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Botched Hair Transplant

Botched Hair Transplant

In this article, we will explain the reasons for botched hair transplant. Worrying is a human trait. In fact, it is natural to worry before an aesthetic operation such as hair transplantation. However, the satisfaction expectation after a successful hair transplant operation is naturally high. If you are thinking of having a FUE hair transplant operation, you will need to do your research beforehand. Also, you must learn about the potential problems you may face and determine how to deal with them. Botched hair transplant has been examined in our article for reasons.

So why do some hair transplant operations fail?

We analyzed botched hair transplant operations for you. In addition, we have identified 5 main reasons for the dissatisfaction of people who undergo hair transplantation.

Doctor’s Lack of Experience

FUE or DHI hair transplantation is a process that requires patience. It takes time to master this job. In addition, it is not desirable for any patient to be a subject. Sometimes, inexperienced doctors cannot use hair grafts properly during the procedure. However, graft placement is one of the most critical stages of hair transplant operations. Besides, it is the determining factor in the final appearance of the hair. Experienced doctors know under what conditions and appropriate to use the appropriate donor areas for hair transplantation. Inexperienced doctors make mistakes such as choosing the wrong donor sites. This causes botched hair transplant.


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When the hair follicles are transplanted from the wrong areas of the scalp, both the donor area and the recipient area will reveal evidence of this poor technique. The main area mostly used in hair transplantation is the nape of the head. In addition, beard and chest hair are used as donor areas. Misuse of hair follicles taken from different donor areas can leave you with unwanted results.

When looking for a FUE or DHI hair transplant doctor, your most important criterion is to work with an experienced doctor. Do not be the guinea pig of a hair transplant center. Consider how many years of hair transplantation practice the doctor has and decide accordingly. Because these factors can lead to botched hair transplant result.

Inadequate Post-Operation Care

Taking care of yourself after a hair transplant can be as important as the procedure itself. Your doctor will give you a list of instructions and information regarding the care of the transplanted area for days and weeks after the operation. Some patients are seen to have excessive crusting on the scalp. Impact or improper application to this area can prevent hair follicles from holding onto the planted area. In some other cases, infection may be encountered due to poor hygienic conditions. The good news is that you will have to be pretty reckless to actually cause permanent damage this way. When you pay attention to these, you will not have botched hair transplant problem.

Following the gentle hair washing instructions after the operation is more important than you might expect. Also, not being exposed to the sun and not sweating within the specified periods are extra important things. So you have to take these factors into consideration to see satisfactory results in all aspects. To avoid problems after surgery, memorize everything your doctor says. Also, don’t hesitate to express whatever is stuck in your mind to your doctor.

The Person Is Not A Suitable Candidate For Hair Transplantation

If the person is not a suitable candidate for hair transplantation, the botched hair transplant problem may arise. Hair transplant can be a wonderful life-changing procedure for many people. However, it should only be done on suitable candidates. If not done so, botched hair transplant will be encountered. Before the operation, it is important for the doctor to evaluate the genetic and health status of the person and to discuss the issues after the operation and the operation. During the examination, your doctor will make various evaluations to analyze future hair loss, evaluate your hair type, and determine your cause of hair loss. These are all factors that help determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

You may have heard of people who have had a botched hair transplant. Sometimes such a failure occurs because the patient cannot adapt to the necessary conditions. But don’t let these scare you! It is not difficult to determine that a person is not suitable for FUE hair transplantation. Sometimes, a person’s hair loss is not enough to have a hair transplant operation yet. In other words, you may not be ready for operation yet. It looks remarkable, but sometimes you may need to shed a little more hair for a hair transplant to be fully satisfactory.

Otherwise, when you do not have hair transplantation at the right stage of hair loss, unfortunately, there may be situations where the transplanted hair looks terrible. Would you like it if your hair continued to fall out and looked like a grass man on top of it? On the other hand, if you do not have enough hair to perform hair transplantation, different methods may have to be used.

Dishonest Hair Transplant Centers

Unfortunately, as in any profession, people working in the medical field are not always good and honest people. Therefore, botched hair transplant results may come out. Just as you do good research for your other diseases, be elaborate to find the most reliable hair transplant centers. After all, you want to move forward with an honest hair transplant doctor, not your money. A hair transplant center that is only after your money will not care about your well-being, your health and giving you a satisfactory hair transplant result. A good FUE hair transplant doctor and team will clearly deal with your concerns and wishes. During your hair transplant examination, you want a doctor and team you can trust and talk to, not someone who takes little effort to contact.


Actually, it’s not really a failure we’re talking about here. Hair transplant operation is the first step of the procedure, after which a long process awaits people. Some people declare the operation unsuccessful before the process is completed, before giving the hair a chance to grow. It may take 12 months or more to see first outcome findings, and sometimes you may feel impatient or question your results. Communication with your doctor and the doctor’s team before the operation will prevent misunderstandings.