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Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey Hair transplantation is the most common treatment method known today to be the definitive solution to hair loss or thinning problems. Hair loss is more common in men, usually due to hair density. However, this problem is a problem not only for men but also for women.

The most widely used and definitive method in hair transplantation is the FUE method. However, there are other methods previously used. With today’s developing technology, old ways have been replaced by the FUE technique. However, other methods can be preferred according to the patient’s complaint and expectation.

Hair transplantation is a highly preferred method in Turkey. The best experts should be researched before hair transplantation, and the expert should answer all questions in mind. You can contact our clinic for the best result.


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Hair Transplantation

Hair loss; it can occur as a result of various factors such as aging, genetics, or disease, and accident. Aesthetic operations performed for people with hair loss and aiming to regrow hair healthily and naturally are called hair transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery is much simpler than other types of aesthetics and has a much higher success rate. For people who undergo this operation, it is less weary, and the recovery process is more comfortable. What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles, which are generally very resistant to shedding, taken from the chest, arms, legs, and especially the nape of the body, to the area with hair deficiency by the medical method.

Hair transplant techniques

In hair transplantation; FUE methods that do not leave a scar or FUT methods that can go a slight scar on the neck are successfully applied. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted into the missing areas, while in the FUT method, a skin line containing hair is removed from the neck.

The person undergoing hair transplantation should have healthy hair on the head and sides to be used as a donor area. Other factors such as hair color, hardness, wavy, and bushy also affect the result of the procedure to be performed.

The method to be preferred is decided together after hair and scalp analysis, considering the priorities of the person. Although the FUE method, which does not leave any traces, is preferred, it may be necessary to apply the technique in some cases.

Hair transplantation can be applied not only for baldness but also to increase hair density in thinned areas.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

The procedures performed in a quality hair transplant center give incredibly successful results. Most hair transplant center in Turkey, Istanbul is also available. Later, big cities such as Ankara and Izmir follow the ranking.

The best hair transplant doctors in terms of quality are located in Istanbul and Ankara. Many hair transplant specialists perform hair transplantation under suitable conditions in contracted hospitals. Good Hair Transplant In Turkey

It is not possible to determine the best hair transplant center. The clinic to be determined by the patient who will have hair transplantation is the best clinic.

The candidate who will undergo hair transplantation must have a face-to-face meeting with the doctor who is an expert in the field after choosing the specialist who will show the best result for him.

After the interview, if the patient thinks that the result will not occur as he wants, and if he cannot adopt the vision of the specialist doctor, he should continue the search for another specialist.

For a better result or information, you can contact our clinic and start a meeting with our specialist doctors.

When choosing a hair transplant center

It is the expectation of the patient from this procedure that should be taken into consideration when performing hair transplantation. In line with the expectation of the patient, he searches for the most suitable doctor for himself. Other factors that are important in hair transplantation come to the fore in the direction of finding the doctor.

Hygiene and references of the clinic are essential in hair transplant operations. Before deciding for health, it is necessary to talk to the hair transplant center.

After the specialist doctor is selected, the patient must share his / her expectations with the doctor. The expert doctor should present the image that the patient will reach healthily in line with the patient’s wishes. If the patient is satisfied, the operation is performed in cooperation.

The best operation results occur in cooperation with the patient and the doctor. If the doctor does not meet the patient’s expectation or produces a result that is much different than expected, the patient will not be satisfied. Or in another case, if the patient does not follow the doctor’s recommendations, he/she cannot positively get the expected result.

Celebrities who have a hair transplant

Another factor that patients pay attention to after finding the best hair transplant in Turkey center is who prefers these centers. Or before after images of previous patients.

Today, everyone accepts hair transplant operation as a simple but effective surgical operation. Hair transplantation is an operation that completely changes the external appearance of the person, rejuvenates the person, and provides psychological happiness.

Many famous people, who are always in mind, prefer hair transplantation to avoid aging, to challenge the years. While some share this information openly, others do not.

Among the celebrities who prefer hair transplantation in Turkey; Names such as Oğuzhan Koç, Mustafa Ceceli, Yalın, Acun Ilıcalı, Murat Boz, Tamer Karadağlı, Fikret Kuşkan, Hakan Yılmaz, Şevket Çoruh, Yılmaz Erdoğan, Arda Kural, Mustafa Sandal, Cihan Ünal, Cenk Tosun, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Tardu Flordun, Arda Kural, Turabi, Oktay Kaynarca, Ali Aksöz, VJ Bülent, Uğur Arslan, Emre Karayel, Tarkan, Gökhan Özen, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Yıldırım Öcek, Ahmet Saraçoğlu has.

