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Beard Transplant Our faces are important to us. People recognize and know us for our faces. So, we want it to look good. In order to change our appearance, we can do things like changing clothes, gaining or losing weight and more. However, when it comes to our faces, there are not many options. We can change our hairstyle, maybe put on some makeup or grow a beard. For some people, growing a beard may not be an option though. They may not be able to grow a beard for different reasons. For those people, we have a new solution now. With a beard transplant, any man can grow a beard healthily.

Who can Have a Beard Transplant?

Some men can suffer from a lack of beard on their faces. This issue may affect them in their daily lives. Wanting to grow a beard and not being able to do so may disappoint people nowadays when having a beard is like a trend. Men may not be able to grow a beard due to their genetics or hormonal issues. Also, their beard may not be complete, due to a scar or a burn, or it may be thinning. Those people, if they want, can have a beard transplant. It will enable them to have a natural and healthy beard. Also, it will affect the person’s mental health positively, if the issue has turned into insecurity.

In order to get a beard transplant, first of all, you should have enough hair to transplant. The specialists generally transplant the hair from the back of the scalp to the recipient area. However, if you do not have enough hair in this area, it is okay. Any other part of the body that has hair on it can be used as donor area. Also, just like all other cosmetic operations, you should have realistic expectations from the transplantation. Even though the transplants are most of the time successful, they are surgical operations, not magic. So, having unrealistic expectations may cause you to get disappointed. You can discuss with your specialist what you should expect from the operation.


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Is a Beard Transplant Painful?

Beard transplants are done under local anaesthesia. That means, you will be awake during the operation, but you will not feel any pain. If you are not comfortable with that, you can ask for sedation. Also, you should not forget that the transplantation is a surgical operation, so it will of course cause some discomfort. But do not worry, your specialist will prescribe you the necessary medications to minimize your discomfort.

How is a Beard Transplantation Done?

The basic logic of a beard transplant is to take follicles from a healthy area and transplant them into the place where the beard should be. Specialists use different techniques to take the follicles from the donor area for transplantation. We can say that the two main techniques for transplantation are FUE and FUT techniques.

The FUE technique is the most popular and successful one among the other techniques. During an FUE beard transplant procedure, the specialist transplants the follicles one by one. That enables the specialist to distribute the follicles evenly. However, transplanting the follicles individually takes some time. Yet still, people prefer this technique more than the others. The reason for that is, as there is no incision involved, the FUE procedure leaves no scars and heals faster.

The FUT technique requires an incision. From the back of the scalp, between the ears, the specialist needs to cut a strip of skin. Then, the specialist will extract the follicles from that strip, and transplant them. With this technique, the specialists can transplant more follicles at once. So, it takes less time than the FUE procedure. However, as the specialist has to make an incision, it leaves a scar and takes longer to heal.

There is also the DHI technique, which is relatively new. It has the same basics as the FUE technique. The specialists transplant the follicles one by one again. The difference is, it requires a certain tool that can both harvest and transplant the follicle. As it is a newer technique, there are few specialists that can perform a DHI beard transplant perfectly. So, we can say that the FUE technique is a safer option. Eyebrow Hair Implants and Surgery Prices

Postoperative Period of a Beard Transplant

After getting a beard transplant, you can go home immediately. You do not need to stay at the hospital for the night. Yet still, it might be nice to take a day off from the work to rest at home.

In a few days, you may see some crusts appear around the transplanted follicles. They generally flake off in the following days.

10 days after the operation, you can shave your beard normally. If you see that your transplanted beard is falling out, do not panic. After transplantations, this issue is common. They will grow back in the next cycle healthier and stronger.

As a beard transplant is a surgical operation, it comes with some side effects. After the operation, you may see swelling and/or redness in the operated area. Also, loss of sensation and feeling your skin is tightened are common side effects. Your specialist will prescribe you the necessary medications to handle those issues at home. If you recognize something is going wrong, do not hesitate to contact your specialist. 

To avoid causing complications, you should take care of the operated area well. You should avoid sun, dust, moisture and heat exposure for a while after having a beard transplant. Also, swimming in a pool or in the sea may cause infections. Likewise, touching or scratching the operated area can cause infections or damage the newly-transplanted follicles. So, if you want the procedure to be successful, you should be careful about the operated area for a while.

How much Does a Beard Transplant Cost?

Beard transplant costs depend on many things like the extent of the operation, the hospital, or the specialist. So, in order to get an exact number, you can contact us.

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