Can You Do Back To Back FUE Hair Transplant?

Can You Do Back To Back FUE Hair Transplant?

Can You Do Back To Back FUE Hair Transplant? Are you suffering from hair loss? Do not worry. The hair loss problem is much more common than you think. Nowadays, millions of people experience hair loss and baldness due to many different reasons.

Although it is an important problem that affects people’s self-esteem, it is curable. Although there are many products that promise a solution to hair loss, almost none of them do some good. Instead of wasting your money and time on these unreliable products, you should get professional treatment.

FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) Hair Transplant method is the most common and the most reliable solution to hair loss. Unlike other hair loss solutions such as hair nourishing oils, hair transplant operations provide real help. You can even have back to back FUE hair transplant operation as different sessions for better and guaranteed results.


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What Is A FUE Method ?

There are a few hair transplant methods in use today and the FUE hair transplant method is the most advanced one. Of course, there are some reasons why the FUE hair transplant method is the most advanced and the most popular one. But, before explaining this, you should know what is a FUE hair transplant. It is the process of taking follicles from the area where there is healthy hair with microtip and transplanting it to the area where hair loss is seen. The reason why the FUE method is the most popular one is that it offers the best results with the minimum pain. It does not cause a visible scar on your head, instead, it only leaves small dots that will be covered by your hair later.

How FUE Method Is Done?

Unlike other methods, the FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction)method does not leave visible scars thanks to the way it is done. The surgeon shaves a small part of your scalp first. Then, healthy follicles are taken one by one from the back of the head and then transplanted to the area without hair. This process will leave small dots, but your regrowing hair will cover it. It is also a painless process as local anesthesia is applied to the patient. As taking the follicles one by one is a time-consuming process FUE hair transplant method takes some time to carry out.

Who Can Have FUE Hair Transplant?

There are different factors that make one a good candidate for FUE method. The best way to learn whether you are a good candidate for the FUE hair method is to consult a doctor. Both men and women suffer from hair loss these days and it causes their self-esteem to decrease greatly. No one would like to be bald or would like to have scars hair on their head. But do not worry, with the FUE method you can grow o-your hair back.

There are also women who suffer from hair loss, although not many. FUE  method provides a solution for people regardless of their gender. There are mainly two things you need to be a good candidate for an FUE method having enough healthy follicles on the back of your head and the ability to grow hair on the area where healthy follicles are transplanted.

Can Bald People Have FUE Hair Transplant?

The FUE method is the most advanced one in use today. However, it still has some requirements to be carried out. Sadly, if you are completely bald you can not have FUE hair transplant surgery. FUE method requires healthy follicles that will be transplanted to the are without hair. So, if you do not have enough number of healthy follicles on your head you can not have an FUE hair transplant.

Can I Have Back To Back FUE Hair Transplant?

Curing baldness and regrowing hair is the dream of many people who suffer from hair loss. Many people with partial baldness and hair loss go to a clinic for an FUE Method to grow their hair back. Although in most cases FUE Method provides a permanent solution, some people may see hair loss again. The quality of FUE hair transplant operation depends on the health of your follicles and the ability of your surgeon. Before deciding to undergo this operation, you should find a surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation. In the case of hair loss after having a hair transplant, you may want to know whether you can have back to back hair transplant.

Although, after your first FUE session your hair will start to regrow, having healthy and dense hair may require more than one session. It depends on the condition and the number of your follicles extracted from your scalp.

What To Expect After Fue Hair Transplant?

After the FUE hair transplant surgery, your recovery process, which is quite important for your hair’s regrowth, begins. During this recovery period, you may still see a little hair loss, and it is normal. The reappearance of your hair will begin by month 3.

Here are some things that can be observed in the recovery period:

Swelling: Swelling after FUE operation is common. It can be seen both on the donor site or the site where the follicles are applied.

Itching: Itching occurs wherever there is a wound. It indicates that the wounds are healing. But be careful not to irritate the wound by scratching.

Sensitivity: You may feel like your head is a little more sensitive than usual. You can feel pain slightly more than usual, and this is normal.

What To Do During The Recovery Period?

Recovering from an FUE hair transplant takes some time just like any other operation. Your scalp needs some time to heal, and during this healing process, you should be careful about a few things. The most important thing is to follow the instructions of your surgeon. Although full healing may require 6-12 months, you will begin to see the results by the second week. For the first 3 days, you should avoid taking a shower. Your surgeon will give you instructions about how to wash your head after the first 3 days. He/she will also give you a specific lotion to use instead of ordinary shampoo.

Please note that you are not restricted to only one FUE hair transplant operation. You can also have back to back FUE hair transplantation operations.