Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey A problem whose solution has been desired for thousands of years: hair loss. The oldest known solution for hair loss problem was discovered 3500 years ago in Egypt. The modern era of hair transplant era began in the late 1950s and continues today. Hair loss seems inevitable in humans’ life. Today, doctors can take thousands of hair grafts with the FUE technique and apply natural, incomprehensibly frequent hair. The most decisive points in this regard are the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s hair density in the donor area. With the proper conditions, healthy hair is not just a dream, it becomes a reality thanks to a hair transplant.

Hair transplantation is a surgery area in which Turkey expert, clinics cooperate with hotels so their foreign clients can stay for reasonable prices. But do not presume that hair transplantation is for the rich, as many think that it is for celebs. On the contrary, hair transplantation surgeries are quite reachable and common. Innovations and improvements made it possible. You can see your bald boss today and with long hair tomorrow. Transplantation is now something we advise our relatives, the topic we gossip about among our friends. We talk about before-afters we have observed and the famous doctors, clinics in that area. As we do for other purposes, we also recommend doctors to each other. We care about hygiene and want to guarantee the result, that’s why we need to search for the details. 

In Turkey, you can find several clinics on the streets but how will you make sure it is the best hair transplant in Turkey? As a clinic, we provide you information about everything you want.


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FUE Hair Transplant

There are different ways to apply hair transplant. In any way, the hair transplantation will be permanent. But what differs them is mostly their early results which are caused by the way of application. If you are an anxious person, we recommend FUE hair transplant, which refers to follicular unit extraction. The reason failure rate is quite low in this method. FUE hair transplant is one of the oldest methods so doctors have got used to applying this one. If you trust your doctor, that information may also help relieve your dreads. The FUE hair transplant technique has been successfully applied for a long time and is a well-known and accepted operation. People who want to get hair transplantation prefer the FUE technique as they seek quality and excellence. Because patients do not want to take any risks regarding their appearance. 

In FUE hair transplant, the recovery process lasts shorter when compared to other techniques. 2-3 days is enough for the scalp to heal. Moreover, the patients report no incision and pain after the process. That feature also makes FUE hair transplant advantageous for the ones who hesitate to have it because of their fear. And the density you reach will be higher than you expect, than the hair you had when young. Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

Is FUE Hair Transplant Effective?

The answer is yes. If FUE hair transplantation weren’t effective, no one would demand it and none of the doctors would put effort. The doctor’s work is not easy; he has to concentrate to serve his patient with the best treatment. The doctor works only on the hair follicles without taking tissue in the area where the grafts are. He tries not to cause any incisions or stitches in the area where he takes the hair. Abrasions with a diameter of less than 1.00 mm occur only in the donor area. These close and heal within a few days without leaving a scar. With this method, the grafts taken from the nape area are used in hair transplantation as well as in mustache, eyebrow, and beard transplantation. 

Another advantage is, in FUE hair transplant, the example hair doesn’t have to be from the scalp. Grafts can be from any hairy area; even arm hair can be used. So even if you are bald, you can have the procedure successfully. 

How to Wash Hair after FUE Hair Transplant?

You can shorten the healing process by applying hair care yourself at home. Patients can wash their hair 3 days after the operation. You should wash your hair with the special lotion and shampoo provided. You can apply a light massage while washing the hair, but you should not massage the donor area. Hair should be washed once a day for an average of 10 days. You should wash the hair carefully with very smooth movements during washing, and you should not damage the hair area. You can start using the hairdryer as cold blowing after 5 days. Do not use sprays for 15 days. Do not dye your hair for 3 months. You can see hair loss symptoms after 2-4 weeks, but this hair starts to grow healthier after some time. With the recommended shampoo, wash the neck area with normal washing movements. Shampoo the area with gentle movements. 

When you complete all these washing movements, you can rinse it for a long time. At the end of 10 days, when the crusts disappear, you can wash your hair with your shampoo and again with your rhythm. Comb your hair carefully after drying it naturally. If you need to use a hairdryer, you can use it with cold air after 5 days. If you need to work in a dirty environment for the first 3 days, be sure to wear a hat. It will be better to wear a cap that is adjustable from the back. It would be very healthy if you do these with extreme care and, if possible, with help from another person after hair transplantation. The first hair wash is important. The transplanted hair should not move. Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

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