Can Fue Hair Transplant Be Done Over Several Years

Can Fue Hair Transplant Be Done Over Several Years

Can Fue Hair Transplant Be Done Over Several Years To understand this, first of all, we have to know what is hair transplantation. Everybody can lose their hair when they start getting old and they may start feeling a bit sad about it. To prevent this, they can get hair transplants and one can wonder if they are going to need to get this hair transplantation over and over again. In this article you will find answers to this question; can fue hair transplant be done over several years?

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an innovative procedure that ensures the development of fresh hair often in bald or thinning areas of the head. Through doctors transplant, your natural hair, this sort of procedure takes place in groups of one to four follicles, which we refer to as follicular units. Hair harvesting in follicular units makes the transplantation process possible. It also changes the appearance of the final outcomes dramatically and raises the probability of a successful transplant. Using the latest advancements in technology, you will have hair that lasts a lifetime. You will never lose your transplanted hair again after your session(s).

Techniques used in hair transplantation

FUT means follicular unit transplantation. It is also known as strip harvesting, as a small part of the hair is removed from the scalp. Usually, the doctor removes the strip from behind the head. Doctors cut is normally between ears. The doctors’ team extracts each hair unit (grafts) from this detached scalp area. This is an ancient method of implanting hair.


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The FUT process culminated in the extraction of the follicular unit. Here, hair follicles are also removed from the field and are heavily coated with hair. But without the removal of skin. The surgical team pulls each hair follicle out individually with the aid of a slim and fine needle. There are the slightest micro-injuries, but they are not visible to the naked eye.

The FUE hair transplantation procedure is a means to produce the same FUT effects without the disadvantages. Like FUT, FUE involves the selection of hair follicles from the back of the head to create a more natural hairline. Contrary to FUT, a strip of tissues from the back of the head should not be withdrawn from this procedure. Instead, individual hair follicles should be gathered directly from the scalp and placed into small trousers made in the head area.

Is Fue Hair Transplant Permanent?

After doctors transplant your hair follicles into regions where your hair expel, it takes time for your skin to heal. In fact, it is normal for some of your hair to fall off within the first three months after the procedure. Healing takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months. But the transplanted hair grows hair that covers the head after the healing period is over. This is the hair that develops normally as you get older. The shifting of the hair follicles is permanent and can not go back to the old position. Like any other hair follicles, the transplanted individuals will live their lives. Slowly, they avoid developing the same amount of hair as before.

The first fue hair transplant treatment will probably not be the last. To receive the results you desire, the specialist will tell multiple individuals that they will require several “sessions” of fue hair transplantation. When the first fue hair transplant heals and other applicants are happy with the result, they will later continue to attempt to fill out more fine patches.

Can fue hair transplant be done over several years?

Fue Hair transplantation will, in concept, last a lifetime because of the genetically programmed harvested hair follicles to continue developing. The age, lifestyles, hair type, and hair loss of a patient can, however, affect a hair transplant’s life span. In some cases, people may have to have more than one procedure to keep their desired results.

Planning and successful fue hair transplantation can be daunting because hair loss is also a slow operation. This causes the initial native hair of a patient to become thin while the hair being transplanted may be permanent. In effect, patients often require more than one fue hair transplant during their lives. This will increase a previously replanted area’s density, impact a new area of baldness, or implant hair in areas of sustained hair loss. Many of the patients are treated with hair loss drugs like finasteride and/or minoxidil following hair regeneration treatment to help stabilize hair loss and eliminate the need to resume service.

The Aftercare of Hairs

After the fue hair transplantation, you should not wash your hair in the next 48 hours. you should also refrain from scratching your hair as you may cause bleeding to your head area. You should not expose yourself to direct sunlight as it may irritate the skin as well. and it may cause itching to the transplanted area.

The fue hair transplantation process will only take a few days to fully heal. As soon as the doctors complete the operation, the patients will return home free of charge. And after two days they can return to their normal lives without stressful tasks like swimming. Because in their contaminated areas the patient may suffer severe regression, he or she may consider taking a few days off.

Here are a few tips for speeding the healing process. Don’t peel your hair very seriously and it could damage your scalp. And it can cause hair bleeding. Just don’t wash the doctor without asking. Do not walk under the sun or leave the cold air. This can also make the hair region irritable again. Do not do any physical sports like a swim, a sprint, a hop, or whatever will affect your scalp. Do not miss drugs like painkillers.

The newly transplanted hair will fall out two or three weeks after the procedure; do not worry because it is an anticipated feature of the surgery. Naturally, new hair growth can occur within 4 months of treatment. And the brand new hairline has attained the ideal standard in around 1 year.