How To Speed Up Your Hair Growth 

How To Speed Up Your Hair Growth? Hair is the most important factor that affects our external appearance. For this reason, we want them to look healthy, to look shiny. Everyone wants hair that grows faster and healthier. Currently, both men and women often face the problem of hair loss and look for natural ways to grow hair.

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

What is fue hair transplant treatment? When asked, it will be useful to give information about the content of the method. FUE hair transplant method is a widely used hair transplant method in the world. No incisions are made on the scalp during this method. Also, no piercing is applied on the skin.

Before and After Mesotherapy

Before and after mesotherapy , it is the application technique for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes.
In another aspect, usually in admixture with microinjection to the middle layer of the skin. The substances to be injected are selected in accordance with the person and his wishes.

Will Hair Grow Again In The Donor Area

Will hair grow again in the donor area? Procedure usually causes the hair on the nape of the durable structure is used as a donor. All of the hair taken from this area will come back, this region will remain sparse. But dilutions in the neck area at the back of the head do not attract attention. Besides, in operations conducted inexperienced, hair follicles in the nape were selected very carefully. In other words, the absence of hair follicles in the neck, which are removed proportionately, is not noticeable from the outside. Hair transplantation, depending on the gap size of the scalp to be transported to a different number of hair roots. Regional hair loss usually is sufficient 3000 received the hair follicle at a time. In all the hair and scalp hair in both the chest and back of the hair follicles in the nape available.

One Month After FUE Hair Transplantation

One Month After FUE Hair Transplantation FUE is a collection of methods used in grafts one month after FUE hair transplantation. In general, every patient is a candidate for hair transplant surgery, FUE hair transplant candidate. A patient may be a bad candidate for a strip harvest but can do well with FUE.

Best Hair Plant In Turkey

Best Hair Plant In Turkey So you are probably considering doing something about your Hair Loss and want the Best Hair Plant in Turkey or you are just curious about the Topic. Everyone that has even been at a Turkish airport will see lots of short shaved heads. Most of them also wear a black sweatband on their head. you might have wondered what is going on. Well in case you did not know yet, Turkey is the number 1 destination in the world for Hair Planting. So the next questions arise why Turkey?

Hair Multiplication And Follicle Banking

Hair Multiplication And Follicle Banking Hair multiplication or most commonly knows hair cloning and follicle banking have been a long term wish and want for many people for years now. With an abundant number of researches being done nowadays and have been done in the past on the hair multiplication, it is even much closer to the reality than ever before. Seeing the way and how fast everything changes in our daily lives today, the advancement of this method is expected to come into our lives and take its place among hair transplant methods as early as 2027 which is only 6 years from now.

Acne Formation After Hair Transplantation

Acne Formation After Hair Transplantation After hair transplantation, acne, especially when newly transplanted hair follicles try to reach the skin surface; These are skin blisters usually seen in the transplantation area after shock spillage, which occurs due to reasons such as not keeping the transplantation area clean, leaving the roots inside not being fully removed and opening the channels too deep.

Facial Hair Transplantation Cost Turkey

Facial hair transplantation cost Turkey is so important topic. Beard and moustache are the two most important parts of the male appearance and are often seen as a sign of masculinity, so facial beard loss can even affect psychology. Due to heredity, ageing, scarring, immune diseases, or trichotillomania, the beard may become thin, patchy, or mottled, and even disappear completely. Beard transplantation is a popular and effective solution for beard loss, which many people prefer, for those who suffer from such conditions. Of course, this is the best way to grow a beard and stimulate beard growth.

Sapphire Percutaneous Technique

Sapphire Percutaneous Technique Which of us wouldn't dream of having natural, healthy and lush hair. Nowadays, many cosmetic products try to help us in order to provide this. But is it enough? Unfortunately, it's not enough. Genetic factors, eating habits, irregular life and stress can cause increased hair loss. There is now a great method to replace our lost hair. The name of this method: Sapphire Percutaneous Technique. With the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique, you can achieve the look you dream of without shaving or suffering.

