Beard Alopecia

Beard Alopecia

What is Alopecia Barbae?

Beard alopecia barbae can be defined as a condition that causes beard loss or hair loss in men. This disease, as annoying as hereditary hair loss, is an autoimmune disease and a type of hair loss that affects the beard area of men. Hair loss from alopecia barbae typically occurs in small gaps and can be uncomfortable in terms of physical appearance.

Men may notice that there is no facial hair on the chin line or neck or a gap in the beard. Alopecia barbae is a form of alopecia areata that affects a specific beard. It usually occurs suddenly and causes beard loss in small circular cavities.

Why Does Beard Fall Out?

The exact cause of male facial hair loss is still relatively unknown. But it can cause a lot of different beard or mustache loss problems. Skin diseases, hormonal imbalances, burns or accidents in general, or as blanks in the region of the face can cause loss of hair in the realization of the beard and mustache. Alopecia barbae is thought to result from genetic or hormonal factors, experts stress alopecia areata and alopecia barbae believe it could be triggered by external factors, such as welded or injury.


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Hair Loss Stages

Its beard loss could be just a natural cycle of hair growth outside of the above reasons. The beards on your face follow the anagen-catagen-telogen phase, just like hair loss. Because of this cycle, natural beard you could lose a lot. However, these hair follicles will lose forever. Your beard end of the cycle will repeat space.

Does Testosterone Deficiency Cause Beard Loss?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for encouraging the growth of beards among the roots. Healthy testosterone levels will promote hair growth in your body, including your facial hair. However, to have low testosterone levels, you always will have a sparse beard or beard does not mean that you will never grow. People with high testosterone levels mean that faster compared to the lower space of the beard.

What Causes Beard Loss?

Factors that cause hair loss can also affect beard loss in men. Besides hereditary factors, beard loss can also be caused by mental or external causes. Possible causes of beard loss can be listed as follows:

Hereditary causes, stress, poor diet, medicines, alcohol, chemicals.

What Should You Do If Your Beard Is Shedding?

If you are suffering from the loss of your business if you desire more bushy beard and whiskers, the beard I’ve listed some solutions that could prevent the loss for you: the loss of the beard there are many treatment methods to improve the medical or natural. Some people are waiting for the spontaneous autoimmune attack and stop regrowth of the hair, others seek alternative methods. Alopecia barbae treatment is the first step in early detection. If you’ve noticed your beard elongation rare spots or stains, it may be the first step in getting an appointment with a dermatologist expert in the field. How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?

Symptoms of Beard Alopecia

Hair loss can occur suddenly, within a few days or within a few weeks.

Bald patches form as small circular patches about a quarter in size. More hair spilled za these apartments will sometimes begin to overlap. These hairs around the patch may be white.

Before losing your hair, your skin may feel itchy and painful. Generally, the skin appears smooth but may feel stiff. Some people in the bald spot redness, irritation, and inflammation live.

Exclamation point hairs – which is narrower than the bottom feathers – sometimes grow in and around the bald areas.

Diagnosing Beard Alopecia

A doctor or dermatologist can put a beard alopecia diagnosis. Sometimes your hair loss and this can be done by looking at the sample under a microscope for your hair.

Autoimmune scalp to test for signs of infection or an underlying medical condition, including underlying disorder may need to take a blood test or biopsy. Such as fungal infections that can cause hair loss or thyroid disorders can be tested for other conditions.

Beard Alopecia Treatment Methods

There is no cure for alopecia barbae, but you can treat and manage your symptoms. With treatment, the hair can grow and remain again, but there is a possibility of shedding again. Several years may pass between relapses. It is also possible for your hair to partially grow back.

Your hair may grow as before, but there is potential for regrowth in a different color or texture. Sometimes it does not grow back.

There are varying results depending on the person of different treatments. This is how much your hair loss may depend on your age and other factors. The purpose of this treatment is to prevent the attack of the immune system and promoting hair growth. Generally, treatment is more effective if you have lost less than half of your hair.


Several different medications Corticosteroids are used to treat hair loss, including your beard. These are used to suppress the immune system, anti-inflammatory drugs. They are usually applied topically or are given as shots.

Minoxidil: This is a topical drug used for model baldness treatment. The medicine is applied to the affected area as a liquid or foam twice a day. Results may arise after three months of use. Difenpro: This medication is apply to the bald areas. Redness, swelling and itching, characterized in causing an allergic reaction. Therefore, to reduce inflammation in the skin and hair follicles to keep the immune system is thought to deceive active for sending white blood cells. Results may occur after three months of use.


This is usually a cream or ointment is use to treat psoriasis. The tar-like substance is apply once a day and allow the balding areas of several hours to 30 minutes. It stimulates hair growth by irritating the skin. Results appear within 8 to 12 weeks. Zinc and biotin supplements.

Following a healthy diet that includes vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth is important. Adding supplements to your diet can give you a boost of zinc and biotin, which can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Beard Transplant After 1 Week