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Can I apply oil to my hair after a hair transplant

Can I apply oil to my hair after a hair transplant?

Can I apply oil to my hair after a hair transplant? Post-operative instructions given after hair transplantation should be followed. Overall shampoo to be used for cleaning and washing of antiseptic lotion for the scalp and also of the donor / We provide an ointment. This clearance allows the softening of the crust of the region and ultimately promoting healing. You should use only the recommended area. For two weeks donor coconut or almond oil available in the area. Improvement in itching/dryness may also provide some relief if oil application. Oil can be applied to the recipient area after 10-12 weeks.

When you enter the hair transplant process, the quality of the products you use for hair care after hair transplantation also changes. It is now necessary to prefer a more sensitive and careful shampoo and hair care series. Products with herbal ingredients, which help the healthy growth of new hair and prevent hair loss, are recommended to many people after application.

What Are The Preferred Products After Hair Transplantation?

Hair looks healthy with a healthy scalp. So if the scalp is problematic, the hair is also problematic. Therefore, many people who have hair transplantation realize that they need to use the right hair products and supplements that support hair growth by becoming aware of this issue. For example, supplements accelerate hair growth.


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The FUE technique, which is the process of removing hair follicles from the donor area one by one and transplanting them into the area to be transplanted, is also a method known for leaving no traces on the hair follicles. We can say that hair transplantation is a kind of scalp rejuvenation process. Because, as in the skin rejuvenation method, it opens tiny wounds to the skin, activating the collagen structure of the wound repair process, providing rejuvenation.

After the application, it is recommended to use Bepantol wound healing cream, which accelerates the repair of tiny roots. Although each physician prefers a different brand, creams with panthenol content are used for the first stage. With the drugs and hair care products used after hair transplantation, the healing of the scalp is accelerated.

It is important to make the right choices in hair care and to use the appropriate products. But many experts recommend that you continue with whatever you are using before hair transplantation. However, people who come to our country and have hair transplantation prefer to use dermo-cosmetic products or herbal products when they return to their countries. If your doctor does not have a different recommendation after hair transplantation, you can also choose herbal products.

How is Care After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, the wound is dressed and the transplanted area is left uncovered. The area where the graft is taken is checked by the physician the next day and is dressed. Usually after sowing 24-48. First washing takes place every hour.

In general, hair loss is observed in the first 10 days, and in this process, hair regrowth can be shortened by using PRP application or hair care products with the active ingredient of Minoxidil. Hair growth rate, which is different for everyone, can be increased by choosing products that provide care for the scalp.

Shampoo and hair care products, which will not harm the skin and will benefit, generally consist of herbal formulas. Anti-hair loss and hair growth accelerating products of known brands such as Phyto, Bioxcin, Ducray, and Vichy can be used.

Many products used after hair transplantation do not work miracles. However, it does not create negative effects as much as the chemicals in-market products. Choosing herbal products instead of chemical products accelerates hair growth and protects the scalp. This allows you to take better care of your hair after hair transplantation. Using products that prevent hair loss, which is several hair problems, will ensure that your newly planted hair will adapt more firmly to the skin.  How To Stop Genetic Hair Loss Naturally

Hair Care Products Used After Hair Transplantation

Do not use after hair transplantation is not suitable for the products you buy from the store. Naturally, you should choose herbal and promotes hair growth products. In this case, a complete bathroom by changing your products, you can show your hair the attention it deserves.

Shampoos are preferred in your daily cleaning routine serum shows more invigorating effects. The region used in a certain time frame and with serum applied as a cure can ensure that hair transplantation is made more powerful. They have provided sufficient care with serum and shampoo hair after hair transplantation.

Vegetable Oils Good for Hair

It is always better to seek help from nature for healthy, bushy and non-shedding hair. Especially regardless of your hair type, when you use straight, curly, excessively oily or dry herbal solutions, your hair is not affected in any way, on the contrary, it helps your hair to look thicker and more well-groomed. Now we will share with you vegetable oils that are good for hair.

Vegetable Oils You Can Use For Hair Loss

Jojoba Oil: This oil is especially recommended for damaged hair. It moisturizes the hair and scalp deeply. It also helps you prevent split ends. The better your scalp is moist, the better your hair is. At the same time, this oil can be used not only for your hair but also for your skin.

Olive Oil: Olive oil can be used in many areas. This oil is a great moisturizer, softening your hair and eliminating dandruff. At the same time, olive oil strengthens your hair and prevents it from shedding by growing it in a healthy way. It is one of the best oils you can use for hair loss.

Rosemary Oil: This oil nourishes your hair follicles, making your hair extremely lush and healthy. It also helps cleanse your scalp and affects your curls to be more defined. It is also one of the best oils for dandruff in hair. Argan Oil: One of hair and fat extremely useful both for your skin you can easily use argan oil. It is a rich antioxidant substances in terms of e vitamin not only repair your hair but also nourishes and gives shine to the hair. This oil is popularly called miraculous oil.

Avocado Oil: Like the oil, you can also use the avocado fruit for your hair. It is also an effective method to rub the avocado fruit into your hair by crushing it or passing it through a mixer easily. Rich in vitamins A, C and D, this oil will be very good for your hair. Can I apply oil to my hair after a hair transplant

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