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Can transplated hair grow

How long will the transplanted hair grow after hair transplantation?

Can Transplated Hair Grow It will continue to grow like your transplanted hair you can ask the question . Can transplated hair grow ? Because hair is a natural, synthetic material but not cultivated plantation after 1 month of almost all the transplanted hair will fall. In the next stage will begin to emerge slowly and will thicken. And to sit around 9 months after the hair transplant process and will continue to extend about 1 cm a month like normal hair. Since the hair is insensitive to testosterone after hair transplantation, it does not show any tendency to fall out.

The hair on the front and top of the head is sensitive to testosterone and tends to fall out. As for the hairdresser, you can style your hair after 2 months with scissors. We recommend you use the shaver if after 6 months. One way to give new life to your hair so you can continue happily with your new visual structure.


After an extensive plantation healing process takes time such as 12 months. This process of healing of wounds, and the roots begin to nutrition can be explained as a shock loss process.


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Newborn process continues as new hair growth can be called and then the hair will eventually get used to the natural growth cycle and can be summarized as thickening and strengthening of hair.

Failure pressure to meet their new place of transplanted hair roots, prevent damage, it should be supported by other factors such as nutrition and rest.

The first ten days of intensive healing process and then supported with medication, some people less, which can be seen in some of the busier “crusting” washing slowly begin to disappear.

Crusting of the scalp while washing process to continue faster and allows the passage of the sensitivity of the transplanted hair should not be forgotten, should be performed as recommended by your doctor wash.

With the beginning of the healing process scalp itching it observed to increase. This process is absolutely necessary scratching the region made plantation. Although it is seen that the hair grows 1 – 2 mm, these hairs fall out after a short time.

The healing process starts in the nape area where the hair follicles are taken, and exfoliation may occur on the scalp within the first 7 days.

Shock (Temporary) Shedding After Hair Transplantation

Shock loss is an issue of concern for people who have a hair transplant. During this period, the sudden loss of the transplanted hair and debris in this area, drilled scalp, which bothers sparse hair image patients.


Hair transplantation has been experiencing the shock loss of 80 percent of patients in the third week of operation. This loss frightens many patients is considered normal and is a temporary process. What if a precise date of the loss is known about how long it can withstand up to 45 days.

The severity and duration of the shock should be noted that loss varies from person to person. Some strands of hair in patients with completely cast and renewal processes in 1-2 weeks 1-2 months continues to pour in some patients.

How Many Days After Hair Transplantation?

Can transplated hair grow the first 10 days of this process represents a very important and critical process. The most obvious reasons are the adaptation to the new place 10 days later stages of the graft. Grafts difficult displacements in a healthy way when they get rid of the process mentioned above. Small touches, manually straighten hair, hat, even the first 10-day period does not cause any damage to the bypass graft when in a healthy way.

After the first critical 10-day period for the stripping, of course, you need a few more days graft. But 10 days later, the patient will be much more comfortable. Ten days later, head movements, head ball, outside sports activities like close combat training can return to normal sporting activities. Roots from 30 to 45 days and totally poured into production hair 3 to 4 months.

When Does the Implanted Hair Grow and Begin to Grow?

After hair transplantation, hair growth and regrowth start within a maximum of 2 months. Initially thin, curved and hair roots when it takes its shape increasingly thin and strong. In this process, which is now in growth phase, hair grows about 1 cm every month.

Cultivated in the area of lubrication and elongation phase of hair growth and acne sown seen and it is normal to go after a certain period of time.

5 and 6 months later there is still a case that the elongation under the skin, such as fine hair down or some hair follicles. Hair follicles were still reach their natural state and after sowing is not complete the healing process. elongation and changes in hair growth resumes.

10 months from prolonged hair roots, thickened, planted hair began to regain his form by getting rid of the air. Now, the intense appearance of the hair structure begins to form itself.

1 year after hair transplantation results clearly understood.

Colour and texture of the hair gets its natural state. The enlargement process has started to go parallel to the elongation process of your own hair. This care and nutritional supplements during and after the process is recommended for strengthening the hair follicles.

New planted removed from the neck area with the least loss of hair follicles will minimize the likelihood of permanent loss of these hair newly planted live. When Does Hair Begin to Grow After FUE Hair Transplant?

When Does the Implanted Hair Get Thicker?

The first 10 days after hair transplant operations are referred to as the critical period. Shortly after the critical process is over, the first recovery process of hair follicles begins. Then sudden and intense spills called shock spills occur. Although this period varies from individual to individual, it is generally between 1 and 3 months. After the shock shedding processes are over, the growth processes of the hair follicles begin.

When the 4th month is reached, the hair strands begin to grow slowly. Generally, 1 cm growth is seen in a month. Again, less or faster growth may be observed in some individuals. When the sixth month is reached, at least half of the hair follicles will grow at most 80%. Finally, in the eighth month or in a close period, hair follicles become much more active, thickening – gaining volume occurs, and hair strands become thicker and regain their natural structure.

Curly hair syndromes, which are encountered in some individuals, end just after this month, and in the 12th month, they naturally continue to grow and develop where they left off. Can transplated hair grow

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