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Can Covid cause hair loss? People who have caught the covid-19 virus, which has been in our lives for about 2 years, can actually answer this question. The immune system of an individual infected with the Corona virus is very weakened. With the weakening of the immune system, multiple side effects occur as a reaction in the body. At the same time, the adhesion of the virus to the lungs causes different side effects.

The Covid-19 virus poses a great threat to humans because it causes not only side effects but also death. Can Covid cause hair loss? The question is, people can end their life, it is also likely to be seen as a side effect. But there is no hair loss among its symptoms.

Individuals infected with Covid-19 may not be able to overcome the effects of the disease for a long time. And at the same time, it shows different side effects, different symptoms in each person. However, this disease affects the whole body as it has been seen for 2 years. Can Covid cause hair loss? If an answer to his question is sought, it has been stated that he has recently experienced hair loss, as can be seen with its effects on the whole body.


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Covid and hair loss

Can Covid cause hair loss? People suffering from Corona virus disease have reported that they are exposed to hair loss for a long time after recovering from the disease. Can Covid cause hair loss? The question led scientists to research as a result of these feedbacks. In the research, it was found that 1 out of every 5 patients who were hospitalized due to the corona virus still continued to have hair loss, even after 6 months had passed.

Can Covid cause hair loss? While investigating the question, a similar study conducted in China was examined. Among the 1655 patients examined within the scope of this study, 359 patients stated that they experienced hair loss.

Can Covid cause hair loss? Indeed, scientists who think that the corona virus can cause hair loss also state that this issue should be paid attention to. Because it has been said that some corona virus variants will encounter one of the most common types of hair loss called telogen effluvium (TE). This hair loss problem occurs as a result of the immobilization of the hair follicles. Telogen effluvim is a condition that usually occurs as a result of hormones, medical treatments, some diets and environmental factors.

How much hair loss is normal a day?

Can Covid cause hair loss? While seeking an answer to his question, it should be kept in mind that the research on this subject is still very limited. The reasons for the hair loss of people who have the Corona virus may be different. For example, stress due to illness can also cause hair loss. In other words, indirectly, stress may have caused hair loss in people, not the corona virus.

Can Covid cause hair loss? Those who do research on the subject also think that if this situation lasts more than 6 months, it will be a result of an important problem. Hair loss, which passes in a short time, is usually caused by psychological factors that come with the covid-19 virus. Hair loss due to psychological factors is short-lived.

What are scientist saying about the topic Can Covid Cause Hair Loss?

Can Covid cause hair loss? If there is a hair loss for more than 6 months, not short-term hair loss as a result of psychological factors, this may cause a worrying problem.

Can Covid cause hair loss? There are also some things to consider before asking the question. Since Corona virus disease reduces immunity in people, it causes side effects such as muscle weakness, depression, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep and fatigue. As a result of such side effects, hair loss can actually be seen. Because conditions such as depression and anxiety also cause hair loss.

Can Covid cause hair loss? The question has not come to a definite conclusion. However, researchers warn people that according to studies, the covid-19 virus may cause hair loss.

Hair loss

Among the answers to the question of what causes hair loss, there is actually the covid-19 virus. However, since this is not a complete certainty, the covid-19 virus should not be blamed directly. Hair loss can occur for many reasons.

It is normal for every person to shed between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day. Most of the time, new hair can grow in place of the shed hair. However, in some cases, the hair may not grow back. In such cases, treatment can be started. A good dermatologist should be consulted for treatment. This can be prevented by using the products recommended by the dermatologist and using oils that are good for hair loss.

Sometimes, because the hair is very worn, not from the bottom of the hair, there may be shedding by breaking off at the ends of the hair. The events that cause this are generally the heaters used for shaping and environmental factors.

Why does hair fall out?

There is actually only one answer to the question of what causes hair loss. The combination of more than one factor or the effect of a large factor alone can cause hair loss.

The causes of hair loss are generally stress, genetic predisposition, depression, menopause, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, being in pregnancy, breastfeeding, using the wrong products and care for the hair, seasonal factors, seasonal changes, environmental factors. If there is a persistent and increasing hair loss, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Foods to be consumed for hair regeneration after Covid

Individuals infected with the Covid-19 virus can prevent this by using shampoo against hair loss. However, the disease does not pass at the same level for every individual. Since everyone’s metabolism is different, hair loss rates and efforts to fix it will also be different. However, in covid-19 virus-based hair loss, hair regeneration can be achieved with nutritional corrections.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in hair growth. Hair follicles develop in environments rich in iron and protein. Apart from this, vitamin D, zinc and biotin are among the vitamins that nourish and grow the hair. For this purpose, the foods that should be consumed in the covid and post-covid period are as follows.

Salmon and seafood
Red meat and white meat
dark green leafy vegetables

These values ​​are also sufficient in every individual who is already fed adequately and in a balanced way. However, individuals who experience hair loss should pay extra attention to such a diet. To prevent hair loss, they can use products that can be taken as supplements such as zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, panthenic acid, minerals, vitamins, and biotin by asking their doctor and on the doctor’s recommendation.

Stress and Medications

Individuals seeking answers to the questions of how to prevent hair loss due to Corona virus should first know and research how they manage this process and the ingredients of the drugs they use may cause hair loss.

The body may experience hair loss not only due to the covid-19 virus, but also due to all kinds of trauma, stress, infection, thyroid diseases, infection, febrile diseases, hormonal changes, zinc, biotin, iron deficiencies. It may not even be just hair loss. Eyelashes and how many sheds show that they are a serious problem. In such a case, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Hair loss, which occurs as a result of environmental factors, psychological factors and physical factors, generally occurs within 2 or 4 months by shedding from the body. Infections seen in patients as a result of the Covid-19 virus can also react with hair loss as it will stress the body. Hair loss is seen up to 2-4 months due to high fever, intense stress and drugs used in the corona virus disease process of this disease process.

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 virus, not only hair loss is seen. Alopecia areata (hair loss, male-pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), gray color changes in hair and increased graying of hair are hair problems other than hair loss of the covid-19 virus. Individuals with such hair problems can use healthy oils at home or with products they research on the internet. After getting over the Covid-19 virus, a dermatologist should be consulted and the problems in the hair should be determined. As a result of the detection, care should be taken to apply the treatments that the doctor finds appropriate.

A study was conducted on hair loss and hair problems in Japan

This scientific study has been studied on individuals who are infected with the corona virus, patients who still have cough, shortness of breath, problems in smelling, lack of taste, dry cough symptoms that still continue after the disease. It was determined that approximately 24-56% of the patients with this persistent symptom started to lose their hair afterwards. It has been stated that this situation lasts for 76 days in patients who catch the Covid-19 virus and show hair loss from the very beginning.

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