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Can I Use Hair Fibers After Hair Transplant?

Can I Use Hair Fibers After Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant

You can easily find an answer to the question of ”can I use hair fibers after hair transplant” in this article. Our appearance is the biggest indicator that we are well-groomed and perfect. A perfect appearance makes us more attractive. Thick and full hair has always been our preference, but it is a little difficult to have such hair. External factors and the hair care products we use can damage our hair. Hair shedding more than 60-70 strands a day causes hair to decrease. The hair that decreases day by day turns into an unhealthy and sparse structure.

There are many solution methods to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. However, most of them damage the hair even more. Products that contain chemical substances present destructive and corrosive results instead of constructive and restorative care. One of the best solutions against hair loss is hair fiber or transplantation.

After a person decides to have a hair transplant, he begins to prepare himself for the operation both physically and psychologically. In this process, the person tries to find the best hair transplant center by obtaining detailed information about hair transplantation. We recommend that you engage in this extensive research and take your time. Let’s try to find your answer to the question of “can I use hair fibers after hair transplant” below.


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Hair fibers

Hair fibers have become in recent years one of the most popular among hair treatments thanks to their ease of use, low cost.  If your hair is lost and there are ways to get rid of this appearance after hair loss. There are 2 different methods for this. They make the scalp less visible. Hair fiber is the most effective solution method that helps you to the point where hair decreases from shedding and becomes annoying.

It is designed to create the illusion of hair thickness and density. They play the role of camouflage. Hair fiber; better than hair loss methods like hair transplantation, hair serums, and shampoo. Scientists have developed this method with laser technology. In addition, it consists of powdered keratins that are reduced to the smallest form of keratin that hair needs.

Small fibers stick to hair strands and scalp wherever they are applied. The product is washable, so it should be reapplied for daily use. It is used in areas where the hair is very sparse. When applied to the bald parts of the hair, your hair starts to grow again. New hair is no different from normal hair. The keratin substance contained in the hair fiber nourishes the hair and protects it against external factors. Your hair becomes lush and you can give your hair the shape you want. You will notice when you use the hair fiber as the most effective method that affects both psychologically and physically and combats hair loss.

It is important to recall that hair fibers and other hair loss concealers do not regrow hair, they only boost the appearance of repletion.

Detailed information under the heading can I use hair fibers after hair transplant;

What are the Properties of Hair Fiber?

  • It eliminates the problem of hair loss and makes the hair look more beautiful than it is.
  • Hair fiber finds a solution to hair loss with the keratin substance, which is a protein product, which prevents the hair from being damaged in the hair fiber.
  • It has the feature of camouflaging rare parts.
  • Also, ıt nourishes the hair.
  • Thanks to the hair fiber, the new hair will be the same as your hair color.
  • Also, It nourishes damaged and vitamin-deprived hair.
  • It provides constructive and restorative care for your hair.
  • When hair fiber is used, it provides a hole in the hair thanks to static electricity.
  • It protects the hair from external factors such as rain and wind.
  • The keratin fibers inside the hair fiber do not stain the hair.
  • When you apply the hair fiber method to the sparse parts of your hair, it ensures that you get results as soon as possible.
  • It is easy to use.
  • it is not expensive.

How is the hair fiber applied to the hair?

It doesn’t matter if you shower or not before applying the hair fiber. Your hair just shouldn’t be wet. First of all,  apply a fixative spray to your hair in a very small amount to the sparse part of your hair. After spraying, start to pour hair fiber powder from a distance of 10-15 cm to the same area. As soon as the sparse parts of your hair will begin to be filled with keratin powders. After the application process, apply the fixative spray generously to protect your hair from external factors. You can be sure that you will get successful results at the end of this. The most important thing is that you use it properly. Can I Use Hair Fibers After Hair Transplant?

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Fiber?

Thanks to the hair fiber, your hair that is about to decrease will grow in the shortest time. Thus, you will now be able to give your hair the shape you want. Moreover, thanks to the keratin substance, it meets the protein vitamin needed by the hair and provides nourishment. It removes the hair from an easy and fragile structure and provides a strong and plump hair structure. Most hair fiber products are herbal products. It is the most effective method against hair loss.

What are the damages of hair fiber?

There is no scientifically proven damage to the hair fiber of the hair fiber. It only leaves effects that vary from person to person. Simple problems such as hair fiber not keeping the same hair color when applied. However, it is very harmful to take the hair fiber powder orally or nose while using. Therefore, you should be careful to wear a mask while applying the hair fiber to the hair. There is a wide range of information about ”can I use hair fibers after hair transplant ” below.

Things to Consider When Using Hair Fiber;

  • If you go outside on a rainy day after applying the strand to your hair, it may flow out of your hair. Therefore, we must be careful not to get the hair wet after the hair fiber.
  •   Take care to wash your hair every day.
  •   Do not forget to fix your hair with fixing spray. If you do not use the fixing spray, it comes in the form of a black powder on hand contact.
  • When using it, avoid getting dust in your mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Use sufficient amount.
  • Do not forget to wash the hair at the end of the day.

You can clearly find the answer to the question ” can I use hair fibers after hair transplant” in the next heading.

Can I use hair fibers after hair transplant?

You can use after hair transplant hair fibers, but doctors recommend not using them for at least 2 months. If you have found an answer to your ”can I use hair fibers after hair transplant” question, you can also review our other articles. Prosthetic Hair Fibers