Can Breast Implants Cause Hair Loss?

Can Breast Implants Cause Hair Loss?

Can breast implants cause hair loss? is one of the frequently asked questions. Breast implants are known as one of the most frequently performed procedures by women. However, like any procedure, some side effects can occur for Breast implants. So how are breast implants done? What are the side effects of Breast implants? Can breast implants cause hair loss? Read on for curiosities and much more.

What is Breast Implant? Does It Cause Hair Loss?

The breast implant is an aesthetic surgery that emerged years ago, exactly in 1963, when the bags used for blood transfusion gave a breast feeling in the human hand. These materials, which are basically gel-like and completely filled with silicone, allow the breasts to have a much larger and fuller appearance with the breast implant procedure. Since the gel-like materials used in breast implant surgeries are very similar to the tissue in a real breast, it is not possible to be noticed after transplantation into the body.

Although the aesthetic appearance has been acquired in this way, the main problem is the side effects of this treatment. Due to the problems caused by side effects, people may lose their aesthetic appearance elsewhere. Everyone’s body does not have the same effect, but breast implants are made with chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to struggle with the side effects caused by the introduction of chemicals into the body. People have to take some risks.


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Breast implant procedures can also cause some side effects. The most common side effects of this procedure are as follows;

  • Temporary pain in the chest,
  • Swelling of the chest,
  • Bruising in the operated area,
  • Feeling of tightness in the chest of the operated person.

In addition to the above reasons, it is possible to experience different side effects such as hair loss.

What Are the Most Common Complications After Breast Implants?

Common complications that arise after breast implants usually occur around a few weeks after surgery. Thus, people who do not worry too much at the beginning will seriously panic against these situations that develop a few weeks after the operation. Complications that occur occur due to reasons such as the plastic material attached to the breast area and the region’s inability to adapt. So what are the most common complications that occur after Breast implants? Let’s examine it in items.

  • The relatively thick and visible scar that appears in the operated area and does not fade.
  • The scar tissue around the implanted area may cause the breast tissue to become harder.
  • Tiny lumps that appear in the chest area after surgery are also among the most common symptoms. These lumps are named as silicon granuloma in medical language. These lumps are actually the biggest messengers of failed implant surgery. Because these lumps indicate that the implant is leaking from the area. In other words, tears may have occurred in the implant area.
  • Pronounced wrinkles in the breast implant area,
  • Rotation inside the breast in the area where the breast implant is applied,
  • The implanted implant has a wavy appearance,
  • The occurrence of infection in the implant, (this may necessitate the re-operation of the breast implants placed with it.)
  • The decrease in breast milk after surgery,
  • Damage to the nerves in the nipples after surgery,
  • Excessive bleeding during surgery.

What is the Relationship Between Hair Loss and Breast Implant?

The hair loss problem is among the problems experienced by many people who have breast implants over time. The hair loss problem is actually one of the common problems, although it is not attributed to breast implant procedures, especially in the beginning. So what is the relationship between Hair Loss and Breast Implant? In what cases does Hair loss side effect occur?

The Breast Implant procedure is a surgical procedure. For this reason, people agree to take some risks with the realization of the transaction. First of all, breast implant procedures are not a guaranteed surgical operation. Some complications may develop in the person’s body after these procedures. The occurrence of complications may also necessitate the removal of implants. The possibility of a second procedure leaving a scar on the person’s body is among these risks. The breast implant may also cause hair loss problem.

An average of 50 hair loss per day per person is normal. When this shedding amount exceeds 100 hair strands, a baldness problem occurs. One of the reasons for the emergence of excessive hair loss in women is breast implant procedures that have been previously performed.

Things to Know Before Breast Implant

There are many things to know before breast implants. People who accept these issues and take risks can decide to have the surgery. So what should be known before breast implantation?

  • After the breast implants are placed, it is determined in the process whether they will adapt to the body or not. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that the procedure will be completely successful without any side effects in any surgical operation. Possible side effects and whether implant procedures can be successful or not are determined after surgery.
  • If any complications develop after the surgery, it may be necessary to undergo surgery again. The repetition of the surgical operation may also cause unsatisfactory results in the person’s own body.
  • Studies have shown that 29% of women who have breast implants have the implant removed within approximately 10 years. Postoperative complications are not the only reason for this situation. In addition, situations such as the person’s back pain are shown as the cause.
  • When having a Breast Implant, the person should also consider whether they want to breastfeed their baby. When it comes to breast implants, this procedure may cause the destruction of the glands in the breast area of ​​the person that allows milk to be produced. In most cases, breast implant procedures have negative consequences on breastfeeding.
  • Finally, breast implant procedures can also cause long-term hair loss problems after surgery. The breast implant is among the causes of hair loss, which is one of the biggest supporters of syndromes such as 30-year-old syndrome.