Can FUE Hair Transplant Fail?

Can FUE Hair Transplant Fail?

Can FUE Hair Transplant Fail? The FUE method for hair transplantation takes individual follicular units / grafts from the back of the head one by one by cutting and removing them with a tiny particular machine. The process is tedious and takes several hours but is painless after a few drug injections.

The rest of the process is the same in both techniques. Small sites were created using very thin blades and needles in balding areas after re-numbing with local anesthetic injections.

These grafts are then placed in the areas on the front of the head or elsewhere that cause hair loss. The transplant takes about four to eight hours, depending on the extent of the procedure. The process can vary by person.


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FUE technique

Hair transplantation has left its place to the FUE method, which was developed in the early 2000s and started to be used after 2005. Since that date, it has continuously improved with small innovations, but the basic principles of FUE have not changed. Today, it continues to be used as the most advanced hair transplant technique.

The most advanced and state of the art technique in hair transplantation is the FUE technique.

With the FUE method, which is one of the most recent and modern hairs transplantation techniques and accepted as the gold standard, people with hair loss are offered the opportunity to have natural-looking hair.

The difference of the FUE technique used in hair transplantation is that it leaves little scars and shows rapid recovery. The success of the operation increases depending on the development of the materials used in the FUE method.

Hair transplantation with FUE technique

FUE is the process of taking each hair follicle one by one with the help of a micromotor and transferring it to the newly opened places in the area where it will be moved. It is the removal of hormone-sensitive hair follicles at the back of the head as a painless unit one by one and transferring them seamlessly to the bald areas on the top and forehead. While the FUE technique is such a preferred method, of course the question is “Can FUE hair transplant fail?”

Since the hair follicles taken from the back of the head are not sensitive to the hormone, they do not fall out from their new place. With this technique, it is used not only for hair but also for eyebrow, mustache and beard transplantation.

The disadvantage compared to other techniques where the roots are not taken individually is that the operation time is longer, and if a large amount of hair is removed from the donor area, thinning can be seen in that area.

Who prefers the FUE technique?

While people who can benefit from the FUT Method are limited to only those who have severe hair loss and have flexible scalp, the FUE Method appeals to a broader audience.

The FUE technique is generally the first preferred method in hair transplantation. However, it may not apply to everyone. FUE technique typically; people who are not considered in social and business life prefer it because stitches can take longer to heal, people with smaller baldness areas, people who want to use shorter hairstyles, people with active lifestyles such as athletes, women with smaller baldness areas, less invasive procedures. Those who prefer scalp cuts and stitches and those who want faster recovery prefer the FUE technique.

Can FUE hair transplant fail?

Small scars opened with FUE heal within 2-3 days. It ensures that those who work under heavy conditions or those who cannot take a long break from work can adapt to their jobs as soon as possible. In the modern FUE Method, the scars are too small to be noticed even with the use of short hair.

With the FUE method, roots with low quality can be detected and may not be used in transplantation. After FUE hair transplant surgery, the hair that grows from the transplanted hair follicles falls out within an average of one month. This is an expected process called “shock shedding” that should happen in hair transplantation. After this shedding process, new hair grows permanently within five months in the transplanted hair follicles.

According to the feature of the technique used, the hair follicles transplanted are provided with an efficiency of approximately 90%. However, after the procedure, it is necessary to listen to the doctor carefully and to use the medications he has given regularly, to follow his recommendations and to go for regular checkups.

It is best to contact the doctor and carry out the applications he will tell instead of producing solutions on his own after the operation.

The things to be considered after hair transplantation are as crucial as the operation. It is essential to comply with the rules and to be careful to get the expected result from the hair transplantation you have done by incurring financial and physical burden; otherwise, the hair can be restored with repeated mistakes.

Things to consider after hair transplantation

Suppose you do not follow the doctor’s recommendations after hair transplantation and pay attention to what he says. In that case, the hair will inevitably return to its original state shortly after the operation. FUE hair transplant is inevitable when perpetrator recommendations are not followed.

The first three days after the operation are very important. Hair should never be washed on the first day. On the second day, it is necessary to go to the hospital and make the dressing in the neck area. Washing the hair is recommended only after the 3rd day. If washing is done before, it will be challenging to get the desired result from hair transplantation.

It is necessary not to go out in the sun for the first three days. If you need to go out, it is recommended to wear a hat made of soft fabric that will not tighten the head.

It is necessary to take care that the area where the hair is transplanted does not come into contact with any place and does not get hit. In this process, water contact such as water, pool, sea, sauna, which will inflame this area should be avoided.

It is necessary to avoid smoking, coffee, tea and alcohol consumption in the first three days. Since these are substances that directly enter the blood and contain drugs or stimulants, newly transplanted hair follicles will be affected very quickly.