Bio Hair Solution Review

Bio Hair Solution Review

Today we will discuss the issue of bio hair solution review. After the hair transplant operation, your doctor will have a number of requests from you, one of which is the use of lotion after hair transplantation. It is essential to soften the scalp by using this lotion before washing the hair. Lotion is indispensable after hair transplantation and is recommended by many hair transplant specialists. The task of this lotion is removed in a short time and gives the scalp a normal appearance. The hair lotion has an extremely good content and has many benefits. These hair products, which have been used for many years, are not complete by everyone.

Benefits of Hair Solution to Hair Transplantation

Bio hair solution review has the following benefits:

It moisturizes the scalp that will be washed every day and does not allow it to dry.
Provides the renewal of the surface protective layer of the scalp. The hair solution refreshes the scalp dispersed beyond the hair transplant. It deals with the transplanted donor area and bleeding. Hair solution helps the skin to repair itself with hair transplantation, thus helping to quickly remove scab after transplantation. The hair solution softens the scalp and allows scabs to come out. It allows the head to breathe comfortably and finally removes the pinkness of the scalp rapidly and returns the scalp to its normal color.


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How Many Days Should Hair Solution Be Used After Hair Transplantation?

For those who ask the time, let’s express it immediately. There is no exact figure for its duration, but we recommend applying this lotion for an average of 15 days. Before each wash, apply this lotion and wait for 30 minutes, then wash your hair by pressing. In the first fifteen days, you should pay attention to this, there is no normal washing and a light wash by pressing. After 15 days, you can leave the lotion and wash your hair normally with your shampoo. Some hair transplant centers may have different suggestions for the duration and use of this product. Each doctor has his own method, we cannot say this is wrong.

Where Should Hair Solution Be Used, Where Should It Be Applied?

When we did a bio hair soliton review, we found that there was confusion about where the solution should be used.Let’s make this subject clear. Hair solution should be applied to both the hair transplantation area and the donor area. Because it awaits renewal, destroyed in two regions. For rapid recovery, this lotion should be applied gently to both areas and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, hair removal rules should be followed. As you wash it every day, you will witness that your shells will shed quickly. What Is Bio FUE Hair Transplant?

How to Apply this hair solution?

When we did a bio hair soliton review we also found that there was confusion about how the solution should be applied. Now we will talk about how to apply the hair solution.

  • Thanks to the solution, you will moisturize the scalp that will be washed every day. This way, you can prevent your scalp from drying out. It cares for the hair transplantation area and also the donor area.
  • solution helps to repair the skin and helps to remove crusts faster.
  • solution is known to have scars rescuers. However, the main purpose of using it during washing during washing in hair transplantation is to soften the scabs and to shed more easily during washing rather than healing the wounds.
  • The use of solution after hair transplantation is preferred as a supportive for two purposes. But the softening of other crusts is not another word.
  • After the preparation phase, you are ready for the washing after hair transplantation.
  • Pour a little solution recommended by your doctor between your fingers.
  • Then touch the area with your fingers.
  • The important thing at this stage is that the lotion is poured abundantly.
  • But do not make gestures in the form of hands.
  • Apply your lotion to all the transplanted hair follicles by making soft touches.
  • Make sure that the lotion is white and densely covered the hair follicles.
  • In this way, wait for a period of 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Hair Washing Stage

Washing the hair after hair transplantation constitutes the 3rd stage. Hair follicles that are kept with the solution soften and become ready to wash. In the first stage, the excess part of the solution can be taken with the help of a soft paper napkin or towel only by lightly touching it. You can follow these steps for this washing phase:

  • Set the temperature of the water.
  • Also, be careful that the water does not flow too fast.
  • Gently pour the water over your hair.
  • After making sure that the excess of the solution is gone, take your shampoo in your hand and foam.
  • Touch your foamed hand lightly and touch your head.
  • Continue this process slowly until the hair follicles get enough foam.
  • Make sure that the foam can pass into the roots of your hair with very light finger movements.
  • Then rinse your hair.
  • You can repeat the washing process of this hair twice.

Hair Drying After Washing

The last stage of the washing process after hair transplantation is drying of the hair. This drying process can be done with the help of hair dryers or a soft towel. It is recommended not to leave the hair follicles wet after washing. Two methods can be used for this. These methods can be listed as follows:

  • Drying with a Soft Towel: A soft towel is placed on your rinsed hair and pulled again. However, at this stage, absolutely no rubbing movements are made. With the help of a soft towel, place your towel in your palm for drying and gently press and pull out until your transplanted hair is dehydrated. Continue to do this until the excess water in your hair follicles is removed.
  • Drying with Dryer: You can also choose a hair dryer to dry your hair. However, in this case, there are some points to be considered. You should run your hair dryer at minimum level. This machine should be used at the lowest temperature. In addition, it should be kept at a distance of 30 centimeters from your hair follicles. Even if the drying phase of the hair takes a long time, you can dry your hair without damaging the roots. Best Reviews Hair Transplant Turkey