Hair thinning is also caused by factors such as some environmental factors, stress and hormonal disorders, as in other hair problems. Today, the best for thinning hair is stronger with the treatment methods made thanks to the developing technology. Whether the hair is thick or thin is related to the hair follicles. Hair root structure is a genetic factor that cannot be changed. Just as we cannot change our eye color, hair follicles do not change like our eye color. However, a problem arises when people start to examine the hair to fall out more than the natural sheet structure. When this happens, it means that there are problems with your hair.

Hair loss or weakening of the hair is one of the problems that can be experienced due to effects such as drugs used by people, stress, hair care products that are not suitable for the hair structure. Hair thinning is a problem that is often confused with hair loss. In this process, the best for thinning hair is one of the problems that can be experienced due to effects such as hair care products. Hair thinning is a problem that is often confused with hair loss. It is best for thinning hair. There are also cases where thinning of the hair causes hair loss over time. Shedding between 80-100 wires per day is normal.

Solutions for Thinning Hair

The problem of the best for thinning hair is the first factor that is effective in hair loss. Hair tissue in the human body is a living tissue that needs to be fed. Damage to this tissue, which gives vitality to your hair, over time causes hair thinning. That’s why it happens over time. Thus, the sparse hair starts to fall out after a certain period of time. Hair loss is not a problem as long as your hair grows back in a healthy way and the normal shedding process of your hair is not interrupted. However, despite all this, daily hair loss is permanent in many people. People may experience fear due to the anxiety that hair loss will cause baldness.


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Causes of Thinning Hair

Best for thinning hair is needed to strengthen it again. However, this requires some time and patience. In this process, it pays attention to the nutritional habits of people as much as the importance they give to hair care. There are multiple factors that affect the thinning of your hair strands. Irregular and inadequate nutrition habits, age, exposure of hair to excessive heat, genetic factors are the leading factors. Not getting enough folic acid, iron and minerals in your diet, excessive fatigue and stress are among the factors that affect the thinning of hair. Straightening your hair frequently involves hot processes such as curling irons, highlights and perms. It causes thinning by disrupting the structure of the hair.

Controlling the Medicines Used: It tests the loss of your hair due to the medicines you use. Because there are many drugs that can cause hair loss. The possible side effects of the supplements used in addition to your current medications are definitely checked.

Reducing Stress: By removing stress from your life, it benefits both your body and your hair. Keeping a diary, doing yoga, exercising are among the factors that reduce stress. Daily exercises also grow healthy hair. It is also an important factor in terms of activating blood circulation, which helps to promote it.

Control Hormones: Imbalances in hormones are one of the leading problems of hair thinning. In particular, thyroid disease is most common in women.
Helpful Foods: researches what to eat and what not to eat if you are having problems with thinning hair.

Treatment Methods for Thinning Hair

For thinning hair, the best protection of your health can occur both in thinning hair and in our hair. Thanks to the trichological method, it makes it possible to prevent hair loss problems. It is necessary to nourish the hair from the inside as well as the external interventions to be made on your hair. Nutrients and vitamins necessary for the hair to be healthy are also taken into the body. Natural products are always used for your thinning hair.

Do not constantly dye your hair, drink 2 liters of water per day, and pay attention to issues such as a healthy, adequate and balanced diet. No matter how small these situations are, they are a huge factor in thinning your hair. Comb your hair with combs made of horsehair. In this way, damage to the hair can be prevented.

Treatment methods for Hair

It is best for thinning hair and the use of conditioner is also important. For your thinning hair, you should prefer shampoo and conditioner containing Biotin. Depending on your hair type, the choice of shampoo and conditioner is an important detail. Vitamin B in biotin makes hair, skin and nails stronger. According to studies, both consuming foods containing biotin and biotin in hair products strengthen weak hair. It is quite successful.

Among the foods that are best for thinning hair, they are dark green, rich in iron, such as salmon, meat, cabbage, lentils, and spinach. Leafy vegetables are consumed. Foods rich in vitamin C such as red pepper, kiwi and broccoli are consumed. Foods rich in A such as zucchini, sweet potato and cabbage are consumed. Egg yolk containing biotin is consumed. Zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds and chickpeas are essential vitamins for strong hair. If hair thinning is experienced, products such as wheat, milk, corn, soy are avoided if they cause allergies to the body. In addition, it is necessary to stay away from additives, sugar, processed foods and beverages, alcohol and caffeine consumption, and trans fatty acids containing preservatives.

Natural Care Recommendations for Thinning Hair

Hair Care with Natural Oils

Rosemary is considered one of the most important oils in terms of increasing hair thickness and growth. Rosemary oil is thought to promote hair growth and increase cellular metabolism.

