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Can Hair Transplant Be Done Without Shaving Your Head?

Can Hair Transplant Be Done Without Shaving Your Head?

If you are planning a hair transplant, a question may arise in your head: Can I have a hair transplant without shaving my hair? It is perfectly normal to worry about shaving your hair. Some of us may think that the shape of our head is not suitable for cutting. Our hair can be an important part of our identity and our style, so the idea of ​​shaving can be scary.

After all, shaving your head should not be a stress factor. You have nothing to worry about! An unshaven hair transplant is possible and common. It just depends on your hair type.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving

In many cases, hair transplant procedures are complete without shaving. Doctors mostly choose the hair transplant method according to your needs and your hair type, and one of these techniques is DHI hair transplantation. This method does not require shaving your head and the help of a surgeon to see the growth pattern of your hair follicles. It also facilitates the treatment period.


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The FUE hair transplant method has a shaving-free hair restoration technique that has also been preferred by many celebrities. It’s ideal for you if you do not want to leave hair transplant marks. The shaving techniques we offer require an experienced surgical team, and because it is complete with navigating the large hairs, it needs a little more.

With Or Without Shaving: What difference does it make?

FUE hair transplantation allows patients to shave their heads in layers. This means that long hair can cover shaved parts. But in some cases, when the upper part of the head is completely bald, the FUE procedure requires 3000 – 5000 implants. As the hair follicles are collected from the neck of the neck, a full shave is required. If the area for hair transplantation is smaller, FUE hair transplantation is possible without shaving.

What Is Unshaven FUE?

Hair transplant procedures require shaving areas that should be considered “recipient” and “donor” areas, but many of you do not feel comfortable with this. Correctly! A shaved head would not only make the surgery obvious but also reduce your self-confidence. Fortunately, there is good news for you.

If you are one of those who are reluctant to shave your head before the procedure or your hair strands are weak and surgery between the hair strands is possible, the ABHRS certified operator can choose a non-shaved FUE. This is a preferred option for patients where harvesting is limited to smaller areas. Through this process, the result of a fuller and thicker hair will be visible from the first session.

However, if the number of cuttings to be extracted is smaller (<1500 cuttings), then we can safely cut the hairs without shaving the head completely. We do this by doing something called a “hidden cut”. The hidden cut is good for people who need a smaller number of implants and want to continue working without causing many changes in appearance.

Similar to the original procedure for FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, the surgeon uses a piercing device to extract the hair follicles directly from the scalp. In addition, hair transplant surgery is performed with the help of an implant pen where the Follicular grafts are inserted directly into the existing hair, one at a time.

Why Choose U-FUE?

Most standard hair transplants require the patient to have a shaved part or the entire head so that surgeons can transplant a larger hair transplant and achieve more permanent results.

But the thought of shaving their heads can be a frightening prospect for many.

With U-FUE, however, patients are able to keep most of their hair intact while receiving quality care. Every surgeon who performs this procedure must be more qualified than a surgeon who performs standard FUE and FUT hair transplants.

Advantages Of A Hair Transplant Surgery Without Shaved FUE

Many Benefits Make FUE Shaving Hair Transplant Surgery So Prevalent. Some Of Them Are:

  • You can completely avoid shaving.
  • You can also follow this procedure even if you have long hair.
  • There will be no visible signs of postoperative crust in the donor area.
  • The total recovery time is shorter because the transplanted area is shorter.

Disadvantages Of An Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Every procedure has two sides and although the list of advantages in choosing unshaven hair transplant procedures is long, there are some challenges you will face.

  • It is a complicated process and only experienced ABHRS certified doctors with sufficient competence can achieve it better.
  • Because the maximum number of grafts is smaller, the density is also lower.
  • It takes longer than other hair transplant procedures.
  • It is labor intensive and expensive unlike other methods.

With all of these points in mind, you need to choose certified surgeons for the procedure. Our clinic has doctors who have years of surgical experience to manage these hair transplant procedures with the best results.

Hair Transplants For Patients With Long Hair

Some patients miss the FUE procedure because they are worried that they will have to shave their backs and sides of their head completely in order for the surgeon to collect the donor implants. That may be true.

With an FUE transplant, only a very small part of the back or scalp is shaved to get the hair. With this U-FUE, this is completely eliminated. making it ideal for people with long hair.

Patients can maintain their original hair with the same style and length, during and after the procedure.


A procedure like the unshaven FUE can be helpful for all those people who are not able to fully shave their hair for hair transplant surgery, but have to go for one anyway. If you have a hair transplant in mind with this treatment method and you want to get more detailed information, you can contact our clinic. Ask what’s on your mind and get special quotes.