Among the celebrities who prefer hair transplantation around the world; There are names like Al Pacino, John Travolta, Jude Law, Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Martin, Hugh Laurie, Edward Norton, Robbie Williams, Enrique Iglesias, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, Elton John, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Arnold, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage.

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey 2021

Because hair directly affects the general appearance of people. People with hair loss lose their self-confidence and exclude themselves from social situations. The only and permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation increases people’s self-confidence, and they feel better with their youthful appearance.

For example, people with hair loss look older than other people and do not look aesthetically beautiful. Hair transplantation has been developed to eliminate these problems of people and has been helping people with its technology that has been growing every day for the last 50 years.

Hair transplantation is a procedure performed with one’s hair follicles. Generally, these hair follicles are taken from the neck or upper ear hair areas. Because the hair follicles in these areas are the strongest, and it is hair that is permanent throughout the life of a person.

In hair transplantation, the roots to be transplanted are selected from healthy and strong sources that are not likely to fall out. People who experience openings and thinning due to hair loss can use this method.

Hair transplantation can be done not only in bald people but also in people with fine hair and people with mild hair loss. With hair transplantation, people get stronger and healthier hair in 12-18 months than before.

Who can have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be done not only in bald people but also in people with fine hair and people with mild hair loss. With hair transplantation, people get stronger and healthier hair in 12-18 months than before. It is an operation that can be applied immediately if there is no obstacle in the tests and analyzes performed before hair transplantation. Hair analysis is performed before the hair transplant operation.

Hair transplantation can be applied to diabetic patients. Therefore, hair transplantation can be applied to male and female patients who have hair loss problems regardless of gender.

What should be done before hair transplantation?

There are some issues to be considered before the hair transplant operation. It would be best if you stopped using the medication until 15 days before the hair transplant operation. If you are taking medicines for any disease, you should tell your doctor about the medication you use. Otherwise, problems may occur during surgery.

If you are doing sports, you should stop your sports one week before hair transplantation. Because it increases the risk of bleeding during hair transplantation as it thinks your blood and accelerates its flow while doing sports. Likewise, sexual intercourse should be suspended. In summary, activities that leave the person breathless should be avoided one week before the hair transplant.

Finally, you should not consume cigarette, alcohol, coffee and caffeine products until two days before the hair transplant operation. You can call or visit our clinic for more detailed information.

How should the hair transplant clinic be?

One of the most critical issues in hair transplantation is a clinic. Today, there are many hair transplant clinics. There is a great rivalry between the hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Because of this competition, prices are very variable. Turkey Hair Transplantation Clinics

Many clinics perform hair transplants with poor results at low prices. You should pay attention to such clinics. You can lose all your hair by going to these clinics.

The experience and expertise of the doctors in the clinic you are going to are significant. For example, thanks to the experienced and specialist doctors in our clinic, we provide our patients with an excellent experience.

In some hair transplant centers, it is imperative to do thorough research on the hair transplant center to be transplanted in order not to fall into the trap of money. FUE Hair Transplant Reviews Turkey

Things to be considered in a clinic can be listed as follows; The clinic must be hygienic, and it is paramount to have an equipped operating room. It would help if you researched clinics that use patient sensitivity and do not charge more than the deserved price and offer a realistic price with accurate graft count. You can get more detailed information by contacting our clinic on this subject.

Best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Turkey As mentioned, there are many hair transplant clinic. And because of the competition, various marketing techniques are applied. And because of these marketing techniques, most people who want to have a hair transplant lose their hair. That’s why you should choose a clinic that you trust and research well.

Our clinic can apply the hair and hair type of your dreams to you, thanks to the expert and experienced doctors. Thanks to the hair analysis performed before hair transplantation, you can get detailed information from our doctors and get detailed information about which hair transplant technique and how many grafts will be used from our clinic. Before coming to our clinic, you can examine the experiences and expertise of our doctors. You can look at the hair transplant operations they have done before.

You can also have a hair transplant to look younger. Do not forget that many famous artists today have a more youthful appearance by having a hair transplant. You can call our clinic for more detailed information. Best hair transplant in Turkey 2021