The best hair loss treatment is hair transplantation. Although it varies according to your hair loss style and you, if you have a hair loss problem, the only sure and permanent solution is hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Factors

Hair transplantation is a technical model that can be applied to people over the age of 22 who experience hair loss genetically and with successful results. It is possible to talk about successful results of hair transplantation up to 99%, even reaching 100% in some experiences. Medical and technical education is now much more successful and it is possible to have more hair transplants. Every day, new steps are taken in the future applications of medicine and technical education. Those who cannot have a hair transplant or who do not trust the use of a hair transplant planner should not undergo current surgeries. There is the best hair loss treatment available.

For those who are concerned about bald areas on the head and around, we recommend the best hair loss treatment, namely transplantation treatment. The hair center examines your test structure, gives information about body measurements and the appropriate method, and also gives detailed information about the transplantation process. There are many methods of hair transplantation and you can get results that can be used with the right procedure.


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Hair Transplant Result

No results can be obtained immediately after the treatment. You have to act right during this period. It notifies you and the center informs you about the subject. After the process, the completion process begins and must be completed completely for full efficiency. Reviews are not done after a short check. In this way, the doctor cannot help you much after the procedure. You can contact the centers to see the results of your hair transplant. There are many factors in hair transplantation;

App pricing
Applied method. DHI, FUE (sapphire, percutaneous, organic)
The number of grafts in your hair
Additional applications (PRP, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, needle-free comfort anesthesia)

There are some points to be considered after hair transplantation. Do not intervene for the next 3 days. Change your sleeping environment in this way, too. Swimming in the pool or sea should be avoided. You need to protect your hair for up to two months. It is estimated that the decrease in hair transplantation efficiency of people who consume tobacco and alcohol is due to their use. If you work in a heavy-duty workplace, take a break after the procedure. You can also go to your doctor’s website and check what the best hair loss treatment process is, and you can get rid of your prejudices in a short time with surgery.

Basic Information About Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation can be considered in two categories created by Fut and fue, (DHI, Uniqeq, Sapphire, Percutaneous) methods. If the patient has a disease (HIV, hepatitis, etc.) before the operation, the test is performed. If the disease test is negative, the person is transferred. The most important purpose of this application is to integrate lifeless, balding and strong hair and to achieve successful results. In this world, 99% of people planted among people achieve success.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

It is successful up to 100% when applied by an expert.

Who is hair transplantation for?

Anyone who has hair loss over the age of 22 and has hair in the donor area can have a hair transplant.

Does the hair transplanted with the hair transplant method fall out?

The strongest donor hair is used for hair transplantation. These hair extensions by an expert guarantee 100% durability.

Will my hair transplant work be damaged?

The best hair loss treatment surgery does not cause pain or suffering due to local anesthesia.

Is there an age for hair transplantation?

There is no age limit for hair transplantation. It is not recommended for small age hair transplantation.

How Many Days Do I Have To Stay For Hair Transplant?

Two days is enough. On the second day, after you explain the management of the transplanted hair and the hair washing process, the doctor’s treatment ends. Centers are available everywhere due to the increasing acceleration of hair transplantation procedures, which have gained momentum since 2010. Hair transplantation is something that will be used for survival, not to lose your hair and to fight. This happened to those who stopped getting more hair transplants. It may change with the introduction of long hair transplantation method in 2015 by making more effective use of FUE technology. Currently, the center is very limited, but long hair transplants can be performed using FUE technology. The best hair loss treatment is preferred.

Fue hair transplant application is as long as it is used in a normal transplant. The only difference between long-term transplantation is that the hair transplantation method is applied before the hair transplantation process. You can use it as an opportunity for your users, especially with the long hair transplant method used. Choose your doctor well to apply this method as a long hair strand. It is known internationally as Long Hair Fuel Technology. Normal hair transplantation is different and time consuming, so it needs to be more reliable, skilled and knowledgeable. This method is difficult to use, so better selectors are made to create the whole in a more limited space. The best hair loss treatment is the priority.

How Long Hair Transplantation Is Done

Trichotillomania and baldness are common and common in areas where hair is planted on the right and left corners of the forehead, which is widely used among people. Usually, the first baldness experienced in this way is experienced in the upper part of the hair. For this reason, it is used in long planting methods especially for people who are sparsely populated in this region. After extraction, an average of 500 to 1000 grafts are taken from the coded roots in the nape region without shedding for life. This is because there is no equipment, additional exercises are needed, and the exercises are difficult. The best hair loss treatment is observed.

After the person is worn out, it can return to normal when the job is done. It would be a lie if we say that the traces of the situation are not clear and no one can hold your hair. With the long hair transplant method, you need to think a little more about very long distances, very long distances and other long distances.

What are the Benefits of Long Hair Transplantation?

You don’t have to cut your hair short. After hair transplantation, a red, scratch-free head image is not seen. Adapt instantly to social networks. Watch the moment your hair grows. So you don’t have to wait a year.

Of course, these apply in this article. As a result, they are people who live business life and social life. They may have planned on going too short to fight Zero 3 before, and daring a haircut can be overwhelming. This can be. People who do unusual things with their hair are everyday makeups. Long hair transplantation completely eliminated these concerns. There are the best hair loss treatment alternatives. The hair is fake. Thinning and loss of hair is caused by stress and self-confidence. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgery that is in high demand not only in Turkey but also all over the world. Hair transplantation is done where healthy hair is found and taken.

What Should Be Considered During the Hair Transplant Process

The first thing to consider is to consult a suitable doctor. The best hair loss treatment is determined. If you use a usage app that doesn’t have enough expertise, it can be a bad holiday from the start. Hair horn transplantation is also very important for hair transplantation applications. With this type of hair transplantation, the hair can grow upright. This creates an unnatural look. He said that solid equipment was added during the hair transplant. During this process, the hair may not grow back in that area due to root damage. This is definitely an undesirable result. You humiliate a small thing to plan your town. There are three common methods used for hair transplantation. These are called FUT, FUE and DHI.

FUT (hair root unit transplantation)

The FUT hair transplant method is a system that uses the hair transplant method of the 1930s. Covering the details of the microscopic separation of hair in the area from the non-banded area. It is sewn after strip removal.

FUE (hair root unit extraction)

FUE hair transplantation method is one of the most preferred applications for hair transplantation studies. It is planted to grow in the donor area and grows and grows individually, not as blocks. These applications are provided by Millimeter Analysis. Rendering with the FUE method will improve the animation. It is also less noticeable than the FUT method.

DHI (direct hair transplant)

The cuts designed for hair transplantation can be called micro-FUE for advertising purposes. If it is only 1 mm or less, use a stapler to remove individual hairs from the donor area.

Process After Hair Transplantation

If the FUE method is preferred, hair transplantation is applied. It is the best hair loss treatment steps. This is important for increased skin protective measures. To make a good contribution will be something that can contribute well to this opportunity. Do not wash your hair for 3 days after transplantation. It’s perfectly normal for the skin to have little red, non-hostile sores. There is nothing to worry about. The crust heals quickly. But for permanent use, you should consult a comprehensive doctor, as it may interfere with the use of the system. The best hair loss treatment is applied.

In the first six processes after hair transplantation (not every person gives the same result), new weakenings appear and replace them. The best hair loss treatment stages are included. At this stage, care should be taken to apply chemicals such as spray and gel to the hair. You should also keep them out of the pool and avoid getting too much water on your hair. Most of the transplanted hair comes out 6-9 months after the application. Her own hair was planted, planted the way this season was practiced, and her hair was used as a way to do that, but often in a simple way. There is a hair transplant method, this is an example of a question from my hair transplant. It is suitable for the right size of hair transplantation and you can give it much more comfortably.

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