Best Rated Hair Transplant Turkey

Best Rated Hair Transplant Turkey

Best Rated Hair Transplant Turkey After a person decides to have a hair transplant, he begins to prepare himself physically and psychologically for the operation. In this process, the person usually tries to find the best hair transplant center by obtaining more detailed information about hair transplantation. You can contact our clinic so that we can help you better.

Since the selected hair transplant center will directly affect the success of the operation, we recommend that comprehensive research be undertaken and not to be rushed.

Hair transplantation has three stages. Since the preparation, operation, and post-operation process will have different dynamics, their requirements will also be other.


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Many factors affect the success of the treatment from the beginning to the end of the treatment. For this reason, meticulous care and attention should be paid to all stages of a hair transplant procedure.

Although a technically successful operation has been performed, obtaining the best results is possible with the care taken by the patient and following the rules after hair transplantation. At this stage, the importance of patient and doctor cooperation is critical while achieving a good result.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey

That there are many clinics for hair transplantation in Turkey. However, what is essential at this point is what the patient is dreaming of. The patient should choose the best specialist doctor who will bring him to the imaginary appearance in his head. You can apply to our clinic for more detailed information on this subject. Experts in their field will better guide you.

The price of hair transplantation is determined according to the size of the area to be transplanted, the techniques to be used, the city or location where the clinic is located, the training of the specialist doctor, the size of the team to work in operation. For this reason, it is not possible to determine the exact price for hair transplantation.

Best rated hair transplant Turkey, every clinic has unique customers and a target audience. For this reason, it is not possible to determine the best clinic or best-rated hair transplant.

Best rated hair transplant Turkey

Best rated hair transplant Turkey, every clinic has unique customers and a target audience. For this reason, it is not possible to determine the best clinic or best-rated hair transplant.


Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey

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Not every clinic with a high price can guarantee a good result, and there is no such thing as bad hair transplant results in clinics with low prices.

For this reason, the price or the experts in it are not the determining factors to determine the best-rated hair transplant Turkey. To choose the best clinic, the wishes of the patient should be taken into account.

The patient should carefully search the clinics and specialists who will meet his / her wishes. He should not be in a hurry, investigate everything necessary, have all the information to be obtained about before and after the operation.

Then they should arrange a meeting with an expert according to their wishes. If not, the person should continue to search for the best clinic until there are no questions left in mind with another specialist.

FUE hair transplant

Before FUE hair transplantation, the hair of the person in the donor area to be taken is shortened to 1 mm in the clinic. Hair removal from the donor area begins after hair shortening.

Before starting the process, the area to be transplanted and the donor area where hair will be taken are numbed with local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not applied during this method. Besides, any surgical procedure is not included in the scope of the technique.

The donor region is usually defined as the nape of the back of both ears. Apart from hair transplantation, if transplantation procedures such as mustache or beard are considered, this should be reported to the healthcare professional because the number of hair follicles and tissue pieces (grafts) in the donor area is limited.

After local anesthesia is applied, the micro-motor tip is brought towards the exit direction of the hair shaft to take the hair root, and the hair follicle is separated from the skin. After the necessary amount of grafts are taken, hair transplantation is performed in the desired area with the same method.

Recovery after FUE hair transplant

One day rest is recommended after FUE, and the next day the patient can go to work. Transplanted hair grows from the 3rd month, and it takes an average of 9 months for the whole to grow.

Two days after the procedure, patients come to the center for the first washing and dressing. It is recommended to rest for the early two days after the procedure. On the 2nd day, the bandages are removed, and the first wash is done.

After that, daily life can be returned. From the first washing to the last wash, it is obvious that hair transplantation is done in a period of 7-10 days. Scabs are seen.

After the last wash, the sowing symptoms disappear entirely. Then the hair is expected to grow.

Today, many hair transplant specialists now prefer a motorized system to save time. Thanks to the FUE Engine, grafts can be taken at more frequent intervals, and compared to the same amount of field scanning, more grafts can be removed from the field taken with the motor.

Another advantage of the FUE Motor is that the rate of breaking down grafts with multiple roots, i.e. 2-3 and 4 roots, is less, in other words, the success of the follicular unit to preserve its integrity is higher.

For these reasons, it can be said that hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation thanks to the FUE Engine.

Who cannot have hair transplantation?

Although the best-rated hair transplant Turkey is selected, there are some situations where hair transplantation cannot be performed.

Hair transplantation is not performed for those who do not have enough hair in the donor area, those with malignant or benign tumors, especially those with blood diseases that insufficient coagulation factors, those with acute or chronic infections, those with Alopecia Areata disease, and those under the age of 18.

The reason for the 18-age limit; Since the growth is not complete, it is not clear how much of the hair will be lost. For this reason, the area to be transplanted is not known.

You can contact our clinic to get more detailed results about hair transplantation.