Beard Transplant Before And After

Beard Transplant Before And After

Beard Transplant Before And After Hair loss has long been men’s greatest enemy. Regardless of the geography, culture, or genetics, more than half of the male population suffers from either sparseness of the hair or baldness. Before the development of technology, there was actually nothing to do about it. It was the person’s destiny, something he has to live with until the end of his life. However, things quite changed in the last century. Now, you have a solution to this annoying problem: a hair transplant. Hair transplants have become popular among patients who experienced severe hair loss in their lives. The surgery is easy, painless, and fairly affordable depending on your preferences.

There are several kinds of hair transplant methods you can choose according to the type of hair loss that you are facing with. Nevertheless, one of them is more standing than the others: FUE hair transplant. Comparing to the alternative methods which are the FUT and DHI, the FUE type of transplant is more comfortable and lasts shorter. Also, the price you have to pay is considered reasonable if you think about the results you will get after the surgery.

The main logic behind the FUE transplant is to benefit from your own hair to recover the sparse or completely bald areas. Therefore, it is a necessity for the patient to have at least a little bit of hair on his head to use for the process. Of course, there are many things to talk about this procedure. Thus, in this article, we will try to explain everything you need to know about it. But especially, beard transplant surgery will be our main focus. Can you get a hair transplant on your beard? What are some beard transplant before and after results? Let’s thoroughly discuss this issue.


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Aside from having some amount of hair to be used for the surgery, there are several conditions that decide whether you are an eligible patient for the process or not. For example, age is a factor that should not be overlooked. Many specialists suggest young patients wait until the end of their 20s. This is mostly because it is too early to determine what kind of hair loss the person is going through. Since choosing the right method is crucial for the favor of the outcome, we advise you to postpone your decision if you are in your early 20s.

Also, the nature of the head is another aspect that affects the result. If your hair tends to not grow hair in thinning areas, a hair transplant may not be the right solution for you. Therefore, before the surgery, the patient must see a dermatologist to get more detailed information about his hair. He/she will examine your scalp and probably instruct you to have a blood test to understand the structure of your body. Besides these necessities, any healthy person, regardless of gender, can have a hair transplant. What Is FUE Hair Transplant?


When talking about a hair transplant, many people directly assume that the head is the only suitable part for the surgery. Actually, this is a very wrong proposition. The patient can have a hair transplant for various places on the body. For instance, if you have sparse eyebrows, you can consult hair transplantation to get thicker ones. Besides the face, other parts such as the genitals or chest are convenient to have the surgery. Nevertheless, a particular kind of transplant is probably the most popular one after the head: beard transplant. Among the public, having a dense beard is an indicator of being more masculine. Therefore, many men who do not have noticeable beard want to have this surgery to get a filled appearance. 

Just like a regular hair transplant, beard transplants also use the hair on your body to dense the part you want. Most of the patients choose FUE hair transplant for the surgery since it is a more attentive process. One of the great features of this procedure is that you can go back to your daily life within a week! The specialists usually advise patients to take a day to rest after the surgery. After about 10 days, the patient will be able to start normally shaving and trimming the newly implanted beard. 

You may also be curious about its effectiveness and whether it has complications or not. Well, do not worry. Now we will dispel all your fears about this aspect of the procedure.


As we mentioned above, beard implants are quite popular among the public. Almost 95% of the patients are content with the outcome they get after the procedure. Within 3 or 4 months, your newly transplanted hairs will adjust and start to grow healthily. And about 8 to 9 months, you will have the ideal look you have long been dreaming of. Nevertheless, to achieve such results, there are several things you should pay attention to. After the surgery, it is of utmost importance that you must take good care of your body. The patient should not attempt some damaging activities such as swimming, smoking, or exposing the direct sunlight. Also, continuous contact with the transplanted area is not recommended. Therefore, you should not touch, rub or scratch your beard. After a few days, you will be more relaxed since your body will start to heal itself.  Beard Transplant After 1 Week


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It may seem difficult to make such a decision. Yet, the results of the procedure are quite reliable and thus, there is no need to be anxious about it. Beard implants are the only permanent option you can find to get the look you want. To relieve you of your fears, we advise you to talk with an experienced surgeon and get more information about the possible outcomes. Our website is at your service to give you the help you need. You can contact us 24/7 through our online help section or WhatsApp. We wish you a healthy day!