6 Months After Hair Transplantation

6 Months After Hair Transplantation On the day of your hair transplant, you should have a good sleep, a full stomach and comfortable clothes. If smoking is used, it should not be drunk that day, if alcohol is use, alcohol should not use that night.

Why You Should Not Have Hair Transplantation?

Why You Should Not Have Hair Transplantation? Hair transplantation provides a permanent solution to hair loss problems for many patients. Why you should not have hair transplantation?  Hair transplantation is no longer a special treatment for the rich or famous. If you choose well your research, you may have made the right clinical quality hair transplant treatment at very reasonable costs.

Pimple After Hair Transplantation

The pimple after hair transplantation the process has emerged as one of the complaints that could disturb the acne patients. After hair actually, work to reach the hair follicle and the skin surface of newly sown usually occur in the form of skin pimples because bubbles can occur after shock loss. This acne can be planted both in the region where hair follicles consisting of both donors in the region.

Shock Loss After Hair Transplantation

Shock Loss After Hair Transplantation Post-transplant and shock loss after hair transplantation is one less than the preferred result. Usually, immediately after the operations, people want to get a hairy appearance, but not all patients are faced with less shock hair loss. What did I learn that the shock hair loss? What are the reasons? When does it start? When will it pass?

Does Hair Implant After Hair Transplant Loss?

Does hair implant after hair transplant loss? The question is frequently asked. Our only goal is to keep all the grafts transplanted and to grow and cover an open area. The greater it holds and grows, the more densely and naturally we will have hair. This rate can never be 100%. We need to investigate the causes of this problem, which has different reasons.

Best Shampoo After Hair Transplantation

Best shampoo after hair transplantation that many people wonder how it should wash the hair and the skin. What shampoo should I use after hair transplantation? or "Can I use regular shampoo after hair transplantation?" or "Do I need to use plantation after a special shampoo?" It is often asked.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Best Hair Transplant Clinic CapilClinic, the largest private hospital group in Istanbul best hair transplant clinics, specializes in hair transplantation. They are a leader in the field of hair transplantation are the primary referral hospital and internationally accepted models have seen the best service and results. Capilclinic started its operations in 2015. The world-famous medical personnel in most of the procedures has more than ten years of experience and are recognized by patients from all over the world. After that, the facility outshines others as a result of its renowned experts, first-class facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, machinery, and tools.

What is Diffuse Patterned Alopecia (DPA) and its Treatment?

What is diffuse patterned Alopecia (DPA) and its treatment? DPA in both men, is a kind of androgenic alopecia that affects women, in front of the scalp and is characterized by diffuse thinning of hair at the apex. Unlike Male Pattern Baldness, Common Patterned Alopecia does not follow the hair loss patterns defined by the Norwood Scale. Women in the Common Pattern Alopecia, mould defined by the Ludwig Scale does not follow.

New Fue Hair Transplantation

New Fue Hair Transplantation One of the biggest problems faced by people today is hair loss. Hair loss is generally of genetic origin, but it is also seen in people due to various diseases. Hair loss causes baldness in some people. New fue hair transplantation technique, which is the most effective solution for people who want to solve baldness problems, is used. It is a popular method that comes to mind first when it comes to hair transplantation.

Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices

Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices Which began towards the end of the first period of the 70s and get the great sound that the synthetic hair transplant prices and method will try to explain the details in this article. First, you need to know that the article we will talk about artificial hair/fiber hair bio is not the use of wigs or artificial hair replacement. Here hair is individually planted much like plantation operations.

Donor Area Infection After Hair Transplantation

Donor Area Infection After Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation procedures are performed in sterile environments because donor area infection after hair transplantation is very low. Donor regions and local infections are seen in plantation areas. There is a risk of scaling and infection after hair transplantation. After these scabs plantation must be removed with a special shampoo. 3-4 times a day is necessary to use antibiotic creams. When inflammation is seen after hair transplantation, antibiotic treatment should be started.