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The best hair restoration places have a few common features. These clinics are usually meticulous places that work with professional equipment. Not all hair transplant centers have these features. In order to get the best service in hair restoration, the experience and references of the specialist are also important. In the best hair restoration service, treatment is provided with the right applications according to the complaint.

The same technique is not applied for mild hair loss with the hair transplantation technique used for those with advanced hair loss. It is not right to leave the choice of the method used to the patient. That’s why at the best hair restoration centers:

Patient complaints and history are carefully analyzed,
It is investigated whether there is an underlying disease of hair loss,
Hair loss type and diagnosis are determined,
The amount of hair transplantation required for treatment is determined,
The patient is clearly informed about the process and the result,
It is checked whether the patient is ready for the hair restoration process,
Hair restoration is done meticulously and care recommendations are given,


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After hair transplantation, patient follow-up and control continues

The best hair transplant result is definitely seen after 6 months. 6 months after the hair transplantation, the completion of the sparseness in proportion to the amount of new hair production of the surviving living cells is the proof of a successful and good hair restoration. Using hair transplantation techniques before experiencing baldness gives more successful results. The smaller the area to be transplanted, the easier and less costly the procedure will be.

Best Time for Hair Restoration for Hair Loss

The best time for hair transplant in hair loss is the interval recommended by experts. In cases where hair loss has just begun, experts sometimes state that the best transplant time is to start immediately or to wait for a while. Here, the stages of hair follicles are expected for hair transplantation. Sometimes experts make an appointment for a later date to measure the speed of hair loss. It would be a wise choice to make the best hair transplant time decision in hair transplantation with expert advice.

In cases of baldness, it may sometimes require several sessions for the best hair restoration

The specialist doctor recommends several sessions instead of a single session according to the size of the restoration area in order to get the best efficiency in this regard. Delaying the application of hair transplant over the years causes different needs to develop in order to get the best result. Therefore, when hair loss begins, it is important to be examined for the best time for hair restoration.

In order to get the best results after hair transplant, it is important not to use hats or chemical shampoos. That’s why it’s valuable to get timing and advice on hair loss. In the first two weeks after hair transplantation, full recovery is seen in the epidermis skin layer. However, the healing process continues in the lower skin layers. In this process, being under the supervision of a doctor makes a great contribution.

The best time for hair transplant in hair loss is the period that does not affect the recovery period after treatment. The first two weeks after hair transplantation, that is, hair restoration, are considered as the sensitive period. During this period, it is important that the cells are not damaged. Since sweating in very hot weather will cause clogging in the cell pores, the best transplant time for hair loss is non-sweating weather.

Best Hair Transplant by Hair Loss

It is necessary to choose the best hair restoration program according to hair loss. The type of hair loss affects the hair transplant technique. For this reason, the type and diagnosis of hair loss is provided in the preliminary examination. Depending on the diagnosis made, the best hair transplant technique is selected. Sometimes additional blood tests are required at the doctor’s recommendation.

In Androgenetic Alopecia, which is generally known as male pattern hair loss, hair loss is caused by disruption of hormone balances. Hair transplantation techniques are easily applied for this type of hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is not only seen in men, it is also common in women. In some cases, hair restoration is required for ringworm disease (Alopecia Ariata), which is among the types of hair loss. Hair restoration is the best solution in cases where treatment cannot be achieved.

The best hair transplant method for Alopecia Totalis, an immune system disease as the cause of baldness, is early intervention. In this disorder of unknown cause, the body’s immune system perceives its own hair cells as an enemy and attacks it, and quickly moves towards baldness. It is tried to be treated with both drug support and hair restoration.

Hair restoration provides support with good results in female pattern hair loss. In this disease, which is mostly seen in women, it is possible to benefit from many different techniques for hair transplantation. In delayed cases, hair transplantation techniques are limited. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist without delay in female pattern hair loss.

Best Hair Restoration in Baldness

In baldness, the best hair transplantmethod is preferred as FUT. In some cases, doctors recommend PRP in addition to the FUT method. And in cases requiring sparse or small amount of hair transplantation, hair restoration is completed with FUE or DHI, while FUT hair transplantation provides the best results when too many hair cells such as 5000 units are needed. And in some cases, it is necessary to use mesotherapy or medication in addition to FUT hair transplantation.

It is possible to get the best hair transplant results in baldness. However, compared to other techniques, invisible traces remain. These scars are located on the back of the head, where the hair is first supplied as thin strips for hair restoration. Hair restoration success in baldness is not different from regional spills. However, if male pattern hair loss is present, hair transplant is supported with hormone medication or injections.

The best hair transplant is achieved with the cooperation of the patient and the doctor

Especially for hair transplantation area after hair restoration;

Being attentive to the patient’s personal care,
Protecting the region from external factors,
Ensuring hygiene with products with appropriate content,
Not disrupting the controls,
Regular use of drugs given in addition to treatment,
Especially in the early period of hair transplantation, not to carry bacteria and microbes by hand,
It is effective that the hair transplantation area is not damaged by a hat and comb.

There are some conditions that affect the success of hair transplantation in baldness. Some patients inadvertently interfere with the hair restoration area by scratching, combing or palpating during the post-treatment period. In such cases, the restoration area is adversely affected, although not always.

Best Hair Restoration for Women

In addition to choosing the right method to get the best hair transplant results in women, it is possible for them to adapt more quickly after the treatment process because they have long hair. There is no special hair transplantation method for female pattern hair loss. Any hair restoration technique can be applied.

Apart from female pattern hair loss, ringworm in women is also very common. In the treatment of ringworm disease of unknown cause, sometimes regional hair loss is experienced. In such cases, the best hair restoration solution would be FUE or DHI. After hair transplantation, protective measures are taken to prevent ringworm in a different place.

It is helpful to listen to the doctor’s recommendations for the best hair restoration. Among the additional applications that will provide more efficiency from the result of hair transplantation, vitamin supplementation, hormonal regulation, mesotherapy, PRP application may be considered appropriate. Some patients object on the grounds that vitamin intake causes weight gain. However, it is quite reasonable for some bodies to take vitamin supplements for the development of new cells.

Best Hair Restoration for Correcting Faulty Hair Transplantation

FUE or DHI options are the best hair restoration method for correcting faulty hair transplantation. When the hair transplant is large, the experience requirement increases. In such cases, it is not possible to get the best aesthetic hair transplant result in some specialists. The best hair transplant methods for recovery are FUE and DHI methods, which allow single cell hair transplantation to correct the structure that disrupts the aesthetic appearance.

Implementation of the wrong method in hair transplantation techniques may cause an aesthetically asymmetrical appearance. In such cases, it is essential to correct the errors with hair restoration. Disproportionate spaces between hair cells are repaired by individual hair transplantation. FUT method is one of the methods in which faulty hair transplantation is seen. A thick and unappealing appearance may occur on the skin harvested as a thick strip. This hair restoration error, which is also related to experience, is resolved in line with the patient’s request. In order to achieve the best hair transplant result, it would be wiser to work with a specialist clinic first.

Another problem in incorrect hair transplantation is that the restoration timing is incorrect. Errors due to poor follow-up of the development of hair follicles and the lack of correct appointment or control intervals for the patient also affect the hair transplant result. Although hair transplant correction does not pose a risk to health, it causes visual discomfort for the patient.

Best Hair Restoration Places

Especially in Istanbul, it is possible to see a few hair transplant centers in the immediate neighborhood. One wonders what to look for in order to find the best hair transplant places. Everyone deserves good service. The increase in the number of hair transplant centers makes it difficult to decide. Here are some success criteria and tips for hair restoration:

Check the specialist doctor and environment by visiting the clinic,
Learn the techniques used and their expertise,
Avoid those who make an appointment for hair restoration right away without a diagnosis,
How much attention is paid to hygiene rules is important in the health sector,
Remember that very low and very high prices are not a criterion for the success of the hair transplant service.
Do research on the internet about the clinic, examine the complaints.

It is not always necessary to visit the clinic to find the best hair transplant places

A lot of information can be found on the Internet. However, it is essential to take time to find the best hair transplant center. It is extremely important that the patient communicates with the doctor in a healthy way, applies his recommendations and trusts him. A patient who is suspicious and distrustful of his doctor will have difficulty in getting efficiency regardless of the sector. For this reason, the doctor has the right to choose the patient as much as the patient has the opportunity to choose a doctor.

The best specialist is not always a guarantee of the best service. The oldest hair transplant specialist is not considered the most experienced specialist. For this reason, communication between the patient and the doctor is more important in order to get the best service. When choosing among hair restoration places in Istanbul, it would be an illusion to work with the lowest-priced hair transplant center or to think that the highest-priced clinic is better.

For the best hair transplant center, sometimes just talking to the admissions staff is enough. Clean hair transplant clinics, which provide a sense of trust and receive positive comments, are among the institutions that take their work seriously.

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