Beard Transplant Before And After

Beard transplant before and after

Today, we can say that beard transplant is of great importance for a man. There are differences in our lives before and after beard transplant. Men who do not have enough beards and men who do not have a beard due to the wounds on their face make great efforts to grow their beards. At this point, we can say that men can prefer beard cultivation methods.

What is Beard Transplant?

For those who wonder what beard transplantation is, we want to talk about the curious details about the subject. Beards, which make a significant difference on people’s faces, are sometimes not at the desired level. Sometimes it is messy even though it has the desired density. As such, the appearance of the people is negatively affected by this situation.

In the beard transplantation process, the hairs taken from the dense parts of the beard of the people are transplanted to the sparse areas. Since the hair follicles of the people are used during the procedure, the result seems quite natural.


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Generally, hair follicles located on the cheekbones are used. The hair follicles in that area already disturb people and look bad. For this reason, unnecessary hairs are collected and planted in sparse areas.

The Beards You Have Dreamed Of

If the procedure you apply before the beard transplant is correct, it becomes possible to have the beard you have always dreamed of after the transplant. During the process, beards are placed on the face in such a way that we can say that even your barber you have visited for a long time cannot understand that a transplantation has been performed on your face. While the beards are transplanted, the hairs transplanted give you a very natural appearance thanks to the adjustment of the posture angles of the hairs on your face.

You Must Give Up Some Hair

We can say that you have to sacrifice them, since the hairs are taken from another part of your body for the transplantation process. At this point, hairs taken from your face can be used in the transplantation process, as well as hairs taken from the neck, back or side of the head. With beard transplant video type calls, you can watch the procedure live.

Before Beard Transplant

There may be a beard sparseness on the human face, and a beard may not grow due to wounds or burns on the face. Such problems lead to beard transplantation application. Beard cultivation starts from the age range of 20 to 22 when hormones are placed.

Beard transplantation and hair transplantation are different from each other; The reason is the beard differences according to the density from person to person. If there is a loss, the density of the beard in the vicinity is planned and harmonized with the surrounding hair. If the patient is completely beardless, ie the corner, it varies between 1500 and 3000 root transplantation according to the desired density.How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?

After Beard Transplant

After the procedure is completed, the area where beard transplantation is performed is seen as red due to coagulated blood. With the cleaning performed after 24 or 48 hours, the coagulated beards begin to be seen. Since the body will nourish the transplanted beard roots, blood flow occurs in the planted area.

The age range of men who want to have a beard transplant is generally different. The modern beard transplant procedure is applied to the area where local anesthesia will be applied. Thus, the person receiving treatment does not feel pain during the transplant. The aim of most men in our country to transplant beards is the social pressure on men who do not grow beard, and the trend of bearded men, which has attracted more attention from women and made men one step ahead.

The method similar to hair transplantation is currently performed with a different fee than hair transplantation. The reason is that beard roots are made with a tighter working area than hair follicles.

In fact, this method is referred to as facial hair transplant method; Because the hair transplantation is more like hair rather than a beard. These new beards take on the thick and hardening hair structure over time. Of course, regular and careful shaving strengthens the roots after the beard transplant and provides hardening in the form of a feather.

Planted Hair Will Fall Off After 2 Weeks

While the transplanted hairs fall off at the first stage, after 3 months after the process, the hairs will begin to grow back. In this way, you will start to have the bearded look you have always wanted. Also, you can consult your doctor and use painkillers during this period.

You May Need Permit From Your Job

The transplantation procedure is usually painless, painless and smooth with local anesthesia. In the process completed between 2 and 5 hours, you may need to take a day off from your workplace.

You Don’t Have To Settle Only With The Beard Area

We can say that beard transplantation has a certain level in terms of prices. At this point, let us remind you that you can also have transplantation procedures for eyebrow transplantation and burnt areas on your face. In these transactions, the prices can be lower than the beard.

The Result Can Increase Your Self-Confidence

Within the framework of the opinions of many people who have transplanted beards, we see that this operation increases confidence.

Calculating Roots Number

  • 350 to 500 roots for mustache
  • 600 to 700 roots for goatee
  • 300 to 700 roots for cheek beard

Although it can be said that the transplant should be performed, this situation always varies from patient to patient. You can contact us for beard transplant prices.Body Hair Transplant

It Really Works

You can look at many before and after photos about the transplant process. What you will see is that the method really works. You will see that even 2300 roots in the photographs are successful in providing the ideal appearance of some people.