Indian Hyacinth oil accelerates hair growth and even slows down the graying process of hair.
Sage and peppermint essential oil are also recommended to promote hair growth.
3-4 drops of rosemary, mint and sage essential oils are mixed into one tablespoon each of olive or coconut oil. The prepared mixture is applied by gently massaging the scalp once or twice a day.

Coconut Milk to Strengthen Thinning Hair

Best for thinning hair Coconut milk nourishes, strengthens and increases hair growth. It is also useful for restoring your thinned hair, especially with the problem of dandruff, to its former health. On the other hand, dandruff may not be a problem, but if there is thinning or shedding due to other reasons, coconut milk is still used. Natural oils are added to the coconut milk according to your needs. For example, if your hair is dry or needs more moisture, olive oil is added, and if you have hair loss, grape seed oil and jojoba oil are added together.

Protein Rich Hair Care Mask

The best for thinning hair are the harsh chemicals in the hair products you use for your hair. This is due to many environmental factors such as continuous heat applications or air pollution. It breaks down protein, which is the building block of hair, best for thinning hair. In this case, the hair becomes more fragile, dry, neglected and thinned. What needs to be done at this point is to replace the protein lost by the hair.

The materials required for the protein-rich hair mask, which is easy to make and apply, are 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Application; Mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl until they get a smooth consistency. After applying the mixture you prepared to all your hair, it is left for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your hair with cold water. Then it is washed with the shampoo and conditioner you use regularly. It is used at most 2 times a week. If your hair is oily, do not use this mask. The mask is not kept on the hair for more than 20 minutes.

Hair Moisturizing Mask

Dry, very cold or hot weather conditions that are best for thinning hair cause the scalp to dry and the hair strands to fray. In addition, it can cause hair loss. In addition, your dry hair splits, swells and becomes thinner over time. With the hair masks you will make, it can strengthen your hair while moisturizing it. If your hair is extremely dry, irritated scalp and thinning hair, honey is a natural moisturizer. At the same time, honey helps to heal your hair with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It adds a natural oil to the honey, such as coconut oil, avocado oil or almond oil.

The protein ratio in avocado and almond helps to strengthen the hair. Take two teaspoons of the oils you want to use and put them in a clean container. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Mix it well and it is mixed by heating it for a few seconds in a bain-marie method on the stove. The mixture you have prepared is applied to your scalp and all your hair. The mixture is kept in your hair for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then rinse with warm water and clean with the shampoo you use regularly.

Mask for New Hair Growth

It is important to strengthen your existing hair strands for your thinning hair. It promotes new hair growth. Natural oils encourage the growth of new hair. Oils such as rosemary and nettle are widely used. Apart from these, one of the most used is castor oil. Castor oil not only promotes new hair growth, but also moisturizes and strengthens your hair strands. It is preferred both to limit the loss of your hair and to ensure new hair growth. Combine 3 tablespoons of castor oil with 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Oil is applied to your scalp with your fingertips. It is started after the prepared oil is fed to the scalp thoroughly. It is best observed for thinning hair.

This is preferred to further increase blood circulation. With your fingertips, the scalp is slowly massaged in circular motions. Then, this oil mixture is applied to the other side of the hair. Put a shower cap on your hair and it is left in this way overnight. In the morning, rinse your hair very well and then it is washed normally.

Best Tips for Thinning Hair

Best for thinning hair Use Your Dry Shampoo in Different Ways. Because your dry shampoo can be activated to make your hair look fuller. Dry shampoos contain powder. Thus, by increasing the friction between the hair strands, it helps the hair to look voluminous without electrification.
Throw Crepe in Your Hair. It is gently creped with a fine-tipped comb towards the roots of your hair. Then, the hair in front of the crepe is camouflaged by combing it towards the back. It can make your hair look more voluminous with crepes made in its own right.

Try Cutting Your Hair Short. Bob and lob models are among the models that give a very lush and healthy appearance, as they align the ends of the hair.
Use a Ceramic Brush When Drying Your Hair. It is best for thinning hair to actually use ceramic brushes that prevent frizz to add volume. It is known that you can achieve the look you want in a short time when you fix it from the bottom with the help of a ceramic brush and dry it upwards.

Darken the Roots of Your Hair. Having dark roots makes your hair appear thicker than it is. Permanent ombre is done. You can leave your hair roots in their own color and try the tones that open towards the ends. For thinning hair, it is best to temporarily apply a few shades of dark shadow from your hair color to your hair roots with a wide eyeshadow brush.

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