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Biofibre Hair Transplant Side Effects

Biofibre Hair Transplant Side Effects

What is Biofibre hair transplant?

Biofibre Hair Transplant Side Effects You can find what you want with this article from biofibre hair transplant to the biofibre hair transplant side effects. Having healthy and bushy hair is one of the greatest wishes of both women and men. But; Hair loss and weakening of hair follicles is a common problem. Hair transplant treatments help ensure solutions to hair loss and hair problems. For this reason, Biofibre technology emerged as an aid to donor area deficiency or to provide a vibrant hair appearance.

This synthetic product, called Biofibre, is placed into the scalp one by one with the help of a special needle, which is an easier procedure than hair transplantation. It can be offered as a solution for those who do not have a hair root that can be taken on the neck or body. this article will be able to help you find the answers you are looking for.

Candidates Suitable for Biofibre Hair Transplantation

It can be applied to patients who have health problems, who do not have enough hair follicles in their neck or body. This method, which is known as artificial hair transplantation, is mostly referred to as bio fiber today.


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How Is Artificial Hair Transplantation Performed?

It is the implantation of synthetic fibers of 15-45 centimeters in the scalp, which are shaped as hair. Since the material used has a propylene structure, the possibility of rejection by the body is low. Biofibre fork-like special needle is inserted into the skin of a single hair. It is easier than hair transplantation because the material to be transplanted is ready. We can call this method under various names such as synthetic hair transplantation, artificial hair transplantation, and artificial hair transplantation. It is done by implanting artificial hair fibers with different lengths and colors, not their own hair follicles, to the area where the hair will be transplanted. The application has an allergy risk. For this reason, the patient should be tested beforehand.

Doctors make small hair transplants at one-week intervals to understand how the patient will physically react to the procedure.Complete sowing is performed when the patient’s body does not react at all during this period. Transplantation is performed with regional anesthesia and an implantation pen. It can be washed and combed just like natural hair. However, doctors do not recommend hairdressing procedures as hot weather and chemicals can damage its structure.

Biofibre hair transplantation side effects, these are;

  • Every year, 5-10% of hair can be shed as a result of comb and similar shrinkage.
  • It can cause inflammation-like reactions and pimples from the bottom.
  • The body can reject the roots, in such a case, all of them must be removed.
  • Very bad-looking pits may occur when removed for rejection.
  • It looks like hair but cannot be like hair.
  • When hot air is given, it can permanently change shape, curl or even burn.
  • Over time, the surface may lose its shine and become dull and harden.
  • Scars and infection may occur within the implanted areas.
  • Bleeding is uncommon within the scalp. If it happens, it lasts for little hours.
  • Itching and small wounds may occur on the skin after the operation.
  • When the prosthesis is worn like hair, it cannot be changed.
  • These are called biofibre hair transplant side effects.

In the artificial hair transplantation process, the body realizes that the hair does not belong to it and activates the immune system. Channels, where artificial hair is transplanted, cannot be healed. The channel always remains open and becomes an ideal space for both bacteria and germs. Also, Do not worry about the biofibre hair transplant side effects. Fue Hair Transplant Scabs

What are the advantages?

Perfect for those looking for instant results, Biofibre hair transplantation does not need any extension time. Because the fibers are long, you can have the length, style, and color you want right after the procedure. Similarly, you don’t need a donor area for a Biofibre hair transplant, the latter can leave a fine scar. The ability to provide the patient with psychological comfort in a short time is a valuable advantage. It has more advantages than biofibre hair transplant side effects

Who can prefer Biofibre hair transplantation?

This method can be used in people whose hair has been lost completely or who have regional shedding. In addition, you must be over the age of 18 for the procedure. The length of biofiber hair can be in different shapes including straight, curly, and wavy.

Is Biofibre hair transplant a painful operation?

Patients do not feel any pain during the procedure because the doctors anesthetize them.

How long will the Biofibre hair last?

Afterward the hair transplant, regular Biofibre Hair Care is very significant. You can use this well for up to 7 to 8 years if you protect and care for your new hair.

Does artificial hair transplant look like natural hair?

Bio fiber hair transplantation, which offers a relatively more acceptable appearance when first done, cannot maintain its appearance later. The reason for this is, of course, that it is not made from a natural human structure. Artificial hair becomes dull and deteriorates from the first year. For this reason, these hairs may need to be renewed to maintain their natural appearance. Does The Hair Look Natural After An FUE Hair Transplant?

Biofibre hair care

  • Biofibre hair does not grow due to its constitution, there is no need to cut.
  • You should not expose biofibre hair to excessive heat and chemicals.
  • You can easily wash your hair.
  • It does not cause any difficulty in scanning.

Scab after biofibre hair transplantation

A scab after hair transplantation is a layer like a scab that occurs in all skin injuries.  It occurs with blood and secretions. There is no harm, but if the microbe grows under the shell, the inflammation can progress to the root and kill the roots. Since clinics are afraid of inflammation on the scalp, they prescribe antibiotics for prevention. You should clean with suitable cleaning solutions. The products to be used for washing after hair transplantation should have the following properties. It should also be easy to apply and easy to clean. It should soften the shells quickly and well. To reduce the biofibre hair transplant side effects, you need to apply them well.

If you want to get information about biofibre hair transplantation and the biofibre hair transplant side effects, you can contact us.