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Black Female Hair Transplant Before And After

Black Female Hair Transplant Before And After

Black female hair transplant before and after  is one of the conditions that many people demand application today. When will the results of hair transplantation be determined? The answer to this question is different for both sexes, as hair growth and thickening are a process related to hormones. It takes more time to get the results of hair transplantation applied to female patients than male patients. One month after the procedure, all hair falls out and new hair starts to grow more frequently in a period of 2 months. This period is a few more weeks for women. After about 5 months, all the hair grows.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Results

There are more than one reason why hair transplantation results differ. All kinds of information that should be known about these reasons are explained to the patient by the physician during the examination and after the procedure.

Application qualities

Hair transplantation results vary from individual to individual according to the rate of application of these described. The care taken by the physician to the hair follicles and the entire procedure during the application also affects the result.


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Anatomical Features

At the same time, the anatomical structure of the patient creates a significant differentiation on the result of the procedure. The effect of anatomical factors is stronger than all other effects. During the examination, the physician addresses these anatomical factors one by one and acts accordingly while planning the treatment. Particular attention to treatment planning is the direction of the patient’s hair.

Hair Features

Each patient has a specific direction of hair placement. Attention is paid to its aspects due to many reasons such as the easier adaptation of the hair when it is transplanted and the more aesthetic appearance while growing.

Application Features

The hair with the necessary attention to their directions makes the result of the hair transplantation process different from individual to individual. This is one of the physician-induced effects. The physician cannot be 100% compatible with each application. However, he always strives to do his best.

Genetic Features

When the physician treats everyone the same, the results are not obtained at the same standards by everyone. One of the reasons for this is genetic structure. The same is true here as some people’s speed of wound repair is different from others. There is a proteinal similarity between wound healing and hair growth rate. The reason for this similarity is the production and repair power of the body. The faster the body repairs the wound, the faster it accepts and lengthens the transplanted hair compared to other people. African American Hair Transplant Before And After

Placement of Roots

While placing the hair, taking care of its roots also affects this situation. Proper placement of hair follicles is of course the most affecting factor for hair transplantation results.

Personal Care After October

Hair transplantation results of the patient develop differently in different individuals. Some factors play a role in why these differences occur. These factors are important as they affect the success rate of the procedure.

In particular, in order to increase the positive result, the patient should do everything that falls on him. After he regains his hair, he should not neglect his care. If his hair has been shed and worn by any disease factor (for example, anemia) rather than natural causes, he should apply to the relevant unit and have all the necessary treatments in order to eliminate these disease factors and not to encounter the same result.

Physician Expertise and Experience

It can be said that the biggest factor that will affect the result in hair transplantation is the physician. The method used by the physician, the experience he / she has, the number of times the procedure is repeated, considerably affects the quality of the procedure.

Viewing results may differ

However, of course, when the results of the procedure will be obtained is not just a matter of the physician. Even gender can change the speed and amount after the procedure. Many different conditions such as hormones and genetic factors can change the results of hair transplantation. Since it is a situation that varies from person to person, there is no clear time intervals and a clear amount of hair. Female Hair Loss Treatment Reviews

Hair Transplant Technique

The technique used on the patient is very important. The technique can also differ in people with different hair types and colors such as curly hair, straight hair, white hair, very light blond hair, black hair. This is a condition that can affect the growth of new hair and the amount of hair growth.

Nutrition scheme
Our diet is a situation that seriously affects the results after hair transplantation. In this case, it is necessary to divide people into three different groups: Carbohydrate-based diets, protein-based diets and fat-based diets.

Since hair is a protein-structured substance and plenty of protein is need  during the construction phase, people who feed mainly on protein achieve better results here than others.

Keratin, the building block of our hair, is a protein-structured substance does. Consumption of protein-containing foods such as eggs for the formation of this substance and the growth of new hair and the acceleration of the result contributes positively to the hair transplantation result.

The speed of wound healing has to do with how fast the proteins in our bodywork. While new hair is produce  after hair transplantation, the body also tries to repair damage  hair.

Black female hair transplant before and after during this period, patients have a serious need for protein. This need means adjusting the diet and taking a seriously helpful step on the result of hair transplantation. In other words, you can help your hair transplantation results in terms of speeding up the process with nutrition planning at home. Scalp care and hygiene
Our hair transplant result may also vary depending on how we take care of our hair after the procedure. A patient can accelerate the growth and elongation of their hair by applying hair-breaking serums or homemade masks after the procedure. In this regard, garlic is a really useful product.