Best Hair Plant In Turkey

Best Hair Plant In Turkey

So you are probably considering doing something about your Hair Loss and want the Best Hair Plant in Turkey or you are just curious about the Topic. Everyone that has even been at a Turkish airport will see lots of short shaved heads. Most of them also wear a black sweatband on their head. you might have wondered what is going on. Well in case you did not know yet, Turkey is the number 1 destination in the world for Hair Planting. So the next questions arise why Turkey?

Before answering this we will explain a bit about the history and how you can see if a clinic is good. At the end of this blog we will also answer the main question which is on your mind. But before doing this lets see how this all started and why every day hundreds op people go to Turkey to have their Hair restored.

Why Turkey for Best Hair Plant in Turkey?

So how did this all start? For those of you who don’t know this Turkey has been a country with very good doctors for many decades. Many global citizens have been coming to Turkey for aesthetic treatments. Such treatments are very diverse such as nose corrections, teeth implants or eye corrections.


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But approximately in 2012 it was one sector that gained amazing popularity. This sector is the Hair Transplant sector which has become one of the leading sectors in aesthetical operation in Turkey. But what happened in 2008 that made this happen? It was the Turkish government that decided to invest in this sector. The Turkish Government invested actively in this sector. This has given the sector a big boost ever since.

History of Best Hair Plant in Turkey

So in was in 2008 that Turkey really made a big jump in this the world of Hair Plants. But what is very interesting for you to know is that there were a few aspect coming together. The success came from a few different factors. Because of the exchange rate benefits it was much cheaper for many westerners  to do a Hair Implant in Turkey. In most European countries and Americas you would easily pay 3 or 4 times more. But what really made things go really fast was the quality of the work. Hair Implants were before known for looking unnatural. Clinics in Istanbul fine-tuned the work and developed new methods which all helped in achieving better results.

Developments of  new techniques for better resulting

The first method that you have heard of is probably the FUT. But what does this mean? It means Follicular Unit Transplantation. Yes a bit of a difficult word. But don’t worry we will explain further. Have you ever seen a big scar on the back of a person’s head? This is a FUT scar. What they do basically is the following. They cut a piece out of the head and then get the hairs out of this piece. In the last part of this method the hairs also known as grafts are implanted in the zone were the person has lost hair. This is a very invasive method and there is very few clinics who perform this method in Turkey.

FUE method

The FUE is at the moment the most applied method in Turkey. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. In simple words this means that the hairs also referred to as grafts are extracted one 1 by one. This has many benefits It is possible to extract more grafts because of the larger extraction zone. Another major advantage is that is no scarring as is this case with FUT methods. The grafts are extracted with the help of a micromotor. Result of FUE are really impressive since with a well done FUE the result look very natural. It is also the most preferred method in term of numbers of people who prefer this method.Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

DHI Method

Another method which has been gaining popularity in the last 3 to 4 years is DHI. What does it stand for you wonder. It means Direct Hair Implantation. we will explain further. The way the grafts are taken out is done in the same way as with the FUE method. So with DHI there won’t be a scar either. There is just one major difference. This the following. With FUE the specialist will first open channels and then implant the grafts one by one by support staff. With DHI the grafts are first put in a special pen. The pen has various names but is most referred to as an Choi Implanter or DHI implanter. The implanter has a hollow sharp tip were the grafts are placed in. The specialist will implant the grafts with 1 single movement in your bald area.Do Hair Transplants Last?

What to look for when determining the Best Hair Plant in Turkey Clinic?

So since we have been coming to the end of this blog you might by now be wondering what you should know about a Clinic. There is actually many aspects and our spcecialist Medical Advisor team is always at your service to explain you in more detail. But some of our main  focusses will certainly help you along the way in your research.

The first aspect you should verify is weather a Clinic is a holder of International Quality Certificates such ISO and JCI. Why are these important you probably think. Well you should now forget that it is a Medical Procedure that you are considering. You should want to be sure about level of hygiene and quality of staff hired who will be treating you. So always check on these certificates.

Another big misconception you might have is the matter of a private clinic being better than a clinic in a hospital. Although this may be the case in European countries or the United states you should well inform yourself on this topic. You should make an distinction between privately owned hospital and state owned hospitals in Turkey. Privately owned hospital outperform a privately owned clinic and state hospital in many ways.

Finally you should check the before and after results of the clinic carefully. Have a good look at your own hair type and hair style. Do you see reference with certain people in the shared results. This will give you a very clear indication on what you may expect as a result.

Why TecniFUE International should be on your top list for Best Hair Implant in Turkey

We at TecniFUE International really have taken Hair Transplants to a new level for you. You will not only enjoy our warm service but will experience a tremendous level of experience that is available. We have several unique innovations to our credit. Should wish to know more on this topic or have any other questions feel free to get in touch with us. The easiest way is to simply start a WhatsApp chat or just leave your details and we will get back to you. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Continue reading our other related blogs below.