused by iron deficiency has a clear cause that can be eliminated.

For this reason, we recommend that you first find the exact reason for your reduced hair or the formation of your complete bald baldhead. Hereditary hair loss can also be very well recognized by the underlying symptoms. This hair loss starts with a slight receding line and then continues to travel towards the back of the head. Hair loss in some men can also appear on the back of the head.

When Should Hair Transplantation Be Done In Complete Hair Loss?

There are some issues depending on whether the bald head will be filled with a hair transplant. These issues;Adequate Donor Hair:

For hair transplantation, the donor area, graft or still bald recipient area can be transplanted using modern techniques. Also, the greater the baldness, the lower the chance. The more hair there is in the donor area, the higher the chance.

Course of Hair Loss:

A hair transplant is only possible if the future course of hair loss can be recognized. However, this usually occurs when there is a complete balding (baldness) condition. Therefore, hair transplantation on the head of very few people has been successful in this respect.

Medical Approval:

In the hair transplant process, medical control of the hair image is initially performed. Then, the doctor predicts whether the hair transplant is beneficial even though the hair is completely lost. If he agrees, decisions are made for a successful and promising operation. Also, if there is very little hair in the donor area, transplantation is not performed.


There are always certain risks in every operation. When hair transplantation is completely transplanted to a bald head, the hairs in the donor area are not tight enough anymore, causing gaps in the area to appear. Many bristles are required to cover all bald areas. The hair in the recipient area may be thin, but it can still be grasped and covered. However, as a patient, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with the entire bald head hair transplant.

Organic hair transplantation cannot be performed if the donor area cannot be found in the person’s own body, but there are different alternative ways. Biologically compatible with the skin and produced in a laboratory environment, the hair strands called bio fibre can be transplanted to the scalp in a short time to eliminate the problem of hair loss. These hair strands are synthetic fibers with a similar appearance to hair. Since it is made of inorganic material, an allergy test should be done first. Hair strands do not show lengthening and shortening.

Their sizes vary between 10-50 cm. In the Biofiber (Biofiber) hair transplantation method, the hair is transplanted into the skin one by one with a special needle. After it is placed on the scalp, a small knot is tied and the hair root is fixed. The negative aspects of the Biofibre (Biofiber) hair transplant method are as follows.


Whether hair loss is possible in hair transplantation depends on many different factors. First of all, your specialist should confirm that he / she expects a satisfactory result.

The most suitable donor area for people with complete hair loss is the chest area. In this area, the areas with dense hair are fed with vitamins and prepared for the root retrieval process. The size of the bald area and the inefficiency of the donor area reduce the success of hair transplantation. People who are completely bald should have more hair in the donor areas. If there is very little hair in this area, hair transplantation cannot be performed.

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