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Bio Hair Transplant

Bio Hair Transplant

Bio Hair Transplantation, produced from biological fibers compatible with the body, provides the most effective solution for those who do not have enough hair for transplantation or those who want to have natural looking hair practically on the same day. Hair transplantation is one of the most effective methods we apply for you if you have baldness problem.

Classically, we transfer the hair follicles from the area we call donor area for hair transplantation to the bald area. However, in some cases, people with baldness may not have a donor area to provide this transplant. In this case, people have to try out useless wigs and similar materials or continue their lives bald even if they do not want to.

Bio hair transplantation gives people who do not have an existing donor area but are looking for a cure for baldness, a very practical application.


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What is Bio Hair Transplant?

Bio is a safe and effective application that helps to solve the baldness problem with the latest technology. If you do not have enough hair follicles for hair transplantation in your body, the hair transplantation process with high quality fiber content, produced in accordance with the biological structure, is just for you. It provides an aesthetic solution to men and women who suffer from baldness for any reason and therefore feel incomplete psychologically or physically.

In bio hair transplantation, we knot the artificial fiber textured hair under the skin with the help of a special device. In a short time, the body grasps the transplanted hair fibers and prevents them from coming out easily. The hair we transplant is not damaged by physical pressure such as combing or pulling. It creates an image like your own natural hair.

CE and FDA approved hair that we use in bio hair transplantation is quickly accepted by the subcutaneous tissue. It does not cause any harm to the body. You can make the most suitable choice for your natural hair structure in Bio hair transplantation, which has alternatives in different length, color and hair structure. When you have bio hair transplantation, you do not need to have your hair cut, the transplanted hair does not grow. You can comb and shape the hair created by Bio hair transplantation, which has a resistant structure.

Advantages of Bio Hair Transplantation

  • You can have natural looking, full hair in a few hours.
  • There are alternatives that we offer in different forms such as long or short, straight, wavy or curly.
  • You can return to your social life immediately after bio hair transplantation.
  • You can start doing sports, exercising by protecting the area for a few weeks.
  • There is no different procedure you can do for hair care after bio hair transplantation.
  • It is the most effective alternative for people who do not have enough hair follicles for hair transplantation.
  • It has no harm to your body, it is a fact that it is produced from biological fibers.

Bio Hair Transplant Application

Before bio hair transplantation, we choose the color and length according to the preference of the person. We apply anesthetic cream to the area. With a special device developed for bio hair transplantation, we place the individually selected fibrous hair follicles in the area devoid of hair. The device enters under the skin like a hook and knots the hair into the scalp. You will not feel any pain during the procedure where 800 to 1500 hair follicles can be transplanted in a single session.

After Bio Hair Transplantation

After the bio hair transplant application, you can switch to your social life. In order for the subcutaneous to accept and fully adhere, the person needs to protect the transplantation area for a few weeks.

It is illegal to provide price information in public places based on the decision taken by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, we welcome you to our clinic to get information about Bio Hair Transplant prices. What Is Bio Fue Hair Transplant?

Complications of Bio Fiber Hair Transplantation

Although bio hair transplant procedures have been developed since the first time they were applied, there is a problem that we cannot change and constitutes the main source of the problem;

This is when the body defines this hair as a foreign substance.

In natural hair transplantation, the person’s body sees that the tissue belongs to him and thus does not cause an immune and rejection reaction. Another important point in biological hair transplantation is the suture channel formed in the area where the bio-hair transplantation cannot heal. The fact that this channel is always open poses problems. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria and microbes. This causes the body to create continuous immune responses, inflammation and inevitably infection to occur.

Does Artificial Hair Transplant Look Like Natural Hair?

Although it is actually difficult to answer this with certainty, we can state the following:

Bio hair transplantation, which offers a relatively more acceptable appearance when first done, cannot maintain this appearance later. The reason for this is, of course, that it is not produced from a natural human structure. Artificial hair will deteriorate from the first year due to dullness. For this reason, it is necessary to renew these hairs to preserve their natural appearance.

This situation seems to be related to the budget. When infectious conditions come into play, they can cause irreversible problems. Can I Use Hair Fibers After Hair Transplant?

BIO or Hair Transplant?

When it comes to synthetic hair transplantation, the question that comes to mind is whether it is better to have a hair transplant or is it bio?

Although they seem like similar methods, there are differences. First of all, bio is not an alternative to hair transplantation. We use the Bio method for people who do not have enough donor area to have hair transplantation.


As a result, artificial hair transplantation seems like a hope for those who have no other alternative. Those who will undergo this operation take all the risks mentioned above. We can say that this method is not a permanent alternative.

Hair cloning may be another method that people with hair loss problems have hope in other than bio hair alternative. The most preferred method is the FUE method.