Before and After Mesotherapy

Before and After Mesotherapy

What is Mesotherapy?

Before and after mesotherapy , it is the application technique for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes.
In another aspect, usually in admixture with microinjection to the middle layer of the skin. The substances to be injected are selected in accordance with the person and his wishes.

Mesotherapy was first introduced in 1952 by Dr It is an aesthetic medical procedure applied by Michel Pistor. It is used in the treatment of skin renewal, anti-ageing, regional slimming, cellulite, cracks, spots, scars, hair treatment, chronic pain, sports injuries or various skin diseases. ItIt stimulates structures such as collagen and elastin under the skin and works like this. In this way, the blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and immune response in that area. I will explain some details before and after mesotherapy.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mesotherapy?

Temporary redness and bruising may occur at the injection site. It is normal to have temporary redness and bruising at the injection site. This is not a problem because the substances used do not enter the systemic circulation and these sudden effects disappear spontaneously within 1-2 days.


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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair The method that prevents hair loss in women and men is called mesotherapy. It also provides hair growth and can be preferred as a baldness treatment. It prevents hair loss by providing the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. On the scalp of people with hair problems.It is performed by injecting a liquid into the scalp. This method also speeds up cell metabolism, destroys infections. Increases the speed of blood circulation in the scalp. It also helps you regain long, strong, voluminous, and healthy hair by revitalizing hair follicles.

In the mesotherapy method, using very fine needles, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Other ingredients will strengthen for the tissue are inject  2-3 mm. It is usually apply 6 months after the hair transplantation procedure. In order to prevent future hair loss, new hair strands should be maintain and strengthen.
Genetic predisposition, environmental factors hormonal disorders, nutrition, and sleep disorders; causes hair breakage, loss, dullness and thinning are seen. The blood circulation of the hair follicles is increase with mesotherapy applications. Necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids are given to the hair.
Hair mesotherapy is a good method for hair loss. 4-10 sessions are perform  in weekly or two-week sessions depending on the patient’s problem.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

The process steps and stages apply  in hair mesotherapy treatment, which is perform only under the control and management of a doctor, are as follows:

1. Stage: Thermotherapy (Hot Therapy)

Thermotherapy is a simple treatment method that is use  independently of hair mesotherapy. However, it is apply before hair mesotherapy to increase the effect of mesotherapy. At this stage, a pre-ozonated liquid is evaporate and apply to the patient’s scalp. Thanks to this steam application, the scalp is soften. Thus, the drugs to be inject  under the skin during the treatment are more easily absorb  by the skin.

Stage 2: NPG

Various tools and devices are use  for the fast completion of the mesotherapy process. One of these devices is the mesotherapy gun. There are very small diameter needles attach to this gun. At the NPG stage, with the help of small needles attached to the mesotherapy gun, small holes are open  in the scalp and an intense bleeding is achieve. The scalp  in approximately 300 separate places. As a result of this process, a large number of pores are open in the scalp. Thus, the medicines that will be injected into the scalp with mesotherapy are facilitate  to fulfil their duties .Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment

Stage 3: MIC

The most important stage of hair mesotherapy treatment is the mic stage. The above-mention  special mixture of many medicines is inject into the scalp at this stage with a special needle. This process can be finish  with the help of computers or manually. It is to be more effective because of the equal distribution under the skin when it is finish with the computer.

Stage 4: Washing

After applying the mixture to the scalp, the hair is wash. Special lotions are use  in the washing process. Hair is dry  after washing and rinsing.

Step 5: Applying the A.S Cure

It is the last application phase of hair mesotherapy treatment. At this stage, a special cure, which also has some anesthetic effects, is apply  to the scalp, so that both the small-scale wounds cause by the piercing process with needles are quickly heal, and the scalp is protect from external factors and infections.

What are the Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy, What Does It Do?

Hair mesotherapy has dozens of known benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows: It prevents hair loss and regresses. It provides thicker and healthier hair as it nourishes the hair follicles. Thanks to mesotherapy performed after hair transplantation, it enables the planted roots to grow and grow healthier.

Delays the genetic factor of hair loss a little bit. Provides the hair to reach a brighter and fuller structure. Enables new hair to grow in the areas where the cells are not completely dead. That is, in the areas that are still alive. It enables weak and thin hair to regain vitality, thus growing and thickening in a healthy way.

What Should Be Consider  After Hair Mesotherapy?

One of the things to be consider  after hair is not to take a bath for only 6 hours. Apart from this, there is no important issue to be consider.

When Does Hair Mesotherapy Show Its Effect?

This treatment, of course, is not a process that shows its effect immediately. In order for the patient to see a visible positive effect, at least 1-1.5 months must pass. The final result can be seen after the number of sessions determined by the doctor is over, which can sometimes take between 4-6 months.

Hair mesotherapy is especially effective for women; because most of the hair loss seen in women is not due to genetic origin. But due to various diseases or disorders. Hair treatment can be apply  against the problem of hair thinning in women. In order to remove hair with mesotherapy, there must be a sign of vitality in the scalp